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Oh Fish Not Again (twinj) -Chapter 3 ~ by Tara

I know m unable to reply..nd trust me m really sorry for that… so today m gonna thank each of u…so let’s begin then..
Oh Fish Not Again
Chapter 3: ‘I Love You’
“aaahhhhhh,,,” I hollered…and in less than a nanosecond my eyes were wide open…a free fall from my bed on the floor was the reason…
“are u okay??” said mom..who was standing beside..
“ i think so..” said i trying to get up..
“dreamt something bad??” said she
“not just bad..horrible….” i replied….

She went out and my phone beeped … it was a message from twinkle..
“ I m coming to meet u within 15 mins”..it read
I jumped out of the bed…. i had a lot to do… the mistakes committed last time were to be rectified. History was not no be repeated again. I stacked all the debonair in a box and pushed them to the storeroom. i was determined to propose her and expected everything to fall in the right place. In order to impress her, i slipped into my best outfit.
“ting, tong” the door bell buzzed…my heart was pulsating at a rate of about thousand times per minute…i slowly opened the door at the second bell…


“hi” she said and grinned…girls seems so pretty while smiling..in contrast Sam looks a buffalo who is trying to screen all his thirty two teeth at the same time..

“hi..come inside” she was carrying a drawing book, poster colours and few sketch pens. Straightaway she occupied a chair facing my computer table.
“go through these sketches” she said, and handed over to me, “find out the best among these, meanwhile i will surf ur PC” she said and switched it on. The sketches were beautiful at least from my point of view….
“beautiful” i said…
“what??” she asked…

“of course the sketches” I said… she glanced at me…whenever men cite something as beautiful, women are eager to know what that particular thing is..
“umm twinkle i wanna say something…” i said..
“go on.. m with u..” she said while her eyes were fixed to the 15 inch LED screen…i hate it when people give importance to gadgets over humans. Twinkle scanned one drive after other. Girls are very good when it comes to dig out something.
“wow..movies.. i didnt know u had such nice collections…” she skimmed through one movie after the other.

“oh fish..not again..” I muttered, looking at the folder in the right hand side corner with the name ‘kid’s show’. It had movies starring Pamela Anderson, the same actor who posed beautifully on the cover page of my debonair, that twinkle had seen last time..
“twinkle.. i guess we should move out of here…else we will be late…” i said..
“wait.. i wil just sort them out and then we shall leave..” she said and again started checking…
Oh god please save me..let there be some power cut or an error in windows, or anything which could prevent her from playing the kid show…history was about to repeat itself. I only hoped that a slap wouldn’t paint my cheeks red.

As last time, this time too god failed to save me. Finally the mouse reached to my fav folder, and a double click opened it. Names of movie stars surfaced in order. Within second my beautiful Pamela appeared topless on the screen..before i could imprint her pic in my small brain.. twinkle closed it..and shut down the windows..
Frankly speaking i never bothered to hide these stuffs as my parents were least interested about my belongings…
“ i think we should leave..” she said in a rather serious tone.
“angry with me??”i asked

“not really but feeling a bit perturbed…”
“twinkle shall i say something??” said me
She just nodded avoiding an eye contact..
“look i know u don’t like all these, but then there is no one who really stopped me from doing this…” she raised her head and looked into my eyes.. i continued.. “ and m sure a girl friend can eradicate all mu bad habits”
“oh.. so u need a girl friend??” she said..

“Desperately” i added
“ so what about seema…” she said and giggled..
Girls are very bad when it comes to serious issue… they would understand everything..but pretend..

“come lets go..” she said and stood up to leave..
I gripped her wrist and a slight jerk landed her in my arms..
“kunj..what’s going on..” she said . i took a deep breath. Girls look more beautiful from a near distance..she didnt struggled to get out..that was a positive sign i guess….
“twinkle.. I LOVE U” finally i said, she kept looking in my eyes ..may be trying to read something…

To be continued..
————————————————————————————————————————————–so guys..how was it?? Our funny kunj finally did the great job… but what will be twinkle’s reaction?? Is it a new beginning ?? or the end of their friendship…
Plzzz do share your views.. nd i promise to reply to u all… plzz guys comment fast… cant wait to check out ur reactions…
Btw the next chapter will be posted on Sunday or Monday… so stay tuned… love u all

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