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The episode starts with abhis room…
Pu: Bhai what are you talking?… aliya… how can be…
Suddenly someone opens the door.. ya it’s none other than aliya… aliya runs and falls on abhis leg..
Al: Bhai… I knew you are doubting me for whatever happened… ya it’s my fault.. I must tell you all the truth.. there is no need for hiding everything from you both.. but I did it that was the real mistake I have did..Bhai I can’t be fall down in your eyes..
Pu: stop this drama… aliya.. stop it. How can she fall this much.. do you knew what you have did.. aliya holds purabs hand.
Al: purab just listen to me…
Purab gave a tight slap on his face..
Ali: Bhai I just want to tell you….
Purab : shut up.. I don’t want to hear that.. you even tried to your own sis.. how can you even think of that.. aliya..
Ab: purab… just stop let her speak..
Pu: Bhai… what are you?
Ab: just wait purab… because there is something which she want to tell..
Aliya cries..
Al: thanks Bhai for this chance.. I don’t knew all this..
Pu: what do you mean?
Al: haa… Bhai I don’t knew all this… he is trying to attack my di..
Pu: he.. who is that?
Ab: he is that real man behind all this..
Pu: then aliya…
Ab: she is helping him.. I don’t knew what’s the connection between he and she..
Al: connection… she started to cry more…. Bhai it’s all because of me.. If I inform that he is blackmailing me.. then it will not happen..
Pu: aliya… tell me just stop this dragging..
Ab: he is the one who taught her guitar.. his guitar master..
Purab get shocked..
Pu: but why he is blackmailing?
Aliya: because he has some photos of mine..
Abhi and purab get shocked..
Al: haa… one day when I go to guitar class..after class I ask for some water he gave me some juice.. after that I don’t knew anything…
Fb shows..
When aliya wakes up… she is lying on bed.. there a women sitting beside her.. she get tensed..
Wo; beti don’t worry as you fainted its me make you lies on this bed..
Al: thanks aunty.. but I don’t knew who are you?
Wo; I am his mom..
Fb ends..
Ali: Bhai on that day of your engagement… I invited him too it was on that he came and show me all the photos.. it’s all fake.. but for a girl.. it’s.. he told me to do one help..

Ab: k after that I will explain..to place letter in my room ( guys do you remember the first letter abhi got on their engagement day)he started to blackmail you more and it was you always keep letters in my room..
Aliya get shocked..
Ab: I knew that.. it’s you keeping that letters but I thought when you got it that’s why ( guys do you remember that the day pragyas accident take place abhi checking his laptop what he really doing is checking the camera which he kept and sees aliya)… and it was you giving information about my meeting places we go..
Al: yes Bhai…
Ab: and it’s you who make nikhil to book that restaurant and make him to arrange that..
Al: yes bhai.. it’s all me.. but I don’t knew what was his real plan.. he never told me about it.. I don’t knew anything about this Mr. X drama.. and he is trying to kill my di.. if I knew I will don’t do all this.. it was nikhil who told me all this at the time in hospital..
Fb shows..
Al: nikhil.. who did this to my Bhai?.
Ni: may be its all continuation of what happened..
Al: what happened?
Nikhil explains all the drama which happened on that wedding day.. aliya was upset by that..
Fb ends..


Pu: no aliya.. I can’t believe all this… it’s all drama.. it’s all cooked up story.. you did all this as he blackmailed you.. right.. you never ask him for what you did all this..
Al: purab please try to understand
Pu: no aliya.. it’s all joot.. aliya is this what maa taught u aliya how can you did this to pragya…
Aliya please purab..
Abhi gets up and hugs aliya…
I knew aliya… it’s all not you.. you are just helping them.. I just want to knew the reason that’s why… how can my pyaari bhahan can do this to me na.. aliya don’t cry.. abhi wipe her tears.
Al; no Bhai.. it’s me did this.. it’s because of me… all this Ab: alu chup.. chup.. tuje kuch nahim patha..
Pu: but bhai…
Ab: stop it purab.. aliya you go and take rest.. don’t tell about this to anyone..
Aliya goes..
Ab: purab just lock the door..
Pu: Bhai.. do you believe what her said?
Ab: haa.. purab she is true.. but Bhai..I can’t understand how you came to knew all this..
Ab: purab… fb shows…
When abhi turns the waiter who shoot abhi.. he sees his face.. the guitar master..
Fb ends..
Purab.. and that lady whom I always meet.. who knew everything.. is the same person that aliya told as his mom..
Pu: but..
Ab: haa.. purab because I see her at parking area of that restaurant..
Pu: Bhai but what’s the reason… for all that..
Ab: it’s all continuation of the game which we thought that ends..
Pu: game?
Ab; haa.. the women the mysterious lady is none other than tanus mom.. and the guitar master is the one who is her brother..
Pu: Bhai.. how you get that?
Ab: from data.. ( guys are you remembering that abhi collect whole details of office staff in which abhi sees details of anjali too..)
Pu: Bhai I have another doubt too.. ya they are behind all this.. but in database there is no photograph of families right..
Ab: purab.. I have doubt on that lady.. as the day after our marriage when we visit temple.. I have met her.. she always talk about danger on pragya.. it was she tell pragya to tie a thread on a tree to pragya.. when she goes a tree started to fall over her.. but I save her.. on that day I lose my phone.. with that phone they planned a game to kill pragya but calling her alone to that restaurant.. but they don’t knew that I will be there.. there their plan failed.. but in that too they tried to execute all this..
Pu: I will not chod them.. I will give punishment to them.. for all this whatever they did…
Suddenly someone knocks door..
Purab opened it.. it was bulbul…
Bul: Bhai have this medicine…
Ab: where is fungi?
Bul: ohio.. u need pragya.. you only ate when she gave it right..
Abhi takes the medicine and have it.. oh meri maa..happy now.. then tell me where is fuggi?
Bul: Bhai.. she goes to temple.. as she has to do something to god for saving you..
Purab and abhi get shocked..
Episode ends..

So guys.. what is the reason for their shock… and do you believe all this or not.. lets see..

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