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Pyaar hain Pyaar tumse hai- Few shots (part -1)

Dear friends,

Since when the page is scrolled down and my name can be seen, I shall not reveal my name in the beginning and also after the commotion that happened in the comment section a few days back, I came up with this once again to rectify so that u all are happy. The following is the link to the intro and teaser that I had written sometime back:



Pragya and Purvi became friends from childhood days despite the fact that Pragya is elder to Purvi by 3 years. But something was missing in their lives. Was it love or recognition? Purvi said it was love but Pragya said it was recognition and both of them argued on this point but still what makes them as best friends is their passion for their job. Yes their jobs makes them contented and always make them discuss about it.
Pragya was as usual was getting ready to her job, being a dubbing artiste sometimes the schedule is not fixed and but she didn’t mind that as she always wanted her voice to be heard in the big screen!
But nowadays she is slowly losing interest in her job. Why is that so? She started to feel that the dubbing work is mostly for love related movies or serials.
Pragya, It is not like I am against love but the monotonous scenes of love is just suffocating me! The same hugging and kissing. The worse is the eyelock scenes! How long can two persons just stare at each other without even blinking their eyes! I really pity the actors and thank god I am not acting!
Day by day, she felt bored of her job and she wanted to try something different but what is that? That she didn’t know!
As for Abhi, he is happy with his younger brother, Purab but he is jobless with the aim to find a job that is not the same everyday. He is not upset about being jobless as he finds it difficult to figure what is the job that interests him! As a result of his constant thinking, he ended up going for interviews and knowing that none of them were interesting to him.

Abhi’s Dadi on the other hand had just given up on him as she too can’t decide what will be interesting to him. Only in this matter, Abhi is getting bored and now he thought of doing something to change it!

Pragya called her sister Bulbul “ Bulbul! Where are u now?” Bulbul “ I am at Purab’s house di! What is the matter?” Pragya “ Oh I see! I am bored being alone in house and that’s why I called u!” Bulbul “ Watch tv or some shows!” Pragya “ No mood Bulbul! All are just giving headaches!” Bulbul “ Why are u telling like this in frustration? Ok then do something! Why not u come here as Purab’s brother is throwing a small party at his house!” Pragya “Party? Me?” Bulbul “ Not like u think it’s just a very small one there is only 3 of us!” Pragya “ What kind of party is that where only 3 people are there?” Bulbul “ You come here and u will find it very funny!” Pragya wondered what is there funny in a party? Bulbul “ Are u coming di?” Pragya “ Haan! Ok but there is no dress code or something right?” Bulbul “ Come on di! I am telling its just us and u are asking as if it is a party with 30 people!” Pragya “ Ok enough of teasing me! Message me the address and I will be there soon!”

Pragya congratulated Abhi without knowing the reason for the party. Abhi, Purab and Bulbul broke into laughter in response and which made Pragya frustrated.
What is the party for? Why did they laugh like that? Please wait for the next part for this…..

Abhigya want to do something to change their current situation and how destiny makes them meet and in the process will they be able to change each other’s situation is the crux of this story. This random idea was already there before my exams and now it will make its way as my small way of saying sorry for making u all upset……I am not sure how regular I can be but I will try to end this soon as this is a very short one with a short message in it. So that’s why it is Few shots (NR)….NR meaning Not Regular! Again please forgive me if I had hurt any of your feelings….

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