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One sight of you is not enough (KKB) Two shots!

Hi Maya again with another random Two Shot and not OS This one is very random! Read it at your own risk! I will thank u all in advance for taking the risk to read this.

Someone walks towards library not to read but to see someone. He is Abhi! Abhi who is a rockstar going to library! Hmm sounds weird! Let’s see what he does….


Abhi sat on the chair after picking up a random book just for the sake to pretend that he is reading.

Pragya, Oh god! He is here again! He is not at all reading and just looking at me! I can’t go and ask him why he is doing that too! I am just a librarian here but he is a rockstar!

Abhi, How calm she looks when she writes on the log book and the quiteness in this library is just enhanced by her quiteness too! How I wish I can tell her that I am always here to see her!

Pragya, Whenever i look at him he just winks at me and I am as if affected by that end up turns away!

Just then someone came to Pragya and talked to her for so long blocking Abhi’s view of looking at her.

Abhi, Who the hell is he?? Blocking my view! And why is he talking to her for so long! I can’t even talk to her for few minutes properly and he is talking to her for so long! Enough! I can’t wait any longer! I need to check who is that now!

Abhi walked towards him and patted his back. He turned behind and got shocked. Purab ” Abhi! You are here? At library??” Abhi ” You are here??” Purab ” I was just here to meet Pragya di! And what makes u come here?” Abhi ” Just the calmness around here makes me come here…..” He looked at Pragya with a smile for a while and looked at Purab again. Purab ” Oh i see!” Abhi ” Nothing to see it’s just to get some peace of my mind!” Pragya ” You are not here to see?” Abhi was taken aback as it was her first time asking him a question apart from the short conversations while he signed up the logbook. Purab ” She is asking a question!” Abhi ” Haan what do I have to see here?” Pragya ” I mean see the books and all….” Abhi, Is she expecting me to say that I am here to see her? How can i even tell her that when Purab is around! Abhi ” Oh ya of course i am here to see that too!” Pragya was little bit disappointed which could be seen in her face. Abhi, Oh dear she is feeling sad….what do I do now? Purab, What is going on between this two? Both are looking at each other like lovers! Let me find out!

Abhi ” Hey Purab! Let’s go and we can’t talk too much here! Its library!” Purab ” Oh ya! Ok!” Abhi and Purab left out and Pragya was looking at the direction of Abhi leaving.

Purab ” How long have u been coming here?” Abhi ” Just 2 months!” Purab ” What just 2 months! No wonder u are missing at this timing!” Abhi ” Ya what’s the big deal? I just need some time for myself too!” Purab ” What some time and that too in library? And wait why are u here at such a old library?” Abhi ” Old is gold yaar… Actually…I spent time here to look at….” Purab ” Look at….?” Abhi ” Look at Pragya!” Purab ” I knew it! I knew that u are here to look at her only!” Abhi ” Don’t tell her that if not she will misunderstand me!” Purab ” Why do u think like that? U love her right? And how long are u going to love her by just looking at her?” Abhi ” No Purab! I don’t know what she feels about me! I love her and I don’t know from when also but her presence always made me feel that I have to love her only!” Purab with a mocking tone ” Oh really? Then u are going to spend her presence just in this library?” Abhi ” Arrey stop kidding me! I need some time!” He walked off from there as fast he could to his car to escape from Purab’s taunts!

Purab, I know what to do next to make u two closer!

Pragya, It’s the first time i asked him something and for that he answered so casually….Maybe because Purab was here and he might felt it weird to talk to me.

Pragya flipping some pages of a book in the library and is shocked seeing blood stains on the pages!

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