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only for the sake of u (ragsan) three shots (intro)

Hi guys , this is the first time I am writing a three shots on ragsan . hope u like it . please drop ur comments below . here is a short intro of the characters
Ragini : a doctor (child specialist ) , loves children a lot but cant bear kids . she is 26 years old

Shekar: ragini’s father , loves her a lot . wants to get her married soon
Sharmishta: ragini’s mother , loves her a lot and wants her to get married soon
Sankskar maheshwari: a business tycoon . loves his business and daughter but does not have time for his daughter at all . a very arrogant man because he has a very bad past . anybody who sees him for the first time will think he is an arrogant beast . but only some of them understand him
Sara sanskar maheshwari : she is three years old and loves her papa, sanskar the most and fights wid him because he does not have time for her at all . she is the only one who makes the strict business tycoon sanskar maheshwari smile .


Annapurna : she is sanskar’s mother , loves him a lot and wants him to get married soon .
Durga Prasad : he is the father of sanskar and loves him a lot . sanskar is his pride.he loves him a lot

Laksh maheshwari : he is the younger bro of sanskar and loves his family a lot . he stays in America and is doing his studies there

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