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Our impossible love 17#who will win ?

Hi guys ayushi is back thanks a lot for ur comments ?keep reading and commenting so here goes the 17th episode of our impossible love
Imagine and enjoy ?

Now they are walking and talking
Aryan:but how??
Varun:u have an idea
Shivani:speak fast
Varun:if she loves u then she will be happy when u r happy she will be sad when u r sad and she will cry when u will cry
Shivani:kk but what’s the point
Varun:the point is if u will hurt urself and cry then she will also feel ur pain and then we will get to know if she loves u or not
Shivani:nice idea Varun
Varun:whose idea it is ?
Aryan:that means I have to hurt myself?
Shivani :idiot who is saying to do it in real just act no
Aryan:Yaaa I didn’t thought about it ?
Varun:but we should go ahead of everybody bcoz everyone will also come here
Aryan,Shivani and Varun go to rahul and Aru
Varun:hey guys lets walk a lil fast


They all walk fast and now nobody could be seen except these five ?
Aryan gestures Shivani and Varun and sits down with a thud sound ?
Varun:what happened Aryan ??(sits down)
Aryan whispers to him:stop overacting varun?
Rahul:r u ok??
Aryan:ya I am fine
Aru:kk come get up fast our team must win

She started walking again with Rahul
Aryan:why didn’t she ask me if I am fine or not?she doesn’t love me guys ?
Shivani:Aryan don’t loose hope Yaa it was an idiotic idea ?
Varun:that wasn’t an idiotic idea
Shivani:ya Varun u r right

Varun touched his collar
Shivani:the person who gave it was an idiot
Varun:Shivani ?
Aryan:kk guys stop fighting and pick me up
They pick him up
Aryan:so what will we do now?
Varun:I have an idea
Shivani:no Varun we don’t need ur ideas
Varun:then u only give an idea from ur mastermind ?
Shivani:okk wait let me think ??

There again comes mr Sharma ??
Mr Sharma:why r u three always standing?
Varun:no sir nothing we are going
Mr Sharma:wait
Shivani:what sir?
Mr Sharma:now u all will go with me?
Mr Sharma:what happened??
Aryan:wo….ummmmm……..sir we hve to win the race and i am the captain
Mr Sharma:so where was ur captaincy till now?
Aryan:sir we were discussing that only
Mr Sharma:but Shivani is in rahul’s team
Varun:sir we will talk to u later we have to win
And they all run away ??

They reach beside Aru and Rahul
Aryan,Aru and Varun start walking separately and Shivani and Rahul start walking (remember they are team mates and their destination is near now)

So both the team have their flags which they have to place at the camp site
Aryan has blue and Rahul has green
Now their camp site is visible.they take fast steps,now more near more fast steps now just a few metres away and Rahul and Aryan are running
(I will be a referee )
So this is an interesting race b/w Rahul and Aryan,Shivani is cheering for Rahul and Aru and Varun are cheering for Aryan
Now they are moving at equal speed!!!
Oh no Rahul is ahead now!!?
Aru:Aryan we have to win (she shouts loudly and u know the voice echoes in mountains)
Aryan comes ahead of rahul?
Now the destination is very near
But oh no Aryan falls down (this time in reality)
Rahul overtakes him and is going to put the flag in the place when Aryan looks back at a sad Aru gets up and throws the flag from his place and we can see a blue flag hoisting there ?(I hope u remember that Aryan had a blue flag)
Aryan’s team won ???

Precap-trick no 2?

So here I end it guys I know this is a small one but I have my maths and the last exam on 24th and like a normal child I hate maths ?does anybody of u like it?
And I promise after my exams finish that is on 24th I will write VERY long episodes
Plzzzzzzz do comment in the comment box and tell me did u like the first trick ??
Love u all ❤️
Bye guys going to study maths ?
Do comment?

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