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Hello everyone… I knew all are still curious about this Mr. X… I am dragging it a lot right… but I too don’t found out that person that’s why… so let’s go to the story…

Abhi goes out by locking the door and enter the car..
Pr: abhishek… why do you take this much time?
Ab: sorry fuggi…
Pr: I thought you are waiting for me in restaurants. But you… you forget about it right…
Ab: really sorry fuggi…
Pr: I want to ask you one thing..
Ab; do you need any permission for them. Just shot in fuggi…
Pr: abhishek… are you hiding anything… do you knew these days I am seeing dual character in you.. sometimes lovely.. sometimes in very tension.. what’s the reason for it? Is anything really disturbs you..
Ab: fuggi… nothing like that.. ya I am hiding one thing from you.. but I will tell you about that today itself..
Pr:what do you mean?
Ab: just wait and watch fuggi
Pr: these days you are really unpredictable…. sometimes I feels you are mad..
Ab: it’s all because of you.. because of you love.. and turns his face close to pragya…


Pragya turns his face; abhishek just look straight and drive..
Ab: fuggi… how can I drive by sitting beside a beautiful girl..
Pr: bas karo abhishek… do you knew we are circling this more than 4 times..
Abhi laughs…
They reached restaurant… pragya you just get in and I will park and come…. abhi park his car and gets out… he saw a women standing there… in black clothes… when he approaches her… she goes away… abhi feels some doubt and run to his fuggi… pragya is sitting on a chair. And reading a card… pragya sees abhi and hugs him..
Pr: thanks abhishek for this surprise..
Abhi doesn’t understand.. then he see a card.. and a gift.. it was a statue of an 2 loving pairs standing.. in which… on men it was written as kadoos and on women as fuggi.. there is a heart shape between the two…

Abhi looks around..
Pr: abhishek.. why are you looking like this.. it’s just feel like I am giving surprise for you..
Ab: no fuggi… do you like that gift..
Pr: liked it. It was one of the most beautiful gift which I have ever got.. thanks kadoos..
Ab; fuggi order the food.. as pragya was looking at menu card.. abhis mind was not here..
Ab: what is the new plan.. is that women.. but abhis thought process get breaker by pragyas call..
Pr: abhishek.. I have to go to washroom
Ab: k fuggi pragya goes.. abhi looks around…
Abhi calls manager..
Ma: good evening.. what can I do for you?
Ab: actually I want to knew some details.. who booked this here…
Ma: sir.. wait a minute.. I just check it out… sir its from takur industries called us a book a table..
Ab: thank you..
Ma: it’s our pleasure..
Ab: so it’s all that nikhil ki bacha ki plan.. I just thought.. oh now I get relaxed and I will enjoy this day with my fuggi..abhi smiles and wait for his fuggi… abhi sees pragya coming… abhigya look each other and smiles… there is a heavy wind..Pragya is approaching looking at abhi… a waiter passes through the way pragya is coming…. suddenly a gunshot sound here… don’t knew what’s happen there… all are running… abhi and pragya are not seen… a group of people are surrounding something… there was a silence…. camera rounds around the crowd… and look inside… pragya is shown crying…. there is some blood in her hands… ( I knew all are curious about to knew really what happens.. but wait for sometime)

Screen shifted to temple..
Sar: guruji can.. you look a perfect date for their engagement… purbul and alikhil smiles…
Gu: next week… on Sunday.. it’s perfect..
Sar:that’s good…
Gu: so we can finalize on it..
Sarla take blessings of guruji..
Pur: I just call and inform Bhai…
Purab calls..
Pur: hllo… Bhai… our engagement date is fixed its on Sunday..
Purab hears pragya crying..
Pu: pragya… what happened to you.. pragya.. she is crying loud…
Someone take phone..
Som: hllo… Mr. Abhishek is admitted on hospital…
Pu: hospital what happened to him.. which one..
Som: city hospital and ends Call..

Everyone reached hospital… pragya sees them and hugs purab and started to cry..
Pu; pragya.. what happened to him?
Pragya falls.. as she became unconscious…
Scene shifted to back to restaurant..
Pragya is looking into abhi and smiles.. as they don’t bother about anything.. just lost in themselves… suddenly a waiter comes there and passes pragya.. scene shifted to abhi… abhi sees a gun in the plate of waiter and it’s pointing to pragya.. he is focusing on her.. abhi runs.. and pulls pragya… the bullet pledged into abhi… on his shoulder.. abhi turns the waiter and turns him and falls.. pragya who is lying down on abhis push screams abhishek….
Pragya gets up from the bed..
Sar: pragya.. pragya..
Pr: maa.. where is my abhishek.. what happened to him. Maa I want to see him. She goes out of room..
Pu: pragya just stop.. Bhai is fine.. as now he is unconscious because of anesthesia..
Pr: purab.. I want to see him.. please.. I want.. and started to cry

Tere liye khudko badal de
Tere liye kuch bhi kar de
Vaada hai tujhse mera
Ab sada ke liye

Tere liye saansein le rahe
Tere liye har din jee rahe
Tu hai mera, main hoon tera
Ab sada ke liye

Khud pe koi haq raha na humara
Tere liye hum hain jiye
Phir ab na hoga ye ishq dobara
Tere liye hum hain jiye

Tu hai mera main hoon tera sahara
Tere liye hum hain jiye, wo..
Marke bhi de dunga ye kaffara
Tere liye hum hain jiye

At this time.. some happy moments of abhigya are shown..
Pu: pragya… just wait I will ask doctor…

Episode ends..

Precap: abhi : purab.. I found out Mr. X..

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