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Possessed (Prologue)

“Wow! This place is so amazing!”
“Amazing? It’s astounding! Kriti!! Those statues! Spell-bounding!”
“Tara, you’re right! These statues are just amazing!”
“Guys! Don’t you think these statues look like.. I mean.. They resemble someone! Don’t they?”
“Rhea is right. Even I think so.”
“Kriti! Where’s Ragini?”
“She was with us, right? Where’s she?”



Kahin deep jale kahin dil..
Kahin deep jale kahin dil..
Zara saamne aa mere parwaane..

A girl could be seen walking in a daze on the railway tracks. It was a dark, new moon night. A train was approaching fast. The girl, unfazed by it, continued walking. And soon, the train was about to hit her when..

Hey guys! So, as per your votes, I’m here with this ff- POSSESSED, with RAGLAK as the lead pair.
•The show is a bit supernatural. Though I do not believe in it, but it intrigues me for sure!
•The ff is more of a suspense one, though there might be some elements of horror in them. (Maybe, I haven’t really decided upon it.)

Guys, I’ll try my best to entertain you with this ff as well. Yes, it will be the most difficult one for me, since I do not believe in the main theme of the ff itself. Therefore, this ff completely depends on your comments. Positive or negative. I don’t mind as long as you comment. The number of comments will decide whether I continue it or not. And last but not the least, I LOVE YOU ALL! ??❤?

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