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Our impossible love episode 12 #red hand

Hi guys ayushi is back thanks a lot for ur precious comments ???
So let’s start the twelfth episode of our impossible love and don’t forget to comment
Imagine scenes and enjoy

In the whole bus only two people are awake one is Aryan who is admiring the sleeping beauty and the second person is the DRIVER (??I know u all thought it to be Rahul but ?that’s my twist )
At the station,teachers are giving instructions to the five bcoz there seats are away from the others actually they have a different coach ?
In the train
Varun and Shivani sit at their seats.aru is sitting at the window seat which is opposite to theirs and Rahul is going to sit with Aru but when r hero is here this is not possible he runs like Shatabdi express and sits beside her??Varun and Shivani notice this and giggle a lil and poor Rahul is left in half standing position ?and has to sit at the corner
Aru:guys lets play some game??
Aryan:no yaar Aru
Rahul:I am ready but which game Aru??
Aryan gives him an angry look
Rahul:I meant Aradhya only ?
Varun and Shivani:we will also play
Rahul:ok then Aryan u come here
Aryan:but why??
Rahul:you will get disturbed bcoz u r not playing
Aryan:who said that I am not playing??
Rahul:just now u said that u r not playing
Aryan:now I am saying that I am playing u have any problem ?
Aru:ohk guys stop it but which game??
Rahul:no yaar
Varun:dumb charades
Aru:red hand

Rahul and Aryan:kk (said as if they r racing that who will agree first?)
Varun and Shivani also agree (I hope u all know the game if not then I am explaining now all the people keep their hand in the middle,the person whose hand is at the bottom takes it out and hits or slaps(at the hand) the person whose hand is at the top very hard ?and the person should not take out any voice after being hit or he will get out )
The arrangement is such that
Rahul has to hit Varun,Aryan has to hit Rahul (Rahul is gone??)Aru has to hit Aryan,Shivani has to hit Aru,Varun has to hit Shivani
Game starts
Rahul hits Varun not too hard not too slow then it’s Aryan’s turn he remembers all the instances when he was jealous of him and his face turns?he slaps him VERY HARD ??and poor Rahul couldn’t scream too ?the game continues Aru hits Aryan,Shivani hits Aru,Varun hits Shivani,Rahul hits Varun (this time he didn’t had much power so he just kept his hand on Varun’s ?)
Now it was again Aryan’s turn to hit Rahul.Aryan raised his hand and slapped rahul but this time varun screamed ?bcoz Rahul took his hand back in fear??
Aryan:Rahul this is cheating u can’t take ur hand like this
Aru:Rahul now u and Varun r out
Varun :but why me ??
Aru:bcoz u screamed
Varun:but I wasn’t ready
Aryan:so what ?
Shivani:enough guys enough
Rahul I am going to the washroom as he came out he saw the teacher coming and immediately came back
Rahul:guys mr Sharma is coming sleep fast
Everybody started jumping here and there.Rahul opened the middle seat and pretended to sleep. Varun and Shivani climbed to the top seat and slept.aryan and Aru slept at the bottom seats all this happened in a fraction of second ?(I hope u all can imagine the chaos ?)
The teacher came saw them sleeping and left.After they heard the coach door closing they all opened their eyes looked at each other and started laughing ?
They wished each other good night and dozed off to their dream world

Precap:Loads of fun in Manali ?

So guys here I end it ?I hope u liked the second person?do tell me through ur lovely and precious comments
Special note to Aru:they will realise their love at the college trip so keep reading with patience ?
Keep reading
Keep commenting
Keep suggesting
Will try to post the next part soon according to ur comments so do come
Sorry if u found the game BORING

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