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Our Love Story- Devakshi Love (Part 8)


Heyyyyyy…Lovely here.. Thanks to all those who supported..
Nikki- who’s shristi???…still thanks?


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A beautiful morning.. Dev got ready in a black..full sleeved, hooded T-shirt ..he came to the address which Twinkle gave him ..but was surprised to find a flower shop library…
“..May be she loves this place..I can feel warmth here..let’s finds her out..”.. Saying this Dev entered the shop..

Sona was at the reception..
” May I get some red roses..”..a customer asked..
“..Going to propose her..finally Ben..go for it..just a min”.. Sonakshi replied as usual in a chirpy manner..and bend to take the bouquet..Ben (customer and sona’s friend)..went from there as his eyes found a book.. And Dev came and stood there looking around..

” For Love..With Love..”..she said all of a sudden getting up and forwarding the bouquet towards Dev…
They share an eyelock..(Kuch rang pyaar ke plays in BG)..wind started playing with both of their hairs..

“..Thank you Sonakshi..”.. Ben said keeping the payment on reception bringing them back to reality..

“.. Umm..ready for my payment..??”.. Dev asked Sonakshi
“..Of course..Anytime..”.. She replied.

Next scene..
Sona & Dev were walking on the peaceful streets of Bern..As walk when you wish to explore..
Sona was talking and telling him about the places around.. But Dev wasn’t paying any cognizance to her talks..he was just looking at her with eyes brimming the copious love for her ..he was just humming at her talks..

” Dev…you know.. We can get delicious Vada pav and chole bhature in Bern”…Sonakshi said pausing at her place..Kunj also stopped
“..Hmm..”.. ” Shall we have them?”..then again a Hmm..
“Dev are you Insane??”.. She said and again got a ‘hmm’ in reply..
She shook him bringing him to reality..
” Really??.. I mean what happened to you..I said something impossible and you are just busy in your ‘Hmmm’..where were you lost?..”.Dev said…
“In beauty..”.. He murmured..

” excuse me..did you said something? “..she inquired..
“….No no I mean..I am listening to you..”..Dev said..
“.. No you ain’t ..you are not even using your brain”.. She said..
“.. Hello Miss..I am using the whole of my brain..I remember you said of having Vada pav & chole bhature ..right ..see”.. He said lifting his collars up..
“.. Exactly.. We are in Bern City Dev…how can we get These Indian dishes here on streets ???..you Are not using your brain..you are just busy with your hmmm..”.. Sona said pressing her teeth with her hands on her waist ..

“.. Vo..I realized something very important.. That I discussed with Dadi last night.. I was thinking about that ..and I found.. She was absolutely correct.. Sorry for not listening to you..”.. He said [yeh dekho Bhaiya..propose karke confess bhi kar diya..
Batana zaroor kabhi aisa confession dekha?????????????]

” No problem at all..just because Because you realized that Your Dev was correct.. Never consider them wrong..”..she said continuing their walk ..

“Thanks..”.. He followed her..

She continued telling him about the place and people but got interrupted by him..
“..Sonakshi.. Get the hoodies on..Media..”.. He said..and both at one stroke wore their hoodies..

They passed the journalist who was with the camera man..
” thank God.. Otherwise I would have caught.. I love this place..”..Dev said getting relieved..
And jumps in the air..rotating..
She walks along putting her hands in her Capri’s pocket..he comes to her and drags her on his way..

They reached a forked way..and walked towards the bank of aare..Dev was enjoying the atmospheric peace and breeze..spreading his arms..Sona was just scrutinizing him..

They ate cotton candy floss g their legs in water…in the greens

They enjoyed whole of their day refraining and deviating the journalist.. By making her entangled in people… Relishing to the fullest..


So sorry for such a short and boring update..

I hope you liked it..

I don’t know when I’ll post again coz I am hell busy with my 9th..hope u don’t mind..


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