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Oh Fish Not Again (twinj) -Chapter 2 ~ by Tara

Thank u all for ur lovely comments.. m really very sorry for not replying.. but i guess u know my exams..hehe…. btw guys i read ur ffs.. and i knw i don’t comment nowadays.. but will start soon.. after my xams.. but here a small note for u all
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Romaisha..lovely epi..
Lover.. i liked ur new ff very much..the bond is excellent..between the duo..
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[PS: i knw i didnt mention few names..sorry for that…]Enjoy reading….
Oh Fish Not Again
Chapter 2: ‘Festive mood’
————————————————————————————————————————————–“Oh fish! Only three days to go and we haven’t started yet…” stated Sam as we waited for Andy, Seema and Twinkle, lying down on the steps of auditorium. They came and we got down to work. The things were categorised as who was to do what. The job of erecting pandals were obviously given to sam as no one else could have matched his monstrous physique…for construction ? the girls were supposed to collect the money and Andy was to assist them.
A coconut was broken and the construction work started. We had two labourers who worked as our helping hands. Soon the logs were arranged in a 5 by 5 feet frame..and by evening the pandal was ready. We were so exhausted that we didnt even have the energy to sit up straight. So we lay down on the floor…
“ I m so tired… i feel like hell” said sam..
“me too” I added…
It had really been a tiring day..so we decided to disperse…
Me and Sam had some refreshment when he asked.. “wanna smoke??”
“no thanks, my lungs are already on fire” said I
“okay..just be my companion” he replied..
Next we went to a small shop in the corner which had a sign board with the name “PAPPU PAN WALA”. There was a man sitting on a chair in front probably ‘Pappu’. Sam went to him and asked for a ‘gold flake’. The thin cig looked odd between his thick fingers. A cigar would have suited better I thought. Then suddenly out of a blue Sam stated…
“you know kunj, i have never come across a lucky chap like you…you look good, u r rich..and above all a girl like twinkle is showing interests in you…”
For an instance I felt what he is speaking. Then I realised he might be right. I always felt i was a average looking guy..and so twinkle’s interest in me was my sheer luck !
“its just a matter of proposing her” he added.
I chose not to reply.
So he started his own story…
“you know kunj… I also had girl friend years back, Anjali… .she was beautiful and smart… everything was perfect but I messed it up all…”
“sorry..u messed it up?? Like how?” said I
“ it was during the last summer… i went to her house at night..she was a girl who loved to read books..and she was doing the same that night… i went up to her room through the balcony… after sometime we started getting physical.. i kissed her and she kissed me back…then i closed my eyes in pleasure and when i opened i saw her dad in front of us.. that was our last meet..she left the city..”
He kept quiet.
Hearing his emotional story i behaved a s a good friend..but inside me only i knew what was happening… i felt like a hundred person is ticking me and i had to resist my laughter….really tough job…
After some time Sam’s phone rang… he spoke to someone and then said.. “kunj.. i need ur help.. my grandma is here and she is getting bored.. do u have any movie CD?? Any one will do…”
“well i don’t have any latest ones… nor the very old ones.. but yeah my friends from my previous colony had given me few CDs on my farewell..” said I
“Cool..Bring them” he said..
Within half n hour we reached sam’s place…
We set the CD player and put on the television… I glanced at grandma who was anxious to watch the movie… after several attempts the movie started.. it was a very old black and white movie about some basic problems of the villagers… i looked into the Tv for few secs and then started leaving..as i felt it was too boring… suddenly Sam called out… “kunj.. look what happened…” I turned back to find the that the T.V had lost its transmissions.. i checked the connections..it were all fine..then suddenly the transmission resumed and the black and white picture turned coloured..
“ wooow.. you are a magician…” exclaimed Sam… the colour change was also a mystery for me.. so i stayed back to watch what happens next..
A blonde English woman appeared on the screen and an African man followed her.. I smelt something fishy… and before i could react..her clothes were off!!
“omg!!” I muttered…as my eyes went wide open..
“stop this bl**dy show..” shouted Sam..
I pressed the remote key but it didnt work… meanwhile a s*x scene kicked off on the screen and the woman was shouting in pleasure… we kept trying to put the tv off but it didnt happened…i just gave a glance at grandma..she was watching it intently….
Next sam banged on the tv.. the cd played collapsed and the circuit was broken..hence the it stopped….
We came out of the house…
“sorry yaar i never knew it had such stuffs” said me..
“no..its not ur fault.. I should have checked earlier…” said sam..
I pretended to be sorry..but from inside i knew how happy i was..my friends had given me a perfect gift..
Andy had notified us to meet at the auditorium. The reason was task allotment for the festival…after a few minutes every thing was set. Andy started his speech…
“so most of the task are allotted..but remember the dinner and competitions shall be organised by collective efforts…now i m reading out the tasks…”
“variety entertainment….seema”
“refreshment….. Sam and Andy”
“embellishments of the pandal…..twinkle and kunj”
The last line was the reason….for my great smile… this meant more time with twinkle…
After our discussion were over me and twinkle went to the restaurant..she placed her order and we were waiting..when a bunch of hooligans from the opposite table began to eye us ..specially twinkle…
I signed twinkle to ignore them.. and we started chatting…
“so.. miss twinkle taneja… tell me something about urself…” said i..trying to start a convo..
“ u know everything..thhat m an arts student….” she started blabbering..
“ i mean something..out of the box..which i dnt knw..” said me..
“ what u want to know??” she said..
“ have u been in a relationship ever??” i said..
“why??” she said her voice firm…
“ummmm …..” i was going to say something..probably that i like her..when..
“kunj..do something…” she said out of the blue..
I was stunned..then i noticed those hooligans were still staring at her.. I looked at them very carefully… a punch was enough for me to get fractured from top to bottom…i gulped…
“wait..just see what i do…” said I and got up.. i stepped forward when one of them glared at me… i took reverse steps and said.. “come twinkle lets..leave.. nopt in a mood to fight….its their good luck..huh” (trying to act cool…)
We came home walking… i dropped her and came to my place..all the while i was wondering..if ganpatti ji also didnt wanted me to be with her.. !!
————————————————————————————————————————————–So guys this brings us to the end of the 2nd chapter..yeah no more parts for this one..as its quiet short..I hope it wasn’t that boring… i try my best to incorporate twinj scenes even if its not in the novel.. so plzz give ur remarks.. and plzz suggest something u want.. i shall go by… and plzzzzzz comment.. i knw exams are going.. but give it a try.. as u knw they mean a lot to me… i got 2 more imp xams then i will be free.. so next update again on next week..probably on Thursday… till then take care.. lots of love..

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