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Pain Trust Love episode 43

Sorry sorry sorry guys..m so vry sry for being sooo late…hope u all hv nt forgot me n my fiction…
So lets start where i had ended it…

Precap: Sanskar’s make over..swasan day out at different places…swara’s interest for shopping..


Swara: Lets go for shopping sanku..
Sanskar: (shocked)Waatt!!
Swara: Wat happened..y d hell r u shouting lyk dis n shocked..i nly tld to go for shopping naa…
Sanskar: Haann…yeah yes..shopping..i mean shopping!!
Swara: Y r u behaving so weird?(realised)ohh..so ur afraid ki i will take mch tym n eat up ur head…cz according to u girls take mch tym fr shopping ryt..stop d bike..
Sanskar: No..no..nothing lyk dat shonaa..i was jst..
Swara: I said jst stop d bike.
Sanskar: Bt y here.. see its a busy market place lets go to some little free place den i will stop..
Swara: No no no..i said stop ryt here..
Sanskar: Ufff stubborn girl..
Swara: Wat did u say?
Sanskar: Nothing toh..u heard something !!
Swara: Nah..jst i thght..now stop..
Sanskar: (stops d bike n both get down)Now tell wat u want..
Swara: I told na shopping..so lets strt..
Sanskar: (shocked)Wat..here..no no…we can go to some mall naa..
Swara: Jst wait lets hv some fun here doing bargaining n all after dat we will go to some mall..n yess der u hv to choose dresses fr me..m going to buy dresses nly chose by u..
Sanskar: Mee..i dnt knw how to..
Swara: I said naa…now chalo lets explore..

Sanskar: (to himself)Never in my worst dreams had i thought i will be roaming here..wat people have to do wen dey fall in love..oh god..d great S.K. here in a bsy market place..woww..(smiles seeing swara n her excitement)bt m loving dis..i mst say today i enjoyed n had lots of fun..n its all cz of my shona..i love u sweeto!!

Swara: Sanku..i think we mst consult a doctor..
Sanskar: (coming out of his thoughts) y shonaa?ur fyn naa..wat happened tell me..
Swara: Relax relax my dear sweet hubby..m perfectly fit n fyn..bt i think u need a psychologist..
Sanskar: Waatt!! I mean..wat made u think dis..
Swara: Arey..ur smiling by urself lyk a mad person..so y cnt i think lyk dis..huh..
Sanskar: I was smiling thinking abt u..
Swara: Wat..
Sanskar: (realised)Haan haan woh..i was thinking ur so mad yaar..ur silly talks n silly works r making me smile..
Swara: Haww..how rude Mr. S.K. ur telling dat m mad..
Sanskar: U cn think watevr u want..
Swara:Aarrgghhh…i..i jst..i jst dnt lyk u…i..i hate u..
Sanskar: Shona..wat u tld?
Swara: (remembered something) I said..i said..dat ki i love u my sweet prince my cute hubby..i love u so mch..bt dnt call me mad..
Sanskar: (smiles)Dats like my girl..i love u…

At dat market place..
Near a vegetable vendor an old lady was standing n bargaining fr high price..suddenly someone frm d bck slightly hit her hand n d other things which she was holding fell down..swasan were passing der n saw dis..swara immediately ran to help d lady followed by sanskar..
Old lady: Oh god..gv some eyes to dese people cnt even see n walk..

Swara: R u fyn..wait m helping u..
Sanskar also helped in picking d things..bth swasan were bsy helping her..d old lady looked up to see who r dey by hearing swara’s voice..wen she looked her eyes were filled wid tears..swasan didnt see her cz dey were picking up d things..
Old lady: (emotionally)Swaruu..
Swara: (shocked n looked up)Didaa..uu??
Sanskar was also equally shocked cz dey didnt know dat dida was out of coma..
Dida: How r u mera bachaa..i was dying to see u from soo mny days…u didnt evn meet me once?(she hugged swara tightly n was crying)
swara: Didaa..i also wanted to see u bt u know d situation ryt..evrything has changed..everything..(realises something n breaks d hug) Didaa..wen did u come out of coma..n do u know everything..abt my marriage..do u trust me?

Dida: (caresses her face lovingly)Swaruu..ur asking ur dida abt hving trust on u or not..i alwys supported n trusted u n now also..i tried to make ur mother understand bt she didnt evn listen to me..god knows wat magic dat ragini n Parvati had done on her..i dnt hv any relation wid her now..
Swara: Dida..m vry relieved dat u trust me n support my decision..bt i m telling u one thing which may hurt u bt is true..n its dat ki i dnt want to listen abt ne of dem nt even my so called mother..dey all r dead fr me..n i hv no feelings fr dem now..my nly family is now my sanskar..n m vry vry happy wid him..he loves me a lot n me too..nw i dnt need nething more..
Dida: Wat r u telling swaru..i know dey will love u lyk before wen dey get to know d truth..will u nt forgv dem?
Swara: Never in my dreams also dida..i dnt wanna discuss more abt dis now plz..give blessings to me n sanskar so dat we will alwyz be happy n together lyk dis..
Dida looks towrds sanskar n blesses him n kisses swasan’s forehead lovingly showering all her blessings n love on dem n promising dem to meet soon…dey left in different directions..
Swasan enjoyed der also hving lots of fun in d bsy market…

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