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NOT WILLING TO BE YOURS (Character & Plot)


Curvy 18-years-old Swara Gadodiya is happiest when she’s described as nerdy & boring.
Anything os better than the truth…untill she meets a billionaire heir who makes it imposible to deny her secret & shameful desires.


21-year old Mumbai playboy Sanskar Maheshwari is used to living in limelights,pretending to be the embodiment of a modern-day prince.

Throughout his life,he’s kept his dark side leashed,knowing that one day,he’ll find the girl who’d take pleasure belonging to him,body & soul.

When Swara meets Sanskar,the feeling he arouses in her has Swara running scared & into the arms of his greatest rival.

But even though she belongs to another man,it’s too late.Even if the world thinks she’s too young,her heart & body knows the truth.

Sanskar is a Dom she’s been waiting for…& feared her whole life.

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