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Our Dark Destiny: Episode 8 (Spin off) FINALE

Our Dark Destiny: Episode 8 (Spin Off) FINAL EPISODE!

I actually can’t believe it! <3


Previous Episode: http://www.tellyupdates.com/dark-destiny-episode-7-spin-off/

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fBZBntjEOA
Don’t You need somebody

Author’s note:

This Spin off has finally come to an ending, I am actually really proud of myself as this is the first ever piece of writing that I have successfully completed ? x I hope you enjoyed this journey with me, and guys thank you!

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Now to the episode…


Suhani’s PoV:

The court have finally decided to give the man a life sentence in prison, and I can get a divorce- he doesn’t have a choice, as for Dadi’s twin the punishment is exactly the same for her, but considering her age, time would be up soon- I wouldn’t consider a life sentence to be that long….

I am finally free from the clutches of the inhumane beast that trapped me in a dimension of horror.

I never knew I could go through that many struggles in life, and still be myself throughout. I really am different, I know many people who would’ve given up, it frightens me knowing people die over such people…

I look up towards the sky, seeing the infinite freedom that we are all given, how much we have left to explore and discover. People going through such difficult times never get to experience the beautiful side of life as they are too broken to see the better… Unfortunate…
I just hope life could be able to pan itself out now… I want to live life free, making sure that I raise my children in the right way. I want peace, something that I never experienced fully before something out of the ordinary happened…
I let out a sigh, as I stare up at the deep navy sky, dotted with white forming little patterns, embellishing the mattress of deep blue. The sound of nothing is ringing my eyes, finally the peace I have been longing for. Naturally I shut my eyes at this, embracing prolonged freedom, and quietness.
I feel something wet on my nose a few minutes later, which seemed like centuries. My eyes shoot open to see deep purple clouds conquering the night sky- rain.
For me rain is a blessing, given my god, washing away our sins. I love it… The pitter of the rain hitting the cars is a melody- no artist can recreate- it’s too beautiful. As seconds fly past, the rain starts to fall, in 2s, to 10s, to 100s to millions, in an instant. I couldn’t help but smile- actually beam at this. The rain falling soaking through to my skin… I never felt soo juvenile- priceless.


Suhani just stands in the rain, letting it soak her through, she slowly tilts her head backwards and spreads her arms out. She was picturing images of happiness- she spins like someone his holding her waist and shouts into the night sky

“I love you Yuvraaj”, it echoes for a while before disappearing into the sound of the rain.

She stops spinning at the realisation of the words that spilled out of her mouth and looks down in shame and regret. She doesn’t know why she let out them words- maybe due to the memories of the past flooding in like a tsunami.

“I love you too Suhani…” A warm whisper wafts the air, heating it making suhani’s heart race.

Yuvraaj nuzzles his head into the crook of Suhani’s neck from behind- moving her wet hair to one side- enveloping her body into his.

“Suhani, I love you more than anything… I love you more than I love my vintage cars, I love you more than you love samosas” He giggles before breathing into her neck and placed a small peck on the piece of flesh he was given.

“Yuvraaj… I… love you too…” She smiles as she gently blessed the cold wet air with the sickly sweet words whisping out of her delicate lips.

Silence fills in the air after the words had been exchanged, the silence wasn’t awkward though, it was healthy and powerful. The sound of slow breathing could only be heard through the patter of the rain, Suhani almost drifting into a land of dreams in the arms of his saviour and protector.

She felt a shiver down her spine as his arms slid away from her waist, making her mind fall back to reality.


Yuvraaj PoV:

The distance between us when she left my arms was unbearable, imagine being without her all my life. No. I let her go too many times, yet I didn’t learn, but now I don’t only have her to make sure I keep, but my son… I can’t lose them both- if I do I have failed. I still remember when I used to hate the fact I married her, the fact that she “wasn’t beautiful” and all this mentality was instilled by my “beloved” Dadi. I look back at myself then and look at myself in disgust and laugh at how stupid I was. Suhani is the definition of beautiful, from her pearly whites to her deep brpwn almond shaped eyes- to her smooth skin- denying all needs of make up. The most beautiful thing about her was her heart and her uniqueness- looks are just the cherry on top and she was the full package.

I just admire her from the back, before walking to see her face, I slowly prow around not taking my eyes off the angel that I have been gifted with.

I feel a smug smile form on my face when I reached her face, I knew exactly what I was going to do…


Yuvraaj got down to one knee on the soaked wet concrete, pulling out a deep blue leather box, tied with a silk blue ribbon, he flings the box opens and stares into Suhani’s glassy eyes.

“Suhani, this is the third and final time I would ever need to get married to you again, I agree I have made grave mistakes, mistakes that caused you to leave me. I have realised how hollow I am without you, when you are not around me a void of emptiness is left- I feel like I am getting consumed by a monster and that monster is loneliness. I can’t handle a single waking moment without knowing if you are fine and if you are happy, the moments I see you with another man jealousy engulfs me and decides to stab my heart- not once, but millions of times- it’s horrific. Suhani, you are my love, my everything, my every waking minute to my dreams that comfort me at night. I used to regret seeing you in my room, now I beg for you to be in the same bed as me, your arms cradled around my neck or head resting on my chest monitoring my heartbeat. You still make my heart skip beats when you touch me, you still make me admire you everytime you smile, you still make me praise you everytime you laugh… Suhani, like I said… I want you to stand by my side, to make sure I am doing right and I want you to raise my family yet again… Suhani… Will you marry me?”

There was a silence before Suhani choked back on a few tears before her going down to Yuvraaj’s level and bringing him back up to stand… She stared at his eyes, reminiscing them before she lands her rain-soaken lips onto his. It was quick yet passionate, the lip-lock they had been longing for 7 long years , the spark was still there, the warms and the cool intertwined leaving a sense of secureness and all the problems that had been lying before have disappeared in the air. Her hands trailed through his hair and his up her back, they felt young, they felt nothing had distanced them, they felt complete… She pulled away and giggles at the awe-stricken face held by Yuvraaj…

Yes… I was always married to you Mr. Sadu Kumar, you were always mine, no one could replace the imprint that you had printed in my heart. The blood in my veins flow in your name, my heart beats in your name, my brain repeats your name. Yuvraaj im crazy for you…”

She hugged him, resting her head on his chest,, finally the dark destiny of the two lovers evaporated when Yuvraaj slipped the ring onto her finger and pecked her lips once more before staring at the sky her hand laced in his, her head resting on his shoulder embracing the rain cooling down the heat energy produced by the situation…

The dark times were only temporary, their destiny was just roads that never decided to go straight- but their destination was the same- and that destination was together….

Their destiny could only get better united, as they are both part of one body- and that was the story of their “dark” destiny x


<3 <3 <3

Ahhhh how did everyone find the episode ? , I admit i cried myself during this XD I know I am unbelievable, but it is the fact that it is over, I can’t imagine how empty I would feel when I finish my Finding my Angel and that was all my idea, it scares me to think that my brain even thought of writing on this website XD But I am glad I did x

I would like to thank everyone for the infinite support through-out, I am glad that I met such amazing people and don’t worry I am not leaving anytime soon x ? (I know unfortunately) XD ;p

YuvAni Finally united x

Happy Ending x

Please PLEASE PLEASE *gets on my knees* pleaseeeeee comment your thoughts and opinions, and comment something about yourself! I would like to know my readers a bit more ?

Ly all

Aqsaah x

<3 Our destinies are not dark, but adventure ridden x <3

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