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Part 2

Ragini laughed,”I keep telling u,right?You don’t need to have a boring life just bcoz u like to have straight A’s.”

“I do not have a boring life,”Swara argued as she followed Ragini out of the door,she added,”It’s not my fault I enjoy studying.”She rattled the knob twice for good measure.

Ragini was grinning when she turned around.”What?”Swara asked defensively.

“You are such a control freak.” said Ragini
“I just locked my door.”Swara said.
“You triple-locked the door”Ragini reported.”Andd what’s the most precious thing inside it?A framed photo of the little sh*t?”

Swara choked back a laugh.
“You have got to stop calling him that,okay?It’s not cool.Sahil is my bf.”

“He used to be but now he’s just. A first-class a*s,”Ragini said as she pressed the down button of the elevator.
“An asshole who has your number.It makes him your asshole owner & you’re his b*t*h slave.”She huffed in indegation.”You’re,like,classic case for a sub–” She added.

“I’ll kill myself rather than wear a collar around my neck,call someone ‘sir’ & I swear I’ll kill the guy who thinks he can share me with another master.Is that subbmitive enough for u?”said Swara.

Ragini sniffed,”That just shows how much u don’t understand.Being a sub is all about needing someone to take care of u–so that you can totally let go.& u need that,Swara.You are always so…rigid”

Swara forced out a laugh,not wanting Ragini to know how her words reopened old wounds inside her.

“Plz don’t say this in front of Sahil?You’ll make it seem he’s got a robot for a gf.”Swara said.

The scowl reappeared on her friend’s face.”That little sh*t is the worst Dom–”

“Eww” Swara couldn’t help wincing,her mind tainted with the image of Sahil wearing some squeaky shiny leather thong & holding a whip.She raised her hand.”Just…just stop it,Ragini”

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