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Our impossible love episode 10

HI guys Ayushi is back!!THANKYOU SO MUCH for your lovely comments and keep commenting like this and guys do u want to stretch this jealousy track or u want Aryan to realize his love for aru but I will add a twist that before proposing her he wants to be sure that she too loves him as he doesn’t want their friendship to break bcoz of this (guys the tricks would be very funny and lame )so plzzz do tell what do u want !and guys I completed ten episodes (yayyyyy!!!)
Ok enough of my bak bak so here goes the tenth episode of our impossible love



Aru falls and Rahul catches here she closes her eyes in fear and Rahul admires her there our hero Aryan is burning like petrol. Aru opens her eyes and sees that Rahul is staring her she starts feeling awkward
There our hero cannot control he becomes an angry young man and separates both of them(CONTROL ARYAN CONTROL)Rahul composes himself and all them leave for the hostel
Outside girl’s hostel
Aru and shivani:bye Aryan bye varun bye Rahul
Aru:Aryan do’t be late tomorrow
Aryan:aru I am not late u r always late
Aru:then who came late today
Aryan:I came late bcoz an idiot was taking shower for 1 hour and plzz don’t go again with anybody without informing me (looking towards Rahul)
Aru:ok baba but come early

The whole room is very clean and Aryan goes to freshen up and when he comes back the whole room is in a BIG MESS (like a typical boy’s room)
Aryan:Rahul what is this?what have u done??
Rahul:chill bro I was just finding my charger and I like my room like this only it is easy to find things
Hearing this line a smile appears on aryan’s face

Aryan:aru what is all this?is this ur room?why is it all messed up?don’t u clean ur room?aru u r surely a girl ?(he says all in one go)now answer me
Aru:will u wait then only I will answer no
Aryan:ok tell
Aru:yess Aryan this is my room, this is not messed up it’s just that I like it this way
Aryan:like it this way
Aru:it is easy to find things like this and of course I am a girl what do u mean by that am I surely a girl?
Aryan:I heard that girls like to keep their room neat and clean so I thought……
Before he could complete aru starts :what did u think Aryan?i have also heard that boys like to keep their room dirty r u surely a boy Aryan?
They both look at each other angrily and then start laughing loudly
Fb ends

Rahul:Aryan where r u lost ?
Aryan:nothing aru also keeps her room like this
Rahul:really aru also
Aryan eyes him
Rahul:I mean aradhya also
Aryan:better(so possessive)
Aryan was about to call aru and saw the time it was 11:30pm :oh no I got late bcoz of this idiot Rahul
He sets the alarm,messages aru
Message to aru:good night sleeping beauty
He was about to keep his phone when the reply came it looked like aru was waiting for his msg only (ohoho)
Message from aru:good night zero iq
Message to aru:were u waiting for my msg?
Message from aru: don’t give urself too much importance !i have other works too
They both smiled kept their phone and dozed off to sleep

Precap:college trip for 1-2 weeks and aryan’s jealousy and might be love realization

So guys this was the episode and my todays exam was awesome
Guys keep reading
Keep commenting
Keep suggesting
Criticism is also welcomed and guys do tell me do u want more jealousy track or tricks ?????
Will try to post soon according to ur comments so do commment

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