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Oh Jaana – Ishqbaaz Episode – 26

Hello, every one thank for the support …..and it gives energising to me…
Episode 26
Till now…
Om and Ishana share a bond …rudra misses is fight with soumya.. and another tashan starts between anika and shivy

Scene 1
Anikas house..
Shivay holds anika close and says the choices is urs…..they share a moment and shivay leaves her and home and goes with a smile …
Anika looks on…sit down…and yet another problem…i am not in the position to handle this anymore….she sees the clock..
She has 3 full hours to leave to the new project…and thinks about shivay giving the same time to open up…and y did he smile…while leaving …its not wicked and something else….kash mein ek aur bar wo muskurathe huye thek pathi… jab bi mein muskurat thekthii hoon na meri dheemark kam nahi karthi hei…and y do i feel somthing wrong with him….i have insulted his dadi…that to in front of everyone but he didn’t say a word but came to disclose my behavioural change….he didn’t even scolded me …
Bagad billa beegi billi kise bangaye….kuch tho kad bad heh …she thinks the way he his holding her so close and how she is unable to take her eyes of hiemmmmm…..
Anika smiles and gets blushing thinking of that


All of a sudden pinky comes with a bucket of water and throws in anikas face…says oh my mata…kita bhesharam ye h ladki…..
Anika looks shocked… and fully drenched in water….pinky stand s with a bucket and gets a deep breath seeing anika..

Scene 2
Shivay in his car…
Think of their moment smile …and the driver sees shivay smiling and in the rear view mirrior…
Shivay in his mind
Dadi was right she says some thing and her eys says someother … i need to find it at any cost…and atlost i will be seeing the same old anika with whom my day starts with fight and end with her smile ..patha nahi kun meh use dehkar hi nervous ho jati huun….. this one month was horrible…and vinay and anika together….finally its all gona end now …she will join ….i can bear anything but not the tears in ur eys anika …thu mari sabse bada kamzhori hey…(yes u are my weakness) so i want u to be safe and with me…..
Shivay smiles…..
The driver suddenly applies the brake and jerk makes shivay to senses….
He sees out side and sees time….its been half a hour…shivay takes a deep breath.. god what the wack…..i was thinking of that illmannered girl whose mere language irritates me…
At the time driver turns to shivay with water bottle and says
*Paani sir*….shivay looks up and says shut up …ask him do his work its getting late….

Scene 3
Om comes oberoi mansion with a smiling face
Dadi and prinku ask whats the issue…
Om says nothing..dadi sees him controlling the smile and thanks god for giving at least one human grand son to her…
Dadi what are u saying ..what about shivay bhaiya and Rudra bhaiyya
Thu shivay ki bath kar kari ho …wo tho jeetha jatha robo machine …heh…..sirf deal crack karna…aur pisa kamana athe hay whose…risto to samajne kelliye tho dil hona hey…. demaak nahi….
Aur Rudra…ek number ki Bandar he Bandar…kabi sheema ..kabi rena….aur kabi sushma….ek din me wo so ladki ko change kartha …how can i say him as human….
Om …se sirf iss bath ki tension he ki wo sabse zyada nazuk he….already riddima kbroke her heart once…i don’t want heim under go the same again…..
U know dadi …some times i think no one can take this family united like this other than u….
No ek ladki hey but i don’t know how come this gona happe….prinku and dadi rembers anika.


Scene 4
Shivay in the kitchen thinking about anika and thinks to call her but his ego comes in middle….dadi sees him restless and ask is he ok..shivay says yes
I think anika didn’t say anything….dont worry she will say…
Shivay sees her surprisingly and ask how she knows
Dadi laughs and says theri mume baara bajraihe..[.u look anxious]so i guessed and u wre adding sugar instead of salt.
No she dint say …but i know she will…that to with in a hour….and remembers of his challenge with anika
Ek bath bolu….. kuch bath challenge say nahi pyar se kya jathi he ..ek bhar thu pyar se poochlathe wo kab ko thume sab kuch batha chuka voga …(there something in this world that we can get only through love and not through challenge …if u would have asked her with patience she would have said)
Dadi u know me i am not interested in this
Then y are u dying to know the reason behind her…leave her that’s all…
I leaving this topic and this place now
Dadi smiles seeing him

Scene 5
Arts college
Sowmy comes out of the class with that new guy..
They both start speaking about recent test marks and Rudra comes to sowmya and ask shall we go…..
That guy say
Rudra whats ur percentage….actually u no mine was low and i got only 96…last time it was as same as sowmy’s
Hey sowmy ….puzzled and ask hey sowmy kaun hai
The guy
Hey its sowmya and u don’t know i used to call her sowmy…
Its suits her and she is sooooooooooo cute.
Sowmya also keeps cute face as that guy says
Ya Rudra…he used call me like that only and the way he calls…..
Rudra gets irritated and makes funny faces towards that guy
Says sumo come lets go i have work and dadi called u ….
That guy
Ok *sowmy* lets discuss this capter later….u go ..and puts sad face towards her
Rudra in his mind …hey tho muje bi badi dramebaaz hey…(is acting is more than me)
Says ok sumo come lets go and holds her hand…
No Rudra i am leaving him for an study discussion and i informed dadi already…she ask him he can drop in oberoi mansion after discussion
That guy says of course *sowmy*
They both bid bye to Rudra..and leave …. Rudra fumes….and says hey amol baby(the guy) i am an oberoi so u are going to pay for this….
Turns to see his friends mocking him ….he leaves and says sowmyeeeeeeeeeeee……sumo wrestler….and he makes funny faces as he says…..

Scene 6
Anika in shock and sees pinky…
Pinky lashes at her…..
Phone rings distracts her and anika comes to sences…
Pinky aunty…pi n…n..ky auuunttty….and she comes to her senses and says god its a dream……
Vinay calls her and says he will come and ask anika not to leave and he will take of shail…anika says that he will manage…..
Anika see the thime thinks to start for the pune…..
She sees the clock again and rembers shivay and says its better that i should stay away from the whole oberoi family…..and esp billu ji…..even thinking about him is dadngerous ….
She leaves a written note for sahil ….she gives the keys to neigh bour….and leaves for the work
As she wait for the rickshaw and two cars come at the same speed and stop in front of her….
Shivay and vinay comes out and see each other…
Shivay u had a meeting right….but u r here…
No its important than my meeting and ask anika ….to come…
Anika i will drop u …just get in….
Anika …
Sees him… no shivay sir ….u are getting struck here its waste of ur precious time….so i will go wth vinay…and sees vinay…
Ms anika …. dadi wants to speak to u and i hopr u don’t deni for dadi…..
Anika sees his eys and turns to other side and says….sorry shivay sir i don’t have time now ….and smile wickedly

Vinay ji chalennnn….vinay and anika leaves ….
Anika sees shivay seeing her in side mirror and says iske allava meri pass koi chara nahi heh…muje app logoe se door jana heh….

Shivay sees anika crying in hospital and goes near her…anika leaves seeing him. Anika gives the chain to vinay….anika sleeps holding some ones shirt tightly and vinay looks at her .

Hello guys i think its toooooo looong so plz have patience….sorrry if i am borring…..
Silent readers plz post ur comments. Once again thanks lot for commenting…..thank u tu

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