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Swara-I’m all for u going into party if it’s ur thing but it’s not mine.
Ragini-Oh,it is…U just haven’t found someone you’re willing to trust yourself to.

The elevator door slid open then,saving Swara from replying.
Ragini-Hey,u ok?
Worry underscored her friend’s tone.
Behind Ragini were the mirror walls of the elevator,its full-length reflection displaying the slim back that her friend’s beaded gold dress exposed,together with Ragini’s shapely legs,a direct contrast to how Swara was virtually covered to head to toe.
“No really” Swara thought with a heavy heart as she got out of the elevator.But she couldn’t tell Ragini something so disloyal.

Outside Blake Hall Swaragini stopped by the lamppost as Ragini lit the stick.
Ragini-What u r going to do now that the little.
Ragini sighed,seeing Swara’s warning look?
Ragini-I mean your AWOL bf won’t be coming over?
Swara-I still have a couple of papers to research–
Ragini grimaced at her friend’s groan.
Swara-What?U know I hate TV,I hate suffering the internet,& I hate listening to music.
Ragini took a long drag from her cigarette.
Ragini-Why am I friends with u?I just don’t understand why.I have tried & tried to be the bad influence that everyone thinks I am but I am not!You’re uninfluenceable!
Swara-That’s not even a word.
Ragini-& you’re still not letting me influence u.(muttered)
Swara-Trust me.
She muttered with a twist of her lips,the irony of her friend’s words something only she could enjoy.
Swara-U don’t have to influence me.I’ve got my bad side,too.

Ragini threw her cigarette but into the trash bin.
Ragini-Yeah,yeah,so bad u can’t even make urself skip classes if you’re not on your deathbed.
Arranging the strap of her bag around her wrist…
Ragini-Why not come with me to the party?
Swara-No,thank u.
She didn’t even have to think about her answer.She hated it that much.
Ragini-You’ll enjoy yourself,I promise.(wheedled)
Ragini-We’ll just stay for,like 30 minutes,max!plz?
Ragini batted her eyelashes at Swara,& even she wasn’t immune to the pitiful expression that her friend had perfected over the years.Maybe she should practice at herself.Maybe getting goo-goo eyed that Sahil could reform his unboyfriend-like ways.
She answered with a sigh,
Swara-I don’t think it’s a good idea.Sahil doesn’t like it–
Ragini’s expression became steely.
Ragini-Now I’m not taking no for an answer.
She started dragging Swara with her.
Ragini-We r going whether u like it or not,& if u turn me down now we r not going to be friends again.
Swara-What r u,12?
Ragini-No.I’m a hot 21 year old with a 12 year ild mind.????

Swara shook her head,knowing it was pointless to argue when Ragini had that look on her face.
Swara-Atleast promise me u won’t leave me alone like the last tym.?
Ragini-I just wanted u to mingle.
Swara-Ragini,if you’re going to leave me again–
Ragini caught Swara’s arm just as she turned around to go back to the dorm.
Ragini-Okay,5n!I’m not going to leave u alone this tym.
She cast an eye on Swara’s appearance,her mouth turning down.

Swara glanced down at her clothes.Pink buttoned-up blouse,loose slacks.
Swara-This is 5n enough.I don’t want to go back just to change.
Without warning,Ragini pulled Swara’s ponytail off,unleashing her long black on her shoulders,the rest of it tumbling down her back in thick waves.
But Ragini was buzy fluffing Swara’s hair,the way her friend liked to do with her own.
Ragini-That’s better.U still looked like a n*rd but atleast u look like who’s trying to fit in.
Swara snorted.
Ragini looked grossed out.
Swara-Stop that,u know I hate–
She grinned-then snorted again.
Ragini-Sheesh!Who’s the 12 year now?I can’t believe the uni’s given u their top scholorship.
Ragini continued with her complaints all the way to Laksh’s party.
Ragini-Don’t yawn
She ordered as she pressed the buzzer.

Swara snapped her mouth shut just as has a redheaded guy she didn’t know opened the door.
His face brightened at the sight of Ragini’s smile?? & he immediately stepped to the side to let them in.

The walls’ varnished wood paneling made he living room appear more spacious,& the cream & leather overtons lent it an elegant taste.Or at least it was should have looked elegant if there weren’t beer bottles & used paper plates scattered all over the room.The floor was a mess,the carpeted tiles stained by vomit & heven knew what else.

Swara’s OC tendencies for cleanliness kicked in,her body feeling ichy all over.??
“Yo,Ragini!Looking good girl.”
There were more of that for Ragini as they made their way further in,stepping over the bodies of those who had passed out on the floor & squeezing past couples making out.??

Wolf whistles followed them as they reached the table where the beer cans were stacked next to opened boxes of pizza.Ragini didn’t bat a eyelashes at the adulation,taking it all as her due.No one seemed to notice her beside Ragini,but Swara didn’t mind it at all.

The entire place was crowded,all the way to the poolside lounge,where couples danced to mixes by the DJ from the university’s radio station.
Laksh smelled of booze & nicotine,which made Swara little dizzy.The music switching from hip-hop to heavy metal didn’t help either,the loud thuds becoming a prelude to what was fast becoming a major headache.

Would Ragini get mad if she left without saying anything?Clearly,tagging along was a huge mistake.She just did not fit in this kind of scene.For one thing,eveyone seemed to be wearing layers of glitter & body oil.Standing next to them,Swara felt like she was a block of wood surrounded by gemstones.

Here,she thought morosely,was probably another reason Sahil was standing her up more often than usual.
She chewed on her lip,wondering if it was time to try shedding off even just a bit of her hang-ups.Perhaps could try being more outgoing.She wanted to be an asset to Sahil,not a brick around his neck.

Her phone buzzed with a default tone,one that made a small clique of girls at the other end of the table titter.
Ragini whispered-I told u to change ur ringtone.
Swara-I don’t have the time.
Swara said,stil fumbling inside her lager-than-life bag for her phone.
Ragini-U mean u don’t want to make time.
Ragini sighed in consternation.
Ragini-& would u pleeeeeeeaaaaaase bring the small bag next time? U don’t have to carry ur whole house with u all the time!
Swara-I’m not.
Then she added honestly without looking up…
Swara-But I want to if that’s possible.
Ragini-2 words:control freak.
After 3 minutes,Swara had finally found her phone-the tiniest blackberry model,which she had purshed bcoz it was exceptionally light.
It was Sahil,telling not to wait up for his phone call tonight.
Her heart ached little at the curt of his message.Something was so goddamn wrong b/w them,but she just couldn’t figure out what it was.

Returning her phone to bag,she looked uo to find Ragini gone.
Swara muttered to herself-Seriously??as she hastily scanned the room.
“Dammit!The no-good lier!”she was so going to get Ragini for this the moment she found her friend in the crowd,which seemed to have grown 10 times more in size since they had come in.It made her head throb even more painfully.

Yes,this was definitely a headache–& it was on its way to developing into a full fledged migraine.
Voice-Kaukla mou
The hairs of her nape stood up at the sound of the low deep voice coming from behind her with its faint Greek accent & teasing undertone.

The flawed part of her responded to the voice instantly,body softening in recognition as if it had found the missing half of her soul.But the sensible part of her veered away from it just as quickly,& Swara scanned the crowded room again,this time searching for a place to hide.
Voice-R u really going to pretend u don’t hear me?

Yes,she was,for her sanity.sge clenched her teeth,hating the melodramatic turn of her thoughts.It was always,always like this with him.She quickened her pace,but it was just too late.
It was louder this time,wicked amusement lacing her name,& drawing more attention to them.She could feel heads turning,ears attuned to gossip twitching.
Voice-R u avoiding me?

Precap-Relevation of the owner of the voice…& much more?

How was the part??

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