Okay so helllo ppl…finally here wid part two…my exams got over…all went pretty well..!
Coming to d story…for those who r new..this is part two of THE CHOICE… d story will go forward from suman’s point of view…
I m warning u now only- this part needs a lot of parience…a lot…so be ready for it…i know many ppl’s exams r going on…nd i would hve postponed posting this..but i promised..so here i m…ppl i m expecting a whole lot of comments on this just like my TS. So now now now…let me bring to part two…chapter 1…




I rush back towards my hostel room after my last lecture. My hair irritates me as it sways as I move, occasionally coming over my face. I move my hand to put the strands of my wavy brown hair which have come over my face for the 19th time,behind my ear. I am sweating, a drop of sweat trickles down near my eye and goes down sliding down to my hot cheek. My red sleeveless top provides me with some relief. I jog with some books in my hands. All I want is to be alone. How much have I changed? I wonder, the thing which I never liked, now provides me with peace, with some kind of feeling which I like. I glance down to look at the time being displayed on my watch, ‘5:04′, it says. I better move quickly before anyone sees me and starts another stupid conversation which I don’t like.
And I see, the thing which I was dreading,’ ANOTHER STUPID CONVERSATION’. Exactly 20 metres ahead of me sit the gossip girls. The name which they have been honoured by me and of course my bestie, one of the few people I like to spend time with in this whole college.

I reach where they are sitting and force a smile on my face. I don’t want to look rude,though I wouldn’t give a damn about what they think,but old habits die hard. How much ever I try to change me and my stupid habits but they don’t go away. Its like they are part of me and I will have to bear them till I die.
” Hey ya Suman!” I hear a voice which brings me out of my trance.
” Hi Sakshi.” I reply. Not wanting to talk anymore, I start moving.
” By the way you are wearing my pant.” I turn around and laugh a bit so she doesn’t start explaining once again that she has got the same pair of pants and she bought it before me so technically only she has right to wear it. I so really wanted to go there and say it on her face, that this is not your pant. Your pants would never fit me with whatever type of belt I get. And even going by her explanation, I wanted to ask her that did you work in the factory which made it or the company which sold it that you are showing your rights on it.
I let all of this stay inside me because as I said, old habits die hard.

I am sitting with my arms wrapped around my knees, on my bed in my hostel room. It is my third year going on. I got a room of my own as the result of it. There is nothing special about the room but still I love it. Because this is my place, my own place. This seems to me my little small corner away from all the hustle and bustle of the world. Name it and it comes. There is a knock on my door. I get out of my fantasy world and get up to open the door. I am wearing grey pyjamas and black top. My hair is tied in a bun but some loose strands come down from both sides. I don’t want anyone to look at me like this but having no option I open the door.
There stands a cute little girl, wearing spects and a high pony. Not little but she is a junior, so for me she is little. Many of my juniors know me, since I am always volunteering for different things and even if I am not, my professors do not let me live in peace. So standing right at my door is one of my junior friend who is here to ask me about the upcoming programme of which I am the organiser sort of and she is a participant.
” Hey Priya, come in.”. I say half heartily. Over years things may have changed a lot. But what still remains the same is I wanting no interfering in my evening time. I visit the lake very seldom. I like to spend time in my own little corner.
” No Suman, I just wanted to confirm the costumes.” She replies as she breaks my chain of thoughts.

” Ok then show it to me.” I say now showing some interest.
She produces a paper out of her bag and I check it.
” Yeah that’s fine.” I give a thumbs up to her.
” Ok then, see you tomorrow at the practice. Good night.” She smiles at me and leaves.
” Goodnight” I shout behind her.

I move back to my bed and think to finish off my assignment. Just then I think I should check my messages. I had been busy the whole day with the lectures and projects. I switch on my phone, and I see the thing which is enough to flash the memories in front of my eyes, to make me hear the noise of the past once again as I have been doing every day and every moment when my mind is not occupied with something important. I see today’s date, 13th July 2016. It has been two years since I walked away without making my choice.


When I walked in, he followed few minutes later. He didn’t show any change. It was as if he was expecting that I won’t give an answer to him, just like the time I didn’t when he expressed that he liked me. That moment I was nothing else but flattered and stupid, now I think. I didn’t care about anything. I felt that I was on seventh heaven. That time, I didn’t even care for a moment about how this will affect me. We played normally without any other interruption and after a while we went back to our hostels with him coming to drop me and I feeling like an idiot person who had been given too much attention which she never even dreamt of.
I come out of my memories as my phone rings. Its my mom calling.

” Hello Mom.” I say trying to sound cheerful but she is my mom. She knows everything.
” What happened, everything fine Sumi? She says with a concern in her voice.
” Yeah mom, I am just stressed about my upcoming programme. Hope everything goes well.” I lie.
I didn’t tell mom about him because mom would be angry knowing that I allowed a distraction to come in my way. Even when I told her about
Adi, she teased me but I could see that she was unhappy.
” That will go well, don’t worry sweety.” Mom says in her usual motherly tone. Whenever I hear her voice, a lump forms in my throat. Its not easy staying away from her. I love her so much and I never really thought that I would be able to stay away from her but I did and that makes me miss her like hell.
” Hope so. So how is dad?” I say changing the topic. I don’t like to lie.

” Oh he is as usual always busy with his meetings. He hardly has time for his family. I am sure he knows nothing about your programme. ” she says wearily.
” Its okay mom.” I say.
” Ok then sweetheart bye. Take care. Please take proper sleep. Don’t study till too late. Good night.” She says.
” Okay mom. You don’t worry and sleep. Say goodnight to dad also.” I say and keep the phone.
Then its me again. All alone with no one but my haunting memories.
I sit down to complete my assignments. I try to concentrate on them but I can’t. So after finishing them anyhow, I take my headphones and jump on the bed.
I cover myself with a blanket even though its not needed. I don’t know why but I feel safe when I am under it. Its as if , it will hide me from the dangers. I put on some good music, close my eyes and lay there.
After a while when I feel sleepy, I keep them on the table and go to sleep.

Its a bright sunny morning with the nature looking its best. I am travelling in a bus and on the seat just adjacent to mine, sits he. Our faces are turned in opposite sides but we constantly steal glances of each other.
After a while, when I am looking out of the window, I feel a warm hand on mine. I turn to find its owner, and its him.

” I am sorry.” He says and I put my other hand on his.
” Its okay.” I reply.
We both keep staring at each other when suddenly an alarming sound is heard and it keeps becoming too loud. Finally it fills in and everything becomes too blurred. I wake up and put my alarm off.
I am sitting, my legs still under the blanket. Again. Why does he keep coming in my dreams? When will this stop? I bury my face in my hands. Would this have been different, had I made a choice two years back?

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