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hello everyone…i knew all are excited to knew about MR.X…just wait for next episode which iam going to reveal everything as saturday and sunday is abhigyas marraige…so lets move to our story now
abhi:k MR.X lets see who will win at last…my love or your revenge…?
purab comes there..
pur:bhaii…again you got letter….bhai its sure he is doing all this to make you desparate..bhai..dont worry…no one can do anything ..
ab:i knew purab…as you all are with me then howz this all possible..
pur:bhai…now only 3 days are left for your marraige..i have talked with baba and ask permission for your leave…as

we need to select your coustumes and some arrangements…pragya will be on leave.i have called anjali and speak about it…and nikhil ..
abhi:what about him..?why he is not calling me in these 2 days…?
pur:bhai..he is too busy thats why…he will join with us day after tomorrow…
abhi:his dad?
pur:he talk to him and told as he is doing some game now..
abhi:k thats fine..and what about your bulbul…?
pur:oh bhai…its really complicated one..but i make her understand it..
abhi:that dr.sheela…
pur:wow…what a girl she is na..?bhai..i have some doubt on her too..her sudden entry and saving pragya..
abhi:no purab…but i have some doubts on that women..
pur:women?who is she?
abhi:purab…i dont knew anything about her…but she knews everything…
pur:bhai..let me check on it…
abhi:k now lets sleep…goodnight purab…abhi slept…
abhi gets up…he is sweating too much….he saw a dream…a dream …abhi is just recollecting it..
it was a wedding day…pragya is getting ready for marraige…she is too much happy now…bulbul aliya are there…scene shifted to manadap…abhi is sitting in wedding attire..and doing pooja…suddenly..all hears pragyas scream…everyone rushed to spot…abhi opens the door..all the things in the room are seen misplaced…abhi sees a pool of blood…it ends..
ab:no ..nothing will happen to my fuggi…nothing will happen to my fuggi…
abhi switched on the light..and take his lapotop and started to do something..it was not seened what abhi is doing…
abhi:finally …i get my way…now i can knew …


next morning…
abhi is sleeping with his laptop pragya comes there with coffee and sees this..
pragya smiles..
pr:abhishek…are you doiing your work at night without sleeping..
ab:haa fuggi..what to do as iam going to take for a long leave na..
pr:long leave..
ab:haa..for marraige and for our honeymoon..
pragya blushes..she kept coffee and started to go ..abhi holds her hands and maKE HER sit on bed..and hugs her..and sleeps..
pragya smiles..abhishek..are you sleeping…haa fuggi..like you told yestrday this is ,my safest place in the world..which make me to sleep …pragya gives a pillow ..abhishek..just hug this pillow thinking me..no fuggi…no one or anything in this world cant replace you..you are a rare piece…
pr:ohoo really…stop your soaping and get ready and there is lot ofwork to done..
ab:fuggi…i am too tired now…only you can do anything now..
ab:haa..you…you can make me energetic by giving something and shows his lips..
abh:no fuggi..you must..because i will not leave you now..
pr:abhishek this is not a playing time..
ab:who told iam playing iam serious?
pr:no ..
ab:maa…this pragya is not giving that…
sarla from kitchen thinking that abhi is asking for coffee:arey pragya ..what are you doing ..give it to him..
abh:look maa give you permisiion
pr:but thats not for this..
abh:maa..this pragya is not..
sar:pragya…give him fast otherwise i will beat you..
abhi:now what to do ..give me what i needed now..
pragya :this is cheating abhishek..
ab:i will call maa or..
pr:no i will..pragya give a kiss on cheek..
ab:is this called kiss…thats bad fuggi..i didnt feel it..give me her..show his lips..
pragya is not allowing.abhi ok its difficult for you to give na..i will take it..abhi drags pragyas face to his face and gives a long liplock passionaly..pragya get shocked…abhi brokes the hug as he couldnt breathe..
ab:now you can go..abhi go to take bath…he sees fuggi still in that shock and smiles..

at kitchen..
sar:pragya …did you give it to abhi
ab:ha maa..maa just tell her that give it to me when i wished it..
sar:oh abhi..thats silly na…pragya give him as he wishes..
pr:maa..do you knew what he is asking?
sar:ha..i knew it do what i say..she goes..pragya is looking abhi angryly..
ab:so hear na…what maa said..give if i wish ..i think i need now..
ab:haa…not her just on this cheek…
pr:”no i cant
ab:maa..no i will give you…pragya kissed abhi at the time purab enters..
pur:so sorry guys i dont knew whats going on here…pragya leaves..
purab smiles..abhi get shy..
pur:bhai just rub that lipstick mark otherwise..abhi rubs it and goes..purab smiles..
at evening…
whole house is get decorated..all are busy …guest are coming as today is pragays mehandi…pragya gets ready with red and green choli…
sarla make her sit…purab brings abhi too ..he is in white and blue sherwani…
abhi sits opposite to pragya…girls are doing mehandi on her hand..abhi is admiring pragya..
aliya:bhai..dont look like this di will get shiver by your look and laughs..
bul:why are you teasing my bhai..let he enjoy the beauty of his bride
rahul comes…rahul sees abhi admiring pragya…
purab sees rahul
ra:hello purab..
pur:why are you looking abhi this way..
ra:oh i just watching him…how much he has changed..
pur:change?what change?
ra:change..who talks about change…i just ..sorry purab i have to call someone now..its urgent..
purab get suspicious and looked at him…scene freezes on abhigyas eye lock…
episode ends..

sorry guys i knew this episode is little bit short…sorry i have no time thats why…tomorrow there is onam celebration on my college..so there is some works for me..so i will compenasate it in coming episode that means saturday sunday episode…that will be a maha episode…special episode of thier marraige.

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