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Our impossible love 13#dangerous dare?

Hi guys thanks a lot for ur lovely comments
So here goes the 14th episode of our impossible love
Imagine mad enjoy
The four of them get ready to explore Manali
Shivani:where is Aru??
Aryan:she is not with me
Shivani:I thought she was with u after calling u she went out and didn’t came back so I thought she was with u
Aryan:she hasn’t returned till now what will we do now ??
Varun:guys I think without wasting time we should start searching her
The four of them start searching
In the room
Aru:plzzz somebody open the door I am stuck here plzzzz
Aryan is passing from there and in the room Aru sees a cockroach and starts shouting Aryan opens the door hearing her yells and she falls in her arms and of course a cute eyelock ??
The three of them come there and see the scene Shivani pretends to cough and they come out of their dream world ?
Aryan:Aru where were u ??
Aru:in the room
Aryan:but why ??
Aru:woh I was roaming here and there and then when I went inside somebody locked it from outside and I got stuck ?
Aryan:okkk now don’t go anywhere without informing
Aru:I was asking u all to accompany me but u all were busy in sleeping?sleeping beauties
Aryan:Ohhh so now we are sleeping beauties and u
Aru:I am not
Aryan:yes u r not a sleeping beauty u are a do foot ki sleeping dinosaur ???
Varun Rahul and Shivani giggle
Aryan:what Aryan
Shivani:kk guys stop fighting we have to go
Aryan and Aru:kk
In a restaurant
Aru:let’s play truth and dare
Everyone agreed
They spun the bottle and it stopped at Aru
Aru:I choose dare
Rahul:kk can u see that bald man go and hit him on his head (tapli marna ?)
She goes and does as said
Bald person:wht was this??
Aru:wo wo …..there was a mosquito ?(pretends to clean his hand )
Bald person:oh really I will also hit u and say there was a mosquito ?
As he raised his hand he felt a tight??????on his face and it was by Aryan
Bald person:how dare….
He felt another????by Rahul
Rahul:say sorry
Bald person:Ramesh ,raja,raju Sab as Jao(actually he is a goon and is calling his men?)
All of them stand beside him with hockey stick,bat,baseball batetc etc?
Now everybody is worried but Aru is in full mood to fight ??
Aru(comes in front):come on all of u my friends will beat u very badly
Rahul:ready everybody
Aru(pretending to take up her sleeves)READY
Rahul:1,2 ,3
Varun,Shivani,Rahul,Aryan:Jai mata Di (starts to run)??
Aru:Jai mata di (gestures them to come) where r u all going??
Aryan(comes back):do foot ki dinosaur bhaag (runnnnn)?
They all are running and depart ways (varun,Shivani,Rahul in one direction and aara in other) Aru:Aryan leave me I wanna fight
Aryan:Aru u r not pv Sindhu that u will win easily
She finally releases her hand and takes a stick over there
Aru:I will not leave u all
Aryan:Aru plzz this is not the time to play
And she hits Aryan by mistake ????
Aru:oh no sorry Aryan
Aryan takes her hand and starts running again
On the other hand
Varun,Shivani and Rahul are running they enter another restaurant and are running in a zigzag manner b/w the tables ?
Somebody catches Varun
Varun:Shivani plzz help
Shivani takes a sauce bottle and
Rahul :ahhhhh
Actually Rahul had already beaten him with a stick and he has fallen down and all the sauce is in rahul’s eyes??
Another goon is coming with a bucket of water and pours it on Rahul ??
Rahul can now see easily he quickly goes and hugs the goon
Rahul:thank u so much now I can see easily?
Shivani:Rahul he is one of the goon
Rahul:acha hits his head and he falls down ?
They again start running and find Aryan and Aru
Varun:where were u guys ??
Aryan:where were u all ??
To be continued ??

Precap:keep thinking how will they escape

So here I end it ?

I hope u all enjoyed it by imagining ?
Keep reading
Keep commenting
Keep suggesting
Do tell me how was it through ur lovely comments
Will try to post soon till then keep guessing ??
Bye guys ??

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