First of all thank u so much to all my akkas ,didis and friends for supporting me and guys about the pairs the conformed one is shavi but about the others i will tell u in the end.


ya one more thing i m studying 11std in salem and now my quarterly exams are going on and it will end in coming 23 till that i ll be irregular . Ok now lets start the story…..

RECAP : SWARA and RAVI entry. RagVi find eachother , Self intro , swara cries…….

Swara starts to cry . Ravi ” swara please dont cry na , i m really sorry .dont cry ma ” said in guilt . Shalu ” swara please tell us why are u crying we are with u na to share ur sarrow ” . Swara was still crying like a small girl. Ragini ” hey shut ur mouth , stop crying i told u na dont be like this . ” said in a little rough tone. But swara dont stop . ” i said shut ur mouth ” ragini said this with full anger and whole canteen was now looks at her . Swara also stop her crying .

Then ragini hold swara’ s hand and take her to the mec.lab no one is there . Shalu and ravi try to go behind them but ragini said ” dont come with us u go to class we will come ” she said rudley . Shalu and ravi bid bye to each other and went to there classes . Inside the lab ragini hold swara’ s shoulder and said ” i told u na dont be like this ok i m….im… sorry now tell me y do u cry ” .swara was silent for sometime and said ” ragini i need some time. can i tell u tonight i know that u r also staying in hostel “. Ragini said ” ok shall we now go to the class ” . Swara nods . Then they both went to the class . There ragini was really shocked to see the scene because there was group of students was sorrunding something .ragini and swara enter the class with a confusion they goes near them .they was surprised to hear a laughing , giggling and chatting sound then swaragini entered the group and got more surprise to see shalini at the centre. She was chatting and giggling with others without any fear.

Then shalini sees swaragini and said ” hey finally u both come u know what i feel really bored but this guys na , first i got fear to see many students around me but with in a second they started to chat with me i m now stress free ooooooff actually fear free. These guys are really amazing u know and this is maya , this is asif ,this is sameer and this is pooja..( she started to introduce almost half of the class ). Swaragini was speechless to see shalini’s speech . And that time professer enter in the class ( he was wearing a grey shirt and a black pant ) and so everyone goes to their respective seats . Shaswaragini were sit in same row . Now profeser starts to talk ” ok students now listen students this is my first class because i completed my graduation last year and i joined here this year . So students this is a first class for us so today is no lessons and no advices . Ok now lets introduce urself and first of all me i m siddanth ( guys imagine kunj aka siddant gupta as siddhant here )ur class professer ok now lets start ” . One girl seated behind ragini said ” hey meera see how handsome he is , he is dashing yaar “( hehe ofcourse every girls will say this ). Another girl said ” haha he is really hot ” . Ragini started laughing hearing their convo sid notices it and he said ” hey u stand up ” pointing towards rags , rags askesd in confusion ” me sir ??? ” . ” yes u standup ” . Ragini standsup sid asked ” why are laughing at me , am i looks like a joker ” . Rag said ” no sir not like that i just… just ” her voice stammered . Studdenly sid said ” what happen . Dont be scarred i m like ur friend so please u can freely talk to me ” .rags was surprised by his statement rags said ” sir that is .. here someone said that u r looking hot so i that y ” . Sid ” why r u laughing hearing that i mean am i not looking hot ” . ” sir ???? ” rags said with a confusion . Sid asked to whole class ” i m looking hot or not “. ” ofcourse ” the whole class said in unision . Then sid said ” ok now tell me what is ur name miss ” . Rag said ” sir i m Ragini kanna from bangalore ” . Sid ” ok now take ur seat miss ragini and now start what is ur name ” pointing towards the first girl then the whole class introduce theirself and finally the bell rings sid bid bye to all and leaves .

It was a lunch break the three girls along with their new friends sathish and krish went to the canteen and krish starts the convo ” how was ur first day ragging becuase we both escaped from that ” . Swara said the whole incident to them except her crying . Then ravi came there .swara ” lo he came ” pointing towards ravi , ravi said ” hi girls oops sorry hi guys because two more boys are now here ” . ” hi i m krish “. ” and i m satish ” they both introduce theirself and ravi said ” hi i m ravi kailash ” . Then he sat near swara . And shalini said ” swara sid is really handsome na ” . Swara ” haan but u said almost more than 40 times ” . Shalu said ” ya but what to do he is really handsome ” . Ravi ” ok girls where are u staying ” he tries to change the topic . Swara said ” haan we three are hostel and what about u ” .” I m also in hostel ” . ” ya rv by the way y r change the topic ” . ravi ” when??? ” . Rag ” just now ” . Swara said ” jealous ha ” . Ravi ” for what ??? ” . Shalu ” because sid sir is more handsome than u ” . Ravi said ” ok i agree now leave it ” . Everyone laugh at rv and their convo . And then the they goes to the class and the day got over all bid bye to each other and then everyone went to their respective hostels . In girls hostel shaswaragini are in same room .

In girls hostel , All
finish their their dinner and went to their rooms there shaswaragini are sitting in a bed and chatting . Ragini remineds the morn event and asked ” swara u said na u that reason to me tonight ” . Swara ” yes i ll tell ” . Shalu ” ok i think i should leave now ” but swara hold her hand and said ” u r also my friend u have a to be hear now ” . Then shalini also sit beside her and swara starts ” i have a very little and happy family .me ,my father ,my mom and two brothers we are very happy . my father mumbai and mr. Vijesh mehra was a parner vijesh uncle was very kind to me , i mean not like a uncle to me he is also my father i shared all my secrets with me .u know onething really i spend more time of life with him and his wife leela mehra in their house infact daily i go to their house with my brothers after our school & collage . My parents loved very much more than my brothers because i m their only girl child and my brothers they are more than a brothers to me . My brothers shikar & shanthanu kapoor ( imagine arjun bijlani and shanthanu maheshwari ) that time shikar bhai was helping my father in bussiness and shanthu in collage and i m in school . I live a life like heaven with my little family…”

Episode ends with the teary face of swara .


PRECAP: flashback of swara and the same MR.HANDSOME ENTRY .

Guys done with another part and sorry if feel this boring . Many of u asked about pairs and as said earlier the confirmed pair was shavi and the other pairs are swasan and raglak .one morething i told u na guys i will add my fav characters here so thats y i added SIDDANT , ARJUN and SHANTHANU . Once again sorry if u feel it boring . And thank u all who are commented in epi 1 . Especially kakali di , anjali di and astha akka . Ok take care bye friends.

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