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Playful love Story episode 13


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episode 13:

sanskar goes out.Swara notices a lorry coming towards sanskar.


she runs to him & pulls him at the nick time.Due to unbalance both fell down & both rolls rolls rolls.Finally Both stops swara was top of sanskar.Both had a lovely eyelock.Bihaan is really confused.After few mins.

Thapki(tease): ahem ahem (smile naughty) excuse me… guys

swasan came to their sense.Both composed themselves.

thapki(tease): guys …..it has been 15….. mins where u both….lost..(smiles & winks) in dreamland ha

swara blushed & sanskar sees thapki angerily.

thapki(tease): someone is..blushing(giggles)

bihaan(confused): guys guys 1 min i am really confused.swara Yesterday also i saw u in sanskar.& today u r fighting with him & blushing now(rub his hair with his hand) Did u know sanskar already.

swara panics and looked at sanskar.

bihaan(confused): answer me y r u looking at sanskar.Atleast sanskar u say na

Swasan looked eachother.

swasan: actually We are married

bihaan(exterme shock with widens eyes & mouth): what???????????

suddenly bihaan faints.thaswasan looked eachother.He was about to fall down at the nick of the someone held him by his waist & made his head lie on the person lap.The person is none other than sanskar.Thapki runs to bring water.swara simply stands there with tensed face.

sanskar(pats his cheek):bihaan bihaan(thapki sprinkles water) bihaan open eyes

bihaan opens his eyes & slowly get up.He looked at swasan

Bihaan: u both are married

Swasan noded.

Bihaan dances happily like mad and shouting.Thaswansan gets confuse.

sanskar(to thapki): anyways thapki comes these two r really mads.

swara(angry): hello who is mad ha am i mad u only mad don’t u see the lorry coming towards u.

sanskar(to thapki): thapki here is very hot comes lets go

swara(angry): what i am hot for u(realized & bit her tongue) vo vo

sanskar(smriks& see her top to bottom): hmmm ya u r really hot for me(winks)?

swara blushed but hides & shows him she is angry.thapki laughs.

swara(angry): huh whatever(pouts)bihaan come (drags bihaan who was dancing)lets go to ur flat.(drags him & runs)

swahaan left.

sanskar(smiles): pagal ladiki(in mind) i love this pagal(mental)

thapki(smiles): sanskar chal

Thasan left.

Bihaan flat

swara: y r u dancing down bihaan

Bihaan(happy): swara i am really happy today Thanks god Thank u so much.I am very lucky to see all these.U both r looks same like my parents & u both have married.

swara: ha ha so that only i really shock.(smiles)bihaan can u tell me ur maa paa (shovar) love story.

bihaan: k swara i will tell u now

“g. guys can we… join ” a voice behind.

swahaan turns shocked + mesmerized at the time.That voice is thapki’s.Thasan r standing at the door.Thapki with smiles.sanskar holding his both hand below the chest with pout + angry face.

bihaan(happy): thapki & sanskar u both here.

Thapki: vo..b.bihaan.My family is went out suddenly.So we came here.Can we happen

Bihaan(smiles): ha its my pleasure

swara(attitude): Thapki u can join(looks at sanskar)but only U.Got it

Thapki(convience): s..wara but

Sanskar(still same face): its k thapu i will leave.

Sanskar turns he saw shovar photo & gets shock.Thapki also saw that gets shock.

sanskar(shock): what is this ?(to swara) swara did u give my photo to bihaan but i did not take any photo with u

Bihaan(smiles): that is my parents shona & varun

sanskar(widens his eyes): what???????????? (slowly) i am feeling dizzy(holds his head)

Bihaan: oh no not again plz its boring yaa again faints

Swara(angry): bihaan u don’t know he is no.1 dramaaz

sanskar(angry): excuse me it’s not me it’s u.(turns his face)

Bihaan: guys guys cool down thapki & sanskar come & sit.

swara(angry): no sanskar get out from here

sanskar is about to go out.Suddenly he gets idea.He turns & looks at bihaan.

sanskar(tear eyes + emotional+ dramastic): Bihaan beta u won’t allow ur papa to be with u(

bihaan(tears eyes): no papa how can i deny.plz come inside

Sanskar hugs bihaan.Sanskar sees swara & shows his tongue & winks?

swara(shock): bihaan he is acting

bihaan(wipes):no swara u know what i love my papa

swara(annoy): but

bihaan(puppy face): plz swara for me

swara(pouts): only for u(turns her face)

All seat

swara(excited): bihaan plz tell ur maa paa love story

Thapki(smiles): haa bi…haan i..i am too inte..rested.

Sanskar(teasing): ya ya becoz i want to know how much ur papa suffered

swara(angry): hello mr.maheshwari shut ur mouth

sanskar(angry): what?? excuse me..

bihaan(cutted him): guys guys cool down let me start.My papa is a illiterate.

sanskar(shock): what he is illiterate

thaswa started laughing

swara(laughing): omg varun is illiterate but u was topper in state.

bihaan(smiles): sanskar i will be there with u these girls r stupid(loudly) u know what my mom shona is a gold medalist in medical.

swara(widens her eyes): what???

thasanhaan burst into laughs.Swara pouts angerily.sanskar laughs holding his stomach.

sanskar(laughing): shona is goldmedalist that too in medical but you are a failure students.ha ha ha ha

bihaan(control laugh): k guys stop laughing.Pls let me continue.I am 1 year greater than u all.


@night 1980
Near Kolkata

A train? from chattishgarh comes.On the other side a kolkata train?.Both hit ”””boom””’. some people were injured. some people were died.Police,ambulance & medias all came.All people were taken to hospital.

@ GH
One boy is about 12 years old who is standing lifelessly & looking at his death parents.The boy noticed a
little girl is about 10 years old who crying seeing her died familymembers.

girl(sobbing): mumma papa bhai didi wakeup na y r u all sleeping plz wake up.

The boy slowly went near her & placed his hand on her shoulder.The girl turns

Boy(crying): They will not come back.They r died.

girl(crying): y y they will not come

boy(wipes): they all went to god.God has taken them for us.He needs them so he taken.(wipes her tears) so stop crying k

Girl(stops her cry): what is ur name

boy: varunkapoor & tum

girl: shona mehra

varun(smiles in pain): so friends (towards his hands)

shona: ha friends

Both shaked hand.Both talked about their sorrow & happiness.Both shares a good friendship bond.

varun: u have relations

shona: no me mumma papa bhai didi. We 5 only.We don’t have any relatins.That 4 also went far from me.I am alone.

varun(sad): no i am there.I also don’t have any relations.From now onwards u & me r friends.So u r not alone i am there.

FB end by a call in sanskar’s phone.

Swara(annoy): hello mr.maheshwari can’t u phone on slient.Who the hell is calling now.

sanskar(teasing): Maa my dear wifey i will tell mom that u called her hell

swara(panic): no no sanskar don’t do that plz by mistake i told

sanskar attends ap’s call.

sanskar: vo swara its already 4 so mom asked us to come to lunch.(to bihaan) bihaan actually we r going now. tommorrow we will come.k

bihaan(smiles): its k sanskar we will meet tomorrow bye

swasan(smiles): bye

swasan left.Thakpi is about to go.

bihaan(stops her): thapki(she turns) Voilet suit u.U r looking damm beautiful.& ur perfume too

thapki blushes & runs.Bihaan brushes his hair with palm & blushed.

@ MM

swasan ate their lunch.AP & swara is chitchatting & laughing in hall.Sanskar is checking his mails in lappy with irutted face becoz of ap & swara talking.

Ap(smiles):swara u look cute in this dress.

swara(smiles): maa thanku & u too look cute maa

Ap(fake attitude): i always cute dear

Both laughs.At that laksh in happymood.

Laksh(smiles widely): mommm i am back (to swara) & SWARU i missed very much today

sanskar(angry): shut up lucky don’t call her swaru

Laksh(teasing): what happened to u???? jealous haa

swara blushed.Aplak laughs at sanskar.
sanskar sighs in disbelief.& continous his work.

@ 6.00

Ap & laksh watching tv serial.Both having tears.

Laksh(wipes his tears): mom Rani is innocent but all r blaming her.Her sasu ma is psyco.

ap(wipes tears): but don’t worry laksh.Rani will prove herself.

Swara comes

swara:what dinner u want tonight mom i will tell to kavita kaki(maid lol)

ap(smiles): no need swara In saturdays nights kavita will not cook.

swara(smiles): so u will cook today

ap(shows teeth): no swara

swara(confused): i don’t know to cook itself then who

laksh(smiles): special cheif of this house.

Swara: oh but y is this that so she could not come daily

laksh(laughs): it is not SHE It’s HE

screen freezes


Shona-Varun ka love story continue + special cheif.

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