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Our impossible love episode 11 east or west

Hi guys I am back thank you very much for ur comments and keep commenting like this so her goes the eleventh episode of our impossible love ?
Imagine all the scenes and enjoy ?
In the morning (at 6am)
Aryan gets up early so that he can use the washroom bcoz he doesn’t want Aru to go with Rahul again ??he gets ready and goes to pick Aru
On the way he sees a small girl selling roses she comes to him
Girl:bhaiya plzz buy this
Aryan:u take this money I don’t want to buy this

The girl takes the money keeps the roses In his laps and runs away
Girl:bhaiya give this to ur girlfriend ?
Aryan smiles and drives away
Outside girl’s hostel
Aru is waiting for Aryan.he is shocked that how come the sleeping beauty Aru woke up so early
He thinks of an idea to tease her and starts looking up At the sun
Aryan:Aru this is east no
Aru:yes Aryan but why are u asking ??
Aryan:actually I was just checking that today did the sun rise from west bcoz sleeping dinosaur woke up early ??
He expected that she will beat him but she just laughed.he was shocked again
Aryan:where is Aru??
Aru:what kind of question is this Aryan? I am here right infront of u
Aryan:u r not my Aru(serious)


Aru(totally confused)but why ??
Aryan:tell me did u kidnap her(more serious)

Aru:what happened Aryan
Aru:bcoz if I had said this infront of MY Aru she would have killed me
Tell me u r not my Aru??
Aru:ARYANNNN what kind of joke is this ???
Aryan states laughing very loudly ??:just look at ur face once u r looking so funny
Aru:huh I will not talk to u
Aryan:okay then come to clg on ur own (he thought that she would say sorry but….)
Aru(gets down)(now she has a mischievous smile)ok then I will call Rahul he will pick me(she started taking out her phone)
Aryan(got down,snatched aru’s phone) sit down
Aru:no I will not

Aryan:Aru sit
Aru:no no never
Aryan:u will not listen like this (he takes Aru in her arms and a cute eyelock??)(Tum hi toh Ho Meri zindagi plays in Bg?)
But unfortunately Kabbab mein Haddi Rahul?called and Aryan made Aru stand
Aru quickly sat down like an innocent child
On the way Aru saw the roses
Aru:Aryan did u bought these for me!!oh thankyou?
Aryan;ur welcome ?

In the clg
They meet the trio
Varun: Aryan good news are clg is going on trip this weekend ?
Aryan :but where
Rahul: it is a camping and trekking trip to Manali
Aru(jumps) Yayy
Aryan: for how many days??
Shivani:for 12days
Aru :Superbbb we will go by train or bus ?
Rahul:both first train and then bus
Aru and Aryan:awesome
The bell rings and the lecture starts (boring)
In the canteen
All r sitting and having a chit chat.shivani is reading the curricular
Shivani:guys guys out final trek destination would be khipshi pass(The place shown in YJHD?or my favourite movie?❣?)see this pic so beautiful na?(pic of the destination)
Aru:ya it is ?
Varun: so guys lets start r packing
Aryan:yes we have very less time

Rahul keeps his hand in the middle :so guys the five of us will have loads and loads of fun in Manali
Aryan was the least interested but when he saw that Aru was going to keep her hand on rahul’s he immediately kept his (??)(too much Aryan ?)
They all shout yessss?
All of them are seen packing in their respective rooms,there bags are packed and all of them doze off to sleep
At 4am they all are gathered at the college and from there they leave for the station

In the bus

Shivani is seen sleeping on Varun’s shoulder and Varun is sleeping keeping her head on hers is
Aru is sleeping on aryan’s shoulder
In the whole bus only two people are awake one is Aryan Who is admiring Aru and the other is ……..?
Precap :keep guessing d second person and loads of fun in Manali

Here I end it guys do tell me how was it through ur lovely and precious comments
Keep reading
Keep commenting
Keep suggesting
I will try to post soon according to ur comments so to do comment and tell me ur guesses about the second person
Bye guys going to study for science exam ?
Do comment bcoz I will post the next part according to that ?

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