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Our Love Story- Devakshi Love (Part 3)

Part-2 Proposal

Look at the charming prince of our hearts.. He is standing in front of the mirror whistling and combing his hair..…he gets a call..
“Yeh Sarah”.. He said after picking it..(Sarah called him)..” Hey Dev..will u come to xyz place ..now??”…(ab yeh mat kehna that u din know who is the guy)..”yup..no problem ” he said be4 disconnecting the call.


Dev reached the xyz place which was actually very big and was decorated with white and red balloons and clothes… There was a beautiful table kept in b/w of two chairs with white table cloth… And a candle stand with lighted candles and a bucket with ice and champagne…. It was a perfect date setup…

“I think I am at a wrong place”.. Dev thought to leave but gets interrupted by a sweet voice “You are at the ri8 place Dev” …”Sarah!”..he said recognizing the voice..as he turned.. His eyes fell on a really pretty girl.. She was Sarah who was wearing a red mermaid gown with a curly bun..”but ..what’s all this?”..he continued.. (Pata toh ise hai ki date setup hai but phir bhi pooch raha hai..hmm???????)….”come and sit”..she said.
Dev like a gentleman made her sit 1st by pulling her chair though somewhere he was feeling bit awkward… But he took his seat too ….”do you remember my 1st day of college.. And our first meet”..Sarah continued…
flashback 1-
Xyz college ..a cute girl enters wearing denims with a white T-shirt and a pink jacket, holding 2books in her hands and a bag hanging on her bag and her hair teid in a cool braid and some of her hair from front were untied..(lat type )..(she is Sarah)
Sarah’s POV-

As I entered the classroom which was having seats arranged in a semicircle..I found that many boys who were busy with their gfs have started looking at me as they are looking at an angle… But I can understand.. After all I am Sarah…as I moved in..I found 6 eyes gazing at me behind their books (filmy type?????)..but I caught them..I reached the 5th row searching a seat..and as I stood in front of that row..I noticed..that only boys were sitting.. Single…I mean they shooed their seat partners away..I had a small curve on my lips and my eyes fell on the back seats which were actually raised (as in most of the classrooms)..on 3rd last seat I found a girl and a boy sitting and talking.. I felt that they had a strong connection.. and the last seat was empty.. But my eyes got stuck at the 2nd last one…a boy was sitting calmly with closed eyes wearing his headphones.. He was wearing a black T-shirt with jeans.. He wasn’t too mascular and heavy built but I could see a nice physic …his visible nerves..god..I felt a different kind of charm and attraction towards him…as if he was calling me..Not wasting time I approached him leaving all those empty seats..coz luckily.. He was sitting alone.

“Can I sit here?”.. I asked but he din replied..he was busy in listening music.. But when I patted his shoulder he removed his headphones and gave me a questioning look..I again asked the same question.. after thinking for a while.. He agreed keeping his headphones aside. I really got very Happy and sat..and the moment I sat I hear a noise…” Oh noo”..surprisingly they were girls.. I felt that many had a crush on him..I can understand why!?..afterall ..even I had!..????
I wanted to ask his name but was feeling a bit awkward doing that..as I was about to speak.. A boy came , called “Dev” and threw a paper which he catches..fine..I came to know the most adorable name..he is Dev..such a nice and appealing name it is.
Dev opened that roll and a bright smile caught his lips… I must say ..I can die for that..his smile..he said..”thanks kshitij.. “..(so the boy who threw the roll was khitij) god..seriously he has a breathtaking voice..I came to know that it was actually a singing competition’s participation form. The girl sitting in front of me..introduced her to me..I must say ..she was really beautiful!.. Her name was Diya and that boy with her was Samar..” Ur bf?”..I asked..I got a cute blush as my answer.. That was enough.. But I wanted to talk to Dev..kya yaar(what is this)..the whole classroom’s boy wanted me to sit with them but he..not even looked at me properly..and was busy in writing something when Diya snatched that sheet and said..”u can write ur lyrics later…”..”Okay..”..he said with a smile.

He talked with me once or twice on Diya’s insist..after sometime the lecturer entered..introduced me to all and started his work.. Ofcourse giving lectures ..All were making notes but what Dev was writing din seemed like notes…they were Lyrics..oh god he and his music..after the college.. I found him in the corridor asking Diya for notes.. But she refused saying.. “I know at hat time u were writing lyrics.. I am not gonna help you”…” Riya you are such a nice girl..ri8..if I wouldn’t have written that then I would have forgot them..plz..”..he insisted buttering her ..
I smiled at him and offered my ones to him to copy and return… He thanked and left.
Soon slowly we became friends.
POV ends.

—–flashback 1 ends

“Yes I do”.. Replied Dev…” The day I saw U, the moments we spend together in last 5 yrs…made me fall for u again and again Dev” ….she said.
Dev was blocked .
She held his hand and said ..”.I LOVE YOU ..Dev”.


Hey guys… How are you all….did you liked today’s epi…
I know it wasn’t that gud coz Sonakshi wasn’t there but its important for the story to proceed…sorry for a short update..
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