Thank u so much to all who are commented on my prologue and intro and for silent readers also .and cutiie asked me about the pairs but i reveal it later this story needs some time to make a pairs please bear me till that .


now here is my first ff ‘s first episode i m really happy so enough of my ( ularals )loose talks now lets start the story .

RECAP : Ragini slapped a boy . Shalu and ragini friendship and finally they went to the class room but on the way they saw…….

They saw the another boys gang try to misbehave with a girl in the name of ragging. RAGINI’s anger reaches its peak ragini take a step forward but before that she heard the convo on that ragging place ” hey tum what are u waiting for u want to touch me na then come ” the girl said that while she gave a kick on that boy ‘s main point . The boy closes his eyes and mouth on pain . the another boy stand up in anger then the girl looks at her sandals . That boy got her mind and folded his hands in a please leave me sign . All the boys on the gang get scared by her antics. Then the girl move from there .

Ragini is still there in shock and think in her mind ” how bold she is , i like her so much she is just like i want to talk to her.” Her thoughts disturbed by shalu’ s voice ” ragini what happen . She is really bold na .ok come now we are getting late ” . Ragini ” shall we go to the rest room ” shalu ” k but already the bell ranged na ” . ” its ok we can attend the next class please come na ” . They reach the wash room entrance they stepped inside but before that they hear the crying sound ragini slowly open the door and looked inside she saw the same girl who kicks the boy .she was standing infront of the mirror and she is crying. Ragini enter inside with a confusion and goes near the girl and pated her shoulder .the girl suddenly wiped her tears turns and ask rags ” who are u . Are u a senior .if came here to ragg me then sorry i m not intrested now ” . ” hey cool . Im not a senior and i m not came here to ragg u . I m ragini , RAGINI KANNA . And u ” . The girl said ” why should tell my name who are u to me ” . ” i m ur friend i saw u when the boys ragged u that time i think u are brave girl but u r crying ……” before ragini could complete the girl hugged ragini .

Ragini hugs her back and said while hugging ” shhhhh please dont cry control urself ” . the girl said ” i m not a bold girl but want to be like that . I m so scared when that boy ragged me but i hide my fear infront of them to show them that i m a brave girl . But now i cant control myself now because for how many times i can act infront of them. ” . ” no no please dont think like that i m with u na no one should disturb u ” . then they hear a voice from behind ” yes trust her she will save u from this guys . And u know what she was the one who saved me from ragging. ” shalini said .

The girl break the hug.she wiped her tears and said ” ya i saw that and u know i saw her dare also ” . ” ya by the what is ur name ” shalini said. ” i m SWARA , SWARA KAPOOR and u ” the girl said this while forwarding her hand to shalu . ” i m SHALINI ” . “Hey girls also here and As i said u before i m RAGINI KANNA first year mechanical and u ” . ” wow i m also mechanics ” swara said . ” bu the way i think u are a north indian girl right ??? ” shalu said . ” how do u know that ???” Swara asked in a confusion. ” ooof thats not a big deal see ur name SWARA KAPOOR u already have a sir name and ur name swara no one in south had this name ” ragini said . ” ooo thats ok shall we go the class ” said swara. ” oo hello its already intravel now come we go to the canteen” shalini said.

Three were went to the canteen . They sat in the corner . Shalini said ” hey ragini see the 4th table that boy na he was following us from the morning ” . ” leave him .if he distirb us then i will dont leave him ” ragini said in a angry tone . After some time the boy starts to walk towards their side . Swara ” rags he is coming ” . ” dont worry i ll see him ” ragini said. Then the boy came near shalini and said ” hi i m ravi kailash can i join ur group ” .( guys imagine ravi as ranveer of MATSH ).

Shalini was dumb .ragini said ” hey who are u ????” . ” ooooof i said na i m ravi kailash i saw u three from the morn ragini and u ( pointing towards swara ) were such a brave girls and shalini i like her innocence here there is two diffrent poles in this gang so i want to be a friend of guys ” . Ragini said ” ooo first of all sorry i m thinking wrong about u by the which department ” . ” i m mechanical 2 nd year ” ravi said . Three girls are dumb . Swara ” are u a senior ???” . Ravi ” ya is there is any problem with that ” . Swara ” no no nothing like that . I mean for the first time we saw a senior like u ” . Ragini ” u are a senior and u saw that the boys ragg shalini then why dont u stop them ” . ” oooo miss ragini madam i m a second year student they are third year how can i fight with them ok now tell me about u all . Ok first i introduce myself . Im ravi kailash my friends call me as RV and i m completed 12 std in bangalore .and i m intrested in cricket i m a….. ” before he could complete ragini said ” state player of banglore and captain from 8 th std right ” . ” but how do u know that” ravi asked in a confused tone . ” because ur RK knows every thing about u ” ragini said . Ravi was full of joy and get up from his seat and hugged ragini . Swalini were still in confusion . After some minutes they break the hug and ragini said “actually we both are friends from cildhood he is one year elder than me and we were in the same street but we got seperated in my 9 th std because my father had a transfer ” . Ravi ” ok now enough shalini said about u ” . Shalini ” there is nothing to tell about me i m chennai girl completed 12 std in st.joseph and my father name is mahesh my mom is revathi thatsall ” . ” ok now swara u say ” ragini said . Swara said ” i completed my 12 in mumbai and my father name is shekar kapoor my mom is shomi kapoor ” . ” but why u came here for study there is many better collages in mumbai right” ravi asked in a confused tone . Swara started crying . Ravi with a fear ” sorry sorry please dont cry na ” …


Precap : reason for swara’s sadness and MR . HANDSOME entry .

Ok now let the imaginary bird starts fly ok now tell me what will be the next track , who is the mister handsome and who is the pair for RV ragini or shalini.

Guys done with the my first part if you like it then tell me if you dont like it then also tell me i dont take it wrong . And sorry ashnoor because i wrongly mentioned ur name in intro .

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