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Our marriage is agreement ep 1 and intro

Our marriage is a agreement (os)

Kunj sarna:hot ,dashing ,grown up in us ,does not faith in marriage,loves his very much,no mother
Twinkle taneja:very kind hearted, middle class,loves her family,employe in sarna industries
Varun:twinkles younger brother,
Mahi:elder sis of twinkle
Chinke :youngest sis
Yuvaraj;rowdy , wants to marry twinkle
Leela taneja :mother of two
Manhoar sarana : kunjs papa,owner of sarana industry


Let’s start
Other characters will kwn while reading
A hot ,dashing, handsome man lands in airport
He gets in the car then reaches a big Manson
The board reads tat sarana mansion
He enter into the mansion and hugs his father
He is non other than our hero kunj
They have a son father mnt
While talking his father ask:when r u going to marry
Kunj: dad pls don’t talk abt marriage.u knw na I don’t believe in marriage
(Our hero don’t believe in marriage because he was grown in us so he don’t believe in these and all)Manohor gets gets shock and leaves to office.

In office
A girl comes in the office and greets all and started to do her work .she is non another than our heroine twi
When manohar comes inside she greets him
Twi: gm sir
Manohar:gm mrng two(manohar likes two very much he wants to marry her with is son)
Then they started their work
2 weeks passed
Kunj joined in his fathers business
One when twi and manohar are talking suddenly,he hold his chest ,he was sweating then he became unconscious
Twi shocked:somebody pls help (shouted)
Then he was taken to hospital
Kunj was tensed
Doctor comes out
Kunj:is my papa alright
Screen freezes

Precap:manohar ask two and kunj yo marry

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