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next in siya ke ram 18 (season 2)

The epi starts with Lakshman talking with Bharat. He says to give a surprise to their respective wives, so as to make them happier. Bharat says that without Bhabhi no one can make them happy. Lakshman sys at least we can try, lets give them a surprise tonight. Bharat sys surprise?.. Lakshman says I know wat to doo, do u want sum idea? Bharat sys I’m NT feelin lyk… Lakshman says let it be, i took my decision.

Urmi says that jiji taught me to cook tasty food, bt all waste.. Mandvi says yes, jiji told us to make that special food fr ram, bt he doesn’t eat well nowadays.


Kirti sys jiji must also be missing this food in forest, that’s y jija shri is eating only simple food. Lakshman goes to his kaksh n decorates it. Bharat looks on. Lakshman tells him that urmi shouldn’t enter the room. Bharat says OK.. Urmi is cumin towards the room. Bharat says Bhabhi….. N goes towards her. Bhabhi, is the food ready? Urmila gasps ?.. Soo soon, no one in the palace eats food, hw cm u r hungry today?? ?.. Bharat says yessss… Urmila says I was jus going 2 make foood. Let me ask sumitranandan what he wants.. Bharat says I’ll ask him. Urmila asks y? Lakshman comes.. Mila… I’ll eat whatever u make wid luv. U-that’s Fyn, bt today dis chng? Ok ill make Kheer.

L-yes, go bt don’t add chili. U- see I’m already angry wid u , don’t try toooooo. L-I’m hungry ?.. Urmila goes puzzled.

Valmiki teaches luv Kush to fight with bow and arrow. They hit the target n it misses . Luv gets angry ?. Kush tells him nt to b angry, remember what Mata told u? Luv recalls siya telling him that u should do ur best, n nvr focus on the win, bt focus on the target. Luv takes his arrow n shoots it. Kush does the same. Their arrows hit the target ?.. They get excited ? n go to tell sita. Sita smiles hearing this n hugs them.

Sunaina tells Janak that she’s missing sita. I’m feeling to meet her. Dunno y I’m feeling she’s in some kinda trouble.. Janak tells her that she’s worrying unnecessarily. Sunaina says a mothers heart is never wrong ❤. I’m feeling it from many days. Sita is in sum trouble. Janak says okay then, we’ll leave fr ayodhya tomorrow. Sunaina cries ?.

It’s night ?….
Lakshman closes Urmilas eyes n takes her to the room. Urmila asks where’re u taking me?? Lakshman sys wait n watch. He opens her eyes. She gets happy seeing the room beautifully decorated. Lakshman takes her in his arms n makes her lie on the bed. On the other hand Bharat does the Same with mandavi…

Precap-Janak asks ram where Sita is. Ram cries. Sunaina asks ram to speak something. Siya isn’t in the entire palace.

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