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Our impossible love episode 9 #Too much jealousy ?

Hi guys ayushi is back.Thanks a lot for ur comments and keep commenting like this ?so here goes the 9th episode our impossible love
Next day (boys room)
Aryan wakes And is still in sleepy mode so with his eyes closed he moves towards the washroom (guys he always leaves the bathroom door open)he is moving with closed eyes when BANG!!!!is heard and Aryan falls down he opens his eyes and sees that bathroom door is closed and Rahul is using it ?
Aryan:ahhhhh what r u doing in the washroom
Rahul;what do u mean by that?? I am doing what everybody does in the washroom
Aryan :Just shut up and come out

Rahul: Sorry bro I will take time u can use the lobby washroom
Aryan:Hello what do u mean by sorry come out now
Rahul: wait for 10mins I am coming
Aryan: u should be out in 5mins
After 15mins
Aryan:Rahul COME OUT
Rahul:wait I am coming
After 5more mins
Aryan:are u coming out today or u need some special date
Rahul:Aryan plzz wait
Now it’s 7:50


Aru woke up early and got ready and is waiting for Aryan.she calls him
Aru:Aryan where r u ??see the time
Aryan (sees the time)oh no wait Aru I am coming in 10mins
He disconnects the call and rushes towards the lobby washroom
He gets ready and goes to pick Aru but doesn’t find her.so calls her
Aryan:Aru where r u ?i am waiting
Aru: Aryan I reached clg Rahul gave me lift u come fast lecture is gonna start
Aryan had an unknown feeling he just wanted to ??Rahul :what does this Rahul think of himself ??
He goes to the clg and now his jealousy has no limits at the seen he saw
Aru was sitting beside Rahul and they were laughing Aryan just quietly sat at the free table without greeting them
Teacher enters Aru goes to her seat (actually she was just sitting there like that and talking with him)
When she comes to her seat she finds Aryan already there
Aru:Aryan when did u come??

Aryan:i came when u were busy in talking with that rahul?
Teacher turns towards the board and starts teaching
Aru(sits down)what happened aryan?? Why are u behaving like this?rahul is my friend
Aryan:Ohhh so now Rahul is ur friend and I am not???
Aru:nooooo u r not
Aryan:what?????(speaks very loudly )
The teacher turns back and finds them talking:hey both of u stand up and move out
Aru and Aryan move out Aryan just moves quietly without any expression
Aru :where r u going Aryan
Aryan:why are u here go with ur friend Rahul
Aru:Aryan I was just saying that this angry bird Aryan is not my friend the zero iq Aryan is my friend I want him back what happened since we met Rahul u r behaving like this
Aryan:I don’t know whenever I see u and Rahul together…..I just..I just don’t like it
Aru:Ohhh so Mr Aryan Chimaji is jealous of Rahul
Aryan:what do u mean by I am jealous of Rahul I am not
Aru:no u r

Aryan: I am not
Aru:yes u r
Aru:See u accepted it ?
Aryan:this is cheating
Aru:what cheating??
Aryan:I will show what cheating ??
Aryan starts chasing her she is running and slips and is about to fall when ………

Precap:keep guessing what happened ?

So here I end it plzzzzzzzzzz ??????comment if I will get more comments then I will post it Tomorrow and if not then after my exams on 24th so do comment ??

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