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NAFRAT KI LOVE STORY EPISODE – 33 (reason behind the play)

The episode starts with purab…
Pu; anjali… you failed.. you failed at your plan..
An: no no one can fails me I will kill pragya… I will kill his love.. I will not make abhi live in happy… he must be go through the pain what I feels now..
Pu: for what?
An: for what? So you can’t find that till now right… you find only I am Mr. X right..
Pu: no… I have find that too.. but it’s good for them to hear it from you…
An: wait.. wait a minute.. I have seen that abhi has sending you out.. then how you reach here… I have arranged my goons on my route… then how… who is sitting on Mandanp in groom’s attire..

Purab laughs… what you think miss. Anjali… as only you can plan everything and make it all done… no… we can.. that’s what our plan.. as we knew that you are waiting for such a moment.. so we arranged it for you.. it’s nikhil… who is sitting on mandap… then tell us.. why you did all why you want to kill my pragya..
Anjali; haa… I will kill pragya… because she is abhis love… I want to make abhi in pain… I want to see him like that..
Ab; but anjali what I done to you?
Anjali remains silent..


Pur: anjali.. you tell the truth or I?
An; I will tell it… because u can’t see pure love… if you see so.. then I will not lose my tanu…
Ab: tanu… what’s your relationship with her?
Pur: tanu is her sister…
Ab: sister..
An: haa… she is my one and only sister my tanu… my tanu.. she started to cry…
Pur: Bhai… u may knew this tanu right..
Ab: I knew tanu… but I don’t knew that it’s her sister….
An: haa… nobody knew that she is my sister… because she didn’t wish so… she didn’t need any identity.. she always tried to create her own identity… she always have company with boys… I always fight with her for that.. but you knew how much she loves you abhi…
Fb shows…

Abhi at college…
Tanu: abhi… I love you..
Abh: wow that’s great and goes… this continues… one day..
Tanu; abhi..I am serious I am really loves you lot…for you I have changed a lot..
Abh: wow that’s good you changed for me… he goes.. abhi has a true friend called nikitha..
Nikitha: tanu stop this bakwas.. abhi doesn’t love you because he loves me.. don’t interfere between us… by hearing this tanu really got mad..
Tanu: abhi… is nikitha is right?
Abhi who don’t knew anything says : ha… tanu was totally broken…
That days she usually fights in house… behave as mad… one day tanu enters home.. with blood all over her body…
An: tanu.. what was this? Why happened to you?
Ta: I did it di… I did it… I kill that nikhitha… from tomorrow onwards abhi is sirf mera raheha… anjali slaps tanu
An: tanu.. what the he’ll do you did? You kill her..
Ta: haa di.. I did because that much I love him… for him I Will go any extent…
Fb ends..

An: on that day I realized that my tanu… what is her condition… do you knew how much she loves you. She kills her that too for your love.. what you did on that day..

Fb shows…
Abhi came to knew that nikhitha is killed by tanu… tanu comes in front of him..
Tanu: abhi… I still love you.. I wishes to live my life with you…
Abhi gave a tight slap to tanu… tanu get shocked… how can anyone love you tanu.. for that what quality you have… when you talks with me.. and confess your love.. I take It as joke… because I knew your character n.. and stories about you.. how you cheat boys… and snatch their money.. but I never think you can kill someone that too nikhitha..
Tanu: abhi just listen to me.. I don’t wish to kill her.. but what to do… she told me you both are in love… how can you love someone.. as I am with you.. so I kill her because that much I loves you..
Abh: is this your love? If you wishes so you will also kill me right… tanu just get off from my sight.. I don’t knew what I will do… go away.. I can’t love you.. because that much I hate you…
Fb ends..

Anj: do you knew after that how she lives. I thought that I am getting my tanu back but you.. you spoil it… she Suicide herself.. because she loves you… because of you abhi… I lost my sister… you didn’t see her true love… you are going to lead a good life with love… how can it possible… then what is the meaning of calling me as sister… so… I am going to snatch your pragya… take a gun to shoot.. suddenly it happens.. she falls down.. all get tensed..
Rahul comes there..
Ra: don’t worry abhi it’s me and this Dr. Sheela did this.. as we knew it..
Shee: abhi… actually she is having some psychiatric problem.. she will do what she wishes..
Pur: thanks rahul and Dr. Sheela…
Abhi: but purab how this all happen.. it’s just before you told Me it’s not rahul… anjali is Mr. X..
Pur: sorry Bhai.. it’s just a drama.. as I knew that anjali is watching us all.. for her we must act as we didn’t suspect her.. for that I make rahul as Mr. X.. actually because of him all this happens..
Abhi: I can’t understand..

Fb shows..
Pur: hello rahul can you helps me..?
Ra: for what..?
Pur: you ‘re my Bhai ka true friend… do you knew if anyone have any enmity with Bhai..
Ra: no purab
Pura: k thAnks… purab goes.. at night rahul calls me..
Ra: purab… it’s anjali..
Pur: what…
Fb ends..

Pur: I didn’t believe it.. on that day you both go to invite rahul and anjali… I came to office and check her laptop… from that I got anjali and tanu ki pic.. with help of rahul.. I came to all flash back.. it’s he helps a me to work out all this..
Abhi hugs purab and rahul if you both are not there then..
Ra: I am your friend na..
Pur: what is the need of this kind of formalities with US..
Purab notices pragya how was in full shock..
Pur: pragya… pragya hugs him and cries… pragya I knew all this was shock for you..
Pur: pragya… I don’t like this sister. Who cries… smile… smile..
PragyA smiles with tears…

Episode ends..
Precap: abhigyas marriage

… hope you all liked this twist and suspense… if I bored you all with this… so sorry… I have special request to all my readers… I need your pray for one person.. our mahas friend ki dad hospital mein admitted hei… because of blood leaked on his brain.. doctors opt for operation… please pray for that dad… to recover faster…

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