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only for the sake of u (ragsan) three shots (part-2a)

Thank u so much for all the comments u all gave so far . for those who have not read the intro and part one here is the link
Intro : Here
Part 1: Part 1

Here is the part 2(a) of my three shots . part two was so long that I needed to brake it make it a and b .
Ap rushes sara to the hospital . she asks the receptionist whom to meet . the receptionist says meet doctor ragini .
Ap takes sara to ragini . ragini gets happy seeing sara . ragini says actually she needs to be admitted. ap asks if everything is alright . ragini says auntyji is she a premature child I mean she was born before ten months . ap says yes . ragini says ya she is very weak that’s why she fainted today . otherwise there is nothing to worry . one or two days if she is admitted in hospital and taken care of . she will be absolutely alright . she will be conscious in some time. ap thanks her . ragini says go and get this medicines please . ap says sure and goes . sara mumbles in her sleep , she says papa . ragini goes to her and sees why she Is mumbling . she sees sara’s face and just gets lost in her innocent cute face . she says ktini pyari hai and kisses her . ap calls sanskar and tells abt sara . sanskar gets shocked . he says I am coming right now . ap says is ur work over , u need not come sara is ok now . sanskar says my work is not so important , moreover my work is almost over .


It was night ragini was about to leave the hospital when she decides to visit sara once , she goes to her room and sees her sitting there . she says hi sara ab kaise ho . ap yahan kaise a gayi . ragini says voh sab chodo dadi kahan hai . sara says n pata nahi . ragini finds milk on the table . she asks kuch kaya apne . sara says khana nahi chahiye . ragini says baby don’t tell like this , id u don’t eat how will u become strong . ragini feeds her milkwhile sara is talking wid her . just then ap comes there . ap asks doctor ap yahan . ragini says actually I came to tell u that sara wants her father here , she was mumbling papa when she was sleeping . ap says yes my son is coming . ragini says I did not see sara’s mother till now , where is she I did not see her at all . ap says actually her mother is no more . ragini says I am sorry . ap says its ok doctor . ragini feels weird and goes from there . she thinks itni pyari bacchii aur iski ma nahi hai , o god why did u do this wid this little child and goes towards her car

The next day sanskar meets sara . sara hugs sanskar . sanskar says gar chale bahut hogai hospital vospital , gar chalthe hai aur phir sara aur papa gumne jayenge . sara says yehhh . ap sees them and says sara needs a mother I am also becoming old . I will tell to a friend who is a match maker . she calls a lady and says shalu I need a mother to my sara . see if u can find a girl who can be a good mother to our sara . the lady says I already know a girl . she is a doctor and very kind hearted , she cant bear kids , she can be a good mother and a wife . ap says wonderful , what is the name of the girl . the lady says I don’t know that but I will tell u the details afterwards .

The next day ap says we will meet the girl and talk to them , sanskar shouts ma I am not gonna marry anybody , I can never do this . ap says just see the girl , atleast for ur daughter . sanskar says ok wid a stern look on his face
The next day sanskar and his family go to ragini’s house . ragini comes out and sees ap and sara there . she says auntyji aap , ap says doctor ap , sara says mumma and hugs her . ragini is stunned . ap had told sara that she was going to meet her mumma and hence she called ragini mumma . ragini cries . sara asks aap kyun ro rahe ho in her sweet innocent voice . ragini says mein iske bad mumma kabhi nahi roungi , teek hai and han I will marry sanskar for the sake of u and hugs sara…..sanskar glares at her……it was too late , sanskar never wanted marriage but it was god’s wish to get ragsan married . sanskar agrees for the marriage .

It was ragsan’s marriage day . sanskar puts mangalsutra and keeps sindhoor in ragini’s forehead . sara claps her hand wid joy . sara’s happy face makes ragsan smile . the photographer snaps it .
At night sanskar comes to his room after doing all his works , he sees ragini and sara sleeping peacefully , he decides not to disturb them . he sees ragini , he gets mesmerised seeing her beauty and smiles unknowingly .
Guys I will upload part 2(b) tomorrow . thank u so much for reading . hope I have not bored u

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