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Nobody loves me! KKB (OS turned to TS) 3

Pragya, What have I done? I was almost going to reveal to him that I love him! This is not at all what I expected to happen today! I was just going to meet him with the thoughts that I will talk to him just like a normal day but….in the end I broke into tears and told him that I am in love! What will he be thinking of me now? He would mistake me that as his best friend I never told him the most important thing in my life! Now what will I do?
Abhi, Something is fishy….how can she love a person and that too she mentioned as if she is with him for so long! From what I know I am her best friend as in only male friend and apart from that she have other friends but not that close too….Maybe it’s someone whom she is working with in college! Yes it should be someone in her college. Let me check that out through my friend who is working there!

Abhi called his friend “ Hi Abhi here!” Friend “ Hey how are u? I thought u had forgotten me!” Abhi “ No yaar just busy with work and I called u to ask something important!” Friend “ What’s the matter?” Abhi “ Do u know Pragya?” Friend “ You mean Ms Pragya Arora?” Abhi “ Yes and I want to ask u about her!” Friend “ You are in love with her?” Abhi “ No!” Friend “ Oh then why do u want to enquire about her?” Abhi “ She is my best friend and I want to know whether is she close with someone over there….” Friend “ Close?” Abhi “ As in being love with someone?” Friend “ Acha…I don’t think so but what I heard in the staff room especially from her colleagues can shock u!” Abhi “ What shock? Just tell me yaar…” Friend “ She only talks about u!” Abhi smiled hearing that….Friend “ Are u there?” Abhi “ Yes! I know Pragya is always like that….once she likes someone or something then she would only talk about them continuously….” Friend “ It means she likes u so much….” Abhi “ She likes me as a friend!” Friend “ Are u sure?” Abhi “ Yes of course! Why are u asking like that?” Friend “ No because the kind of concern she have on u and the kind of care u have for her personal matters makes me feel something else….” Abhi “ What do u feel?” Friend “ Love!” Abhi “ You also have started this! We are just friends!” Friend “I know that! I am not saying all friends need to be lovers but sometimes some friends are meant to be more than being friends and it can be clearly seen with their care and concern for each other…” Abhi remained silent and was thinking on his friend’s words…..Friend “ I am sorry if I had told something wrong Abhi! But as a friend I was just telling my opinion…” Abhi “ It’s ok and let me think about it….” He ended the call and was thinking about the moments he spent with Pragya….
Abhi , Why do I feel now that she actually loves me? Is that why she was feeling uncomfortable whenever I was close with her? She never expressed it in words but it was clearly seen in her face that she was disturbed by my touch at various moments…..No! It can’t be that way….Why not?
He tried to remember her words when she told about her love…..Abhi, She mentioned that the person she love doesn’t believes in love! Ya I also don’t believe in love! Am I the one? Or am I just overthinking? She don’t have anyone close in her workplace too and apart from me she don’t spend much time with others too! Ok I know what to do next to confirm this!
Abhi went to her house next day but she already left to college and Abhi decided not to disturb her during work. He decided to meet her after work…..


Abhi saw her coming out of college while he was still inside his car. Pragya saw Abhi’s car and was feeling tensed on how she is going to face him. She told herself to remain normal as possible….Abhi, Again she is thinking something after seeing my car…why does she need to think now?

Pragya walked near to his car. Abhi came out of the car and looked at Pragya. Pragya “ Why did u came out of the car? U are rockstar and what if others see u like this?” Abhi “ I know all that and I want to ask u something right now!” Pragya “ What’s the hurry? We can talk on the way back to home…” Abhi “ No! I want to know right now!” Pragya realised he was very angry about something and agreed to answer him. Abhi “ Do you love me?” Pragya was shocked hearing him asking like that! Pragya, what made him to ask me like this? Now what will I answer? I can’t say no as I love him and I can’t say yes as he doesn’t love me! Abhi “ I am asking u something! And your silence is not the answer I want!” Pragya with stammering “ I…I …me…you….I mean you…and….me are just friends!” Abhi “ To tell this u are taking so long as if I am asking u some difficult question that u set for exams!” Pragya “ Not like that I was just….very tired…haan very tired and the question u asked made me a bit stunned!” Abhi, Not satisfying Pragya! Your answer tells me that u are in love with me!

Abhi “ Ok! Let me drop u at home!” Pragya “ It’s ok! I will leave by myself and bye!” Abhi “ Ok fine and take care!” Pragya smiled and walked off as fast as she could again…..Abhi, It means she loves me! Damn it! No wonder she always get lost in thoughts when she is with me! Now I understand she was not lost in thoughts but lost in the imagination of me! But how do I tell her that I am also starting to love her? If she can love me so much that she respects my feelings, then she is the right person for me to spend rest of my life with!
Pragya, Oh god! He asked me it so directly and I just blabbered something….why I can’t just say Yes I love you! I won’t change and he will also not change too! But what made him even to ask this kind of question? Did he get suspicious or something? I just hope everything would be normal after this….
Abhi, Nothing is normal with her behaviour….Instead of being normal, her abnormal behaviour makes it so obvious that she is hiding her love from me! Fine! I will make sure she confess her love to me!
Days passed and Abhi purposely avoided Pragya’s call and messages…..Pragya was feeling lost and just wanted to talk to him but she did not have the courage to face him……
Pragya, How can he do like this? Shall I just go and meet him?
While thinking of him, she received a call from him. Abhi “ Hey Pragya! I am coming to your house with your lover! Actually I am just outside your house!” Pragya “ What? My lover?” Abhi “ Open the door!” Pragya ended the call not knowing how to reply him. Pragya, No way! I won’t open the door! What is he trying to do? So he never talked me for all this while as he was searching for my lover? Oh god! What is this situation again where I have to face??
She heard him knocking the door continuously. Pragya, I just hide inside the storeroom and he will definitely find a way to come in if I never open the door. She went inside and locked from inside of the storeroom.

Abhi somehow managed to enter the house. Abhi “ Pragya! I know you are here! And you better come in front of him! If not I will hurt myself!” Pragya, What? He is going to hurt himself if I don’t come out! No he won’t but what if he? I know he is so stubborn! What if he do something to himself? And who did he assume to be my lover now?

Pragya heard a loud sound some glass breaking sound! Pragya hearing that panicked and came out of the storeroom. She was shocked to see that he didn’t hurt himself or nothing had broken too….He was sitting on the sofa calmly with his phone on his hand. Abhi “ You got scared that I hurt myself?” Pragya “ What do u want?” Abhi “I want you!” Pragya was confused with his words…..Abhi “ You don’t want to meet your lover?” Pragya “ I don’t think he is the person that u assume and he won’t come too!” Abhi “ Really?” Pragya was lost as she couldn’t see anyone except for him but he said he is coming with someone…..

Abhi “ Even if it’s me….You don’t want me right?” Pragya, What is he trying to tell? I am already tensed and now he is making me confused! Abhi “ I am giving u a last chance Pragya! If now u don’t want him then it will be very difficult to get him again!” Pragya “ Huh?” Abhi walked near to Pragya. Abhi held her hands and she was startled by the way he hold her hands. He brought her hands close to his chest and placed it there. Abhi “This heart of mine is beating but it beats irregularly now…..Do u know why? I will tell u why….As I never see u regularly for the past few days….I don’t know whether u feel the same way as me or not….but what I know is that u love me! Only me!” Pragya was stunned to hear whatever he said! Abhi “ I know Pragya that only u can love me! But why u never realise that I also can love u?” Pragya had tears in her eyes hearing all this but she still never told him that she loves him…

Abhi “ How long are you going to hide your love from me? Is it because I am not worth enough to see you expressing your love to me?” Looking at his pleading eyes, Pragya could only hug him back and said “ I love you! I love every moment being with you! I love everything about you!” Abhi “ Finally! But I want you to tell looking at my eyes and not while hugging me!” Pragya now looked at him and said “ I love you!” Abhi “ I know that I don’t believe in love but u know right? I believe in you! I believe in you supporting me as my friend if I can accept that then why not I accept you as my wife who will support me all my life!” Pragya “ Really? U will accept me as your wife?” Abhi “ Yes my dear CMI Pragya!” Pragya “ What is this CMI?” Abhi “ Ok I will tell u….It means Can’t Make It Pragya!” Pragya “ What? I can’t make it in what?” Abhi “ So many things! You can’t even make it to confess your love to me by yourself! You see I had to do some drama to make u express your love to me!” Pragya “ No CMI means Can Make It!” Abhi “ Oh then you show me that!” Pragya “ Tell me what I must do and I will show u that I can make it!” Abhi whispered something in her ears and she was shocked to hear him say that.

She immediately turned away from him and blushed badly. Abhi “ I know that u will only do this so my meaning of CMI is the correct one!” Pragya was feeling very shy and she never turned back to see him. Abhi “ By the way after you are in my house then u have to do what I told u! Until then you just think of how you want to do of what I told you!” Abhi now came in front of Pragya….Pragya “ I….will try to do what u told even before I am at your house! Just give me some time!” Abhi in a very seductive tone said “ That’s great but now…..” Pragya with confusion“ Now?” Abhi with excitement said “ I am going to do what I told u!” Pragya shrieked “ No!” She ran around the house and Abhi too was chasing her…

Abhi with frustration “ It’s ok I will do it next time as you are a fast runner now!” Pragya who was still moving here and there to escape from him said to him “ I told u na just give me more time and I will do what u told me!” Abhi “ Ok I am waiting for that! At least come near me to hug before I leave from here!” Pragya “ Only hug!” Abhi laughed at her timid look and “ Yes only hug dear!” Pragya with hesitation walked towards him and hugged him tightly….
Pragya finally felt satisfied with happiness at least now it is not like nobody loves her! It is now her Abhi loves her!
That’s how nobody loves me turn into somebody loves me in the perspective of Pragya…..


Sorry if the ending was so random or so boring! Thank u for all ur support for the previous update and I had replied everyone and it always feel great in replying to all! ? Ok guys bye and take care! Btw Suhani don’t think like that and always be positive! And Anu thanks for your concern and it really means a lot to me when someone cares for me!

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