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Pain Trust Love episode 40

Sanskar was driving d bike n swara was sitting at his back enjoying d ride..
Sanskar: Shona i know dat ur enjying dis bike ride a lot bt will u plz tell me wer r we going?
Swara: Ohh sry sry i frgot to tell..lets go to d same park wer u alwys used to find me..
Sanskar: Okay..lets go..saying dis he increased d speed of d bike..
Swara: Sanku..wats so hurry i want my full lifetym to enjoy i dont hv any plans to die so soon…hearing dis sanskar stopped d bike wid a sudden brake n looked at her angrily..
Swara: (shocked)wat happened sanku?ne problm y u stopped suddenly?
Sanskar angrily glared her n she saw dis through his helmet..swara went to him n removed his helmet..

Swara: Wat happened tell na..y r u looking at me like dat?
Sanskar: Achha den wat should i do listen to ur stupid talks..
Swara: Wat..my talks r stupid..huh..wat did i talk dat seemed stupid to u?
Sanskar: Listen shona from tody remember one thing never ever tlk abt dat death thing in front of me…ur my life i cnt tolerate even if u speak abt ur own life..plz..
Swara: (emotional)M sorry sanku..i promise i will nvr speak like dis n remember one thing..even death cant separate us ok..(saying dis she kissed him on his cheeks).now lets go..
Sanskar smiled n started d bike..
Swara: Arey sanku wear ur helmet..

Sanskar: No need lets enjoy lyk dis ok..n hold me tightly u may fall otherwise..
Swara: Dont u think ur flirting..dat to wid ur wife..
Sanskar: Haan toh..no hold me..n swara smiled n hugged him tightly from his back..dey both were laughing n talking n enjoying a lot..while dis dey were seen by two pairs of eyes..n dey wer Raglak…laksh seeing dem together soo happy wid eachother fumed in anger n jealousy..
Ragini: Laksh plz lets go..but laksh didnt hear her n turned his car in der direction..ragini was shocked n tensed seeing dis..Laksh followed dem n stopped d car infront of his bike..sanskar n swara were shocked seeing dis..

Sanskar: (angrily)Wat d hell cant u see?
Laksh: (coming out of his car)Yes i can see..n i can see everything vry clearly..wow wat a scene..love birds of same character roaming on bike..vry romantic..
Sanskar: Laksh we r not in a mood to listen ur nonsense so plz u go in ur way n let us go in our..
Laksh: Y so soon..waise i must say nyc bike..how mch did u save to get dis bike..n nyc look also ur looking same as u looked at dat tym i guesd u remember…tch tch tch bad choice swara u shld have chose someone rich fr u as u did wid me bt u nt only choose bt married him a somewat poor guy..i pity u..bt thank god m saved from ur wrath..
Sanskar: (furious)laksh u dnt hv any ryt to speak against my wife soo plz dnt test my patience..
Laksh: (mockingly)Ohh sry sry..did i hurt u?huh..who cares..by d way need ne help i mean financial??

Sanskar got vry ngry n was about to hit him bt swara suddenly held his hand n assured him through eyes n he controlled his anger..
Sanskar: Bt shona he is..
Swara: Ssshhhh..wait..
Raglak were surprised n shocked to hear shona from sanskar’s mouth cz dey also knew swara nvr allows neone to call her dat..
Swara: (to Laksh)Ho gaya..if u dnt mind we r leaving..u to also enjy n let us njy..ok..bye hv a gud day n a happy married life…(to sanskar)lets go..saying dis bth went from der leaving a fuming laksh n mixed emotions face wali ragini..

Sanskar was riding f bike silently n swara understood dat his mood is off so she stated talking normally n after sometym sanskar also became normal n dey bth again forgot evrything..dey reached d park n swara found dat no children r playing der n frowned..den she looked at her watch n hit her forehead..
Sanskar: Wat happened shona whom r u searching fr here?
Swara: Arey dose kids..dey r from d nearby orphanage n u know dey r my bst frnds n i play wid dem a lot over here..bt i guess nw dey r in orphanage..
Sanskar: Haan den lets go..i also want to meet my cute wife’s best frnds…chalo..
Swara: Wait wait wait..she ran to d ice-cream vendor..dat man looked at hern smiled n sanskar was surprised to see dis..

Man: Arey swara beta..wer were u..u came after soo mny days u know ny nly i bt d kids also missed der swara didi..n my ice-cream also..
Swara: (smiled)Haan uncle..actly meet my husband sanskar m married now..
Man: Ohh wow beta m soo happy god bless u bth..

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