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Pyaar hain Pyaar tumse hai- Few shots (part -3)

Pragya as usual went to her dubbing studio to dub for once again some random love movie….

Pragya, How long am I going to continue this? Day by day it’s only getting boring but nobody can help me in coming out of this as my only interest is in this job…..


After finishing her work she went to canteen to have her lunch. She bought her lunch from the canteen and realised that there was not much of seasonings in her food….

Pragya looking at the back of a person who was standing at the canteen and asked ” Bhai! Can u help me in this? Please season my food with chilli sauce!” Abhi turned back and said “Bhai? Me?” Pragya ” You? What are u doing here?”

Abhi “ What are u doing here?” Pragya “ I asked u first! First answer me!” Abhi “ Why should I?” Pragya “ Nevermind! Since u are working here pass me the chilli sauce!” Abhi “ No! How can I work here?” Pragya “ Then?” Abhi “ My friend who works here went to washroom and I am just standing for him here!” Pragya “ Ok Bhai!” Abhi “ What Bhai again?” Pragya “ Ya Bulbul calls u Bhai and why not me?” Abhi “ Ya I also know that! But both of us are almost the same age and Bulbul told me that!” Pragya “ Oh I see…So what do I call u?” Abhi “ Anything but not Bhai!” Pragya “ Brothers are responsible and to me u can’t be a Bhai too!” Abhi “ Hey who said I am not responsible?” Pragya “ Your attitude shows that!” Abhi “ Whatever…u want chilli sauce right? Here u go take the whole bottle and season on your food and yourself too!” Pragya with irritation took it and walked off from there to have her lunch….

Abhi, So much of attitude! What was that? I am not responsible? What does he knows about me? She is just…..nevermind I am not going to think about her!

Pragya, How can he say like that? Season the chilli sauce on myself? He is just irritating! Irresponsible idiot!

Abhigya were both frowning at each other in their respective places and just want not to see each other again…..

Pragya completed her lunch and was about to return the trays and realised that he was behind her.

Abhi “ Hey you!” Pragya “ I have a name and I am not u!” Abhi “ Whatever….did u realise that u miss something?” Pragya “ What?” Abhi “ You missed me!” Pragya “ What? Are u trying to irritate me?” Abhi “ Stop! I am not here to irritate u! Here is your wallet that u left on the table!” Pragya “ Oh ya I guess i forgot to take it back…” Abhi “ I am glad that u never forgot yourself and stayed on the table….” Pragya pleasingly said “ Sorry! I mean I was just irritated with my work and maybe that’s why I talked too much just now…” Abhi “ Really?” Pragya with a smile “ Yes! After all u are Purab’s brother and I shouldn’t have talked to u rudely…” Abhi “ Hey it’s ok…and I was also just being ridiculous just now….” Pragya “ Ok fine! I got to go now…have dubbing works left…” Abhi “ You work as dubbing artiste?” Pragya “ Yes! I am really running late now will tell u more about my work if we meet next time…”

With that she rushed off from there and was keep on smiling thinking about their conversation a while back….

Abhi, She looks very pleasant while smiling….but she screeches too much!

Pragya, He looks very cute when he argues….but he talks too much!

Pragya “ You want to be my best friend?” Abhi “ Yes!” Pragya “ A best friend should be able to spell his or her best friend’s name without any mistake! So spell my name!” Abhi, Damn! What’s her name? I am gone now!

Ok I am sorry for the late update of this one! Stuck witht too much work so couldn’t write this one properly on time….

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