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Our impossible love 19#palat Na

Hi guys ayushi is back I know I am late sorry ?? guys actually I went on a small trip after my exams got over? so here goes the nineteenth episode of our impossible love
Imagine and enjoy?
Varun:I got an idea
Shivani:speak fast
Varun:Aryan have u seen srk’s movies
Aryan:yes of course

Varun:then u can use his palat palat trick?
Shivani and Aryan:palat palat??what is that ?
Varun:oh ho if a girl is going and Srk says palat,palat,palat and if the girl turns that means she loves him
Shivani:why are all ur ideas so filmy?
Aryan:Shivani side effects of Bollywood??(no offence guys I too am a big fan of Bollywood)
Varun:very funny?


Aryan:I know I am funny ?
Varun:Aryan r u going to try this?
Varun:I am asking Aryan not u?
Aryan:I will not try this
Varun:Aryan try once plzzz
Aryan:kk but if this will not work then u r gone Varun
Shivani:let’s go guys
They come down and see Aru

Aru:where were u??
Aru:we were???
Shivani:we were here only
Varun:where were u?
Aru:I was with Rahul
Aryan was going to……….?when Varun held his hand
Priya:Aru come here
Aru:guys I will come

She is going
Aryan:palat plalat palat(turn,turn,turn)
But she didn’t ??awwwww poor Aryan
Aryan is full of anger and Varun is very scared?
Aryan turns back and clenches his fist(Guys now Rahul is watching them from a distance)
Varun:Aryan plzzzzz forgive me plzzzzz u no Na I am an idiot plzzz from now on don’t use any of my ideas plzzz forgive me ??

Shivani:Aryan he is correct he is an idiot and from now on we will never use any of ur ideas
Aryan:this was so lame how can u get to know that someone loves u if he turns back while going?
Rahul hears all this and gets to know everything
Rahul:do they mean that Aryan loves Aru and is checking that she too loves him or not but what about me I too love her but I guess she doesn’t love me
He goes down a memory ride and:Yaaa Aru and Aryan love each other and I am coming in b/w and these three are so idiotic they think that by doing these lame things they will get to know that Aru loves Aryan or not
I have to do something now???Idea Rahul u r so smart now I will help Aru and Aryan too reals is their love for each other
He goes to them

Rahul:guys i need ur help
Varun:for what??
Rahul:actually I am going to propose Aru so will u all help me
Aryan was going to????him when Varun and Shivani held his hands
Varun and Shivani:ya ya why not
Aryan was hell shocked at this
Rahul:kk then I will tell u if any work
He went
Aryan:what was this ?
Varun:Aryan this is the right time
Aryan:for what?
Shivani:u have to propose Aru before Rahul
Aryan:and what about him
Varun:we will handle him

Aryan:kk then
Aryan keeps his hand in the middle and shout yessss
Rahul listens this and smiles
Mr Sharma comes there?
Mr Sharma:what Yesss
Varun:nothing sir
Mr Sharma:u guys don’t have any work

Shivani:no sir we have lots of work
Mr Sharma:then what are u waiting for
Aryan(murmurs):Christmas ?
Varun and Shivani giggle and disperse??

Precap:Surprise for 20th episode

Sorry for a short epi but next one will be a lengthy and full of aara scenes so get ready and don’t forget to tell me how was this one

Love u all ❤️
Bye ??
Do comment ?And get ready for the surprise a huge one??❤️?

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