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pyaar ka dusra naam – Sangini (intro)

hi…. I am currently writing (Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani….I will upload it by tmrw… hope this ff also get same love that I am getting for my other ff
in this the pairs will be ragsan…
characters are similar to serial few additional characters will be added but slight change in the story line…..

Gadodia family
Dendeyal Gadodia (dadu) – head of Gadodia family. strict but loves his family. established Gadodia companies
parvathi gadodia (dadi) – wife of Dendeyal Gadodia. always do emotional blackmail to make her family obey her
shekar Gadodia – son of Dendeyal and parvathi. loves his second wife a lot but feels guilty for his first wife. ceo of Gadodia companies

janki dixit /Gadodia – first wife of shekar (shekar and janki are not leaving together)
sharmista Gadodia – Second wife of shekar. loves shekar a lot. treats siddhart as her own son.
siddhart Gadodia (sid)(23) – son of shekar and janki. leaves with Gadodia family only, loves sharmista as his mother, share a good bond with Swara, hates janki as he thinks she left him and his father for another man. md of Gadodia companies
swara Gadodia(21) – daughter of shekar and sharmista. loves sid a lot. completed degree in designing want to join ‘Rd’ company

maheshwari family
durga prasad maheshwari (dp) – head of maheshwari family. strict but loves his family. supported Sanskar to full fill his dream. ceo of maheshwari industries
anapurna maheshwari – wife of dp. sweet and traditional (treats all children as her own).
ram prasad maheshwari (rp) – brother of dp. loves his brother and respects him a lot. angry with his son as he went against family tradition and started new business but also proud of him. co-ceo of maheshwari industries

sujatha maheshwari – wife of rp. funny always overreacts for everything
adharsh maheshwari – son of dp (md of maheshwari companies) obidient son
parineeta maheshwari – wife of adharsh. loves her family and ideal daughter in law. (want to persue her career in designing field but fear to tell about it with adharsh and his family members)
Sanskar maheshwari (24)- son of rp. loves his family. set up his own business and succesful in it, arrogant and rude to others accept his family members
Laksh maheshwari (22)- son of dp. Happy go guy enjoys his life. not interested in business. completed his clg….
uttara maheshwari(18) – son of rp. apple of maheshwari family. pampered by all being the youngest. pursuing her graduation…

dixit family…
janki dixit – ex wife of shekar… chair person of Rd(Ragini dixit) designing firm….single mother… loves her daughter a lot.. she is living just for her daughter…misses her son siddhart and hopes to meet him once in her life time…. worried about ragini because of her mood swings she always land into problem….
ragini dixit (21)-daughter of shekar and janki… loves her mother to the core, can do anything for her… knows about Gadodia family but they are not aware of ragini…. she hates Gadodia family… modern with traditional values …involves in social activities…little childish and also mature than her age…always does something which make her land into problems but she even comes out of it….
ragini has vowed to her self that one day she will unite her mother with her brother….

maheshwari’s and gododia’s are family friends and leaves in Kolkata….
janki and ragini leaves in mumbai…..

in mumbai….
a girl is shown running on the street and some men are running after her….
one of them catch that girl don’t leave her…
the girl is running so fast as if she is participating in some marathon…. first her eyes are shown which are twinkling like stars…. her lips are having a smrik although she was running she is also happy she done something which she is proud of…. her hair is dancing on her face making her look more beautiful… she is wearing a blue jeans and white t-shirt looking cute…

on the road we can see a car coming….. the person driving the car is talking in phone while driving, using bluetooth…..he is wearing a black t-shirt with cream blazer…. first his eyes are shown which are dark brown any girl can drove into his eyes by looking into them… his is setting his hair looking into the rare view…. he is looking dam handsome any girl can fall for him….

suddenly he stopped the car with a jerk as he saw some in front of car… what the hell he shouted at the peak of his voice
and got down… he saw a girl who is standing in front of car by closing her face with her hands due to fear…

boy to girl – If you are that much afraid you should see and walk on road not run Without noticing what is coming in front….
by hearing him she removed her hands from her face but still panicking….
he says are you fine…
she nods… but soon the men running back of her came their shouting catch her….. she was worried as they were approaching her… she goes and sits in the car and shouts to start the car…

he says Hello miss this is my can, you are ordering me as if I am your driver looking to her through the window…
she says don’t make scene I will pay for you…see they are coming
he says are you kidding this is my car, you Sat in it Without my permission and saying you will pay me… and who are those people.. are you any thief….
she says Oh God where I got stuck…

he says Hello I am late for my meeting because of you and you are saying you are stuck…
she gets irritated get down the can… he says that’s good… but she goes towards driving seat, opens the car door and sits in the driving seat and says…. are you coming or not I am taking your car…

now I am sure you are a thief he says…. she starts the car.. hurry are else I will leave you hear it self she says…. unbelievable he says and sits in passengers seat…. but already those men reach near them and stood in front of car and shouting at them to get down…. god what is happening with me in this mumbai I came all the way from Kolkata to mumbai for business deal not to get beaten up by men because of a thief he huffs …. oye I am not any thief and about them don’t worry she says a takes back the car, take a u turned, rush out of their and driving as fast as she can …. he was shocked to see the way she was driving and the men following her are running back of the car but soon the car got out of their site…..

precap – revealing identities of the girl and the boy….

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