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Hello everyone… thanks a lot for support.. . Let’s go to story directly…

Purab is coming to his house with the same look.. all are waiting for him there…
All started to laugh at purab because of his look.. abhi comes forward… purab is too much angered..
Ab: wow.. purab what an acting… what a look… and take his phone and play the video in which purab is acting…
Pu: Bhai… so it’s all you…
Abhinav: beta purab.. if you both have such a wish then how will we make her marry with any others..
Ab: purab you don’t get it right… I will tell you…


Fb shows..
Abhi; baba… I want to tell you one thing… baba.. purab and bulbul are in love.. I knew you will not stand against for their love.. baba.. please talk with mithran and inform him not to come here.. for seeing bulbul…
Abhinav: abhi… what all this… if they have such a relationship.. then why do we choose an another person for her..
Abhi: baba…
Abhinav: abhishek… ya… I will call him and inform us that our bulbul ki engagement is already fixed..
Abhi hugs his baba…
Ab: but baba… you must do one thing for me…
Abhinav: what’s that…
Ab: don’t tell this to anybody as I have a game…
Abhinav: game.. k.. I will do what you have said…
Fb ends…

Pu: so you make me mad in front of them… Bhai.. I will not spare you.. abhi runs… purab follows him.. abhi pulls bulbul towards him..
Ab: purab this is my gift for you.. I don’t wish to give her directly to you.. as my sister is so precious.. u must do something to get her.. for that I made this play.. but you knew what an acting what an acting…
Pu: Bhai.. and tried to move.. bulbul hold his hand..
Bul: where are you going…
Pu: how can I go away from you..and started to touch her lips with his finger..
Aliya: coughs… we all are around you.. everyone smiles.. and purbul get shy…
Pr: maa… I need to inform you one thing more…
Pree: what’s that?
Ab: about aliya…
Sar: aliya… loves nikhil right..
Ab: maa.. how do you knew it..
Pr: abhi… what remained in your group is them. So..
Abhinav: but.. abhi… is their relations work?
Abhi: baba… I knew what you mean.. how Mr. Takur will give permission for this.. baba.. he will permit because there is no other option for him.. all the business.. and properties belongs to nikhil..
Abhinav: but.. he is..
Abhi: haa.. he is dangerous… but I too dangerous… I can do anything for my sister…
Pr: baba… please.. please give permission to this relation too..
Abhinav: haa beta.. I have no problem..
Aliya hugs abhigya..
Sar: look her happiness… nikhil too reached…
Pu: so Mr. Nikhil.. you are waiting to get green signal right.. nikhil smiles.. ab; purab don’t tease him..
Pu: who are telling me to don’t tease him.. you.. na..
All smiles..

Pree: we all are leaving you both talk and start your fight.. purab puts his hand on abhis shoulder
Pu: maa.. who told that we will fight.. you knew I will not get any Bhai like him..
Ab: I will not get such a friend.. such a brother..
Pr; ohoo.. what a loving brothers..
Ab: fuggi … do you feel jealous by seeing this..
Pr: me.. that too looking you both.. abhi place his hands on pragyas shoulder.. they 3.. abhi purab and pragya hugs each other..

Scene shifted to abhis room.. abhi Is looking so files.. pragya hugs him from the back.. and place his head on his back..
Ab: wow… I think my fuggi is soo happy today.. and abhi turns her to his front..
Pr: haa… abhishek.. and give him a kiss on cheek and hugs tightly.. abhi too..
Ab: if you will give me like this.. I will always make you happy.. pragya blushes..
Pr: abhishek.. I am really happy to have you in my life.. I will not get anyone like you.. I wish in all my birth I got you as my husband..
Ab; wow.. fuggi.. you are too sentimental today..
Pragya raises her head to look at him… may be abhishek…

Suddenly nikhil comes..
Ni: so sorry and goes out..
Ab: nikhil come.. get inside..
Ni; sorry Bhai and bhabhi.. I don’t knew you both were..
Ab: it’s k. Now tell me.. what you trying to tellMe. Pragya goes..
Ni: Bhai we all are going outside..
Ab: without us..
Ni: Bhai.. you must drop us.. there..
Ab: where?
Ni: to temple… sarlaunty told us that to fix date for engagement we need to go to temple.
Ab: me and pragya also joined with you..
Ni; no Bhai.. as di has some appointments today..
Ab; k..all get ready.. abhi dropes them in temple…

Abhi returned to home.. he get inside the house.. and goes slowly to check his fuggi… he came to his room and slowly opened it.. pragya is dressing.. she is wearing her Saree.. as she abhi and get shocked and hide under curtain..
Pr: abhishek.. just goes out… I want to Change my dress..
Ab: oh fuggi.. you can.. he sits on bed..
Pr: abhishek. I can’t do it in front of you…
Ab: ohoo.. so you can’t do it in front of me.. right.. k I will help you.. abhi move towards pragya.. and drags him to his side… abhi takes the Saree. And make her wear it.. ( koi bole.. dariya plays)..
Abhi: look now you look to pretty right..
Pragya blushes..

Ab: but why are you getting ready…
Pr: what? Do you forget?
Ab: what?
Pr: it’s you messages me.. to get ready and come to restaurant..
Ab: me… pragya shows her phone..
Abhi looked at it and get shocked..
Ab: haa.. fuggi.. I just.. sorry you just go and sit in car… pragya goes..
Abhi search his phone everywhere…
Ab: oh shit… my phone is missing… but when.. he recollect every moment..

At the time of temple.. when abhi tries to save pragya… his phone falls from his pocket… and lies on ground..
Fb ends..
Ab: which means.. it was that Mr. X who send this message to pragya..
Which means I can find Mr. X while going to that restaurant… abhi takes a gun from his drawyer and goes..

Episode ends..

I am not yet confirmed about ending the ff… so stay happy… I am not at a point now to end this ff… so don’t think so and worried about… if I get this much love from you all then how can I end this ff as soon.. so I am not going to do so.. sorry prathi.. I will not say such word which make you irritation.. and roli.. I like that idea… I will do it…

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