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Naamkaran 24th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 24th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ashish thinking of Asha. Asha wakes up and goes out. Dhal gaya chand……plays……….. Asha and Ashish think of each other. Neela takes care of her dad. She sees Ashish’s pic and thinks of him. Asha hugs Ashish’s pic. Its morning, Ashish gets a call and says Neela you called this time, is Kaka fine. She says yes, but you are big fraud. He says I m sorry, I know you are annoyed with me. She says I m much annoyed, 3 days 13 hours and 40mins passed and I was missing you, I was waiting for your call, you make romantic movies and you are not a romantic guy. He asks did you call me to say this. She says no, I had to say something to you, shall I? Don’t be mistaken that I love you, do you think so. He says no, I don’t think you love me. She asks really, never. He says


no, you want me to lie to you. She says its fine, I will tell a story to storyteller, a romantic story of you and me. He asks you and me. She says yes, it started at the temple when I met you for the first time. She recalls her childhood and spotting Ashish taking care of his sister. He sees her in rain and runs to keep a leaf over her head. He says its very old thing. She says I still see you when I pass by that temple, I will tell you a top secret, I have been keeping karwachauth fast since I was 12 years old, don’t tease me about it. He gets shocked.

She reminds their first date. He asks when did we go on date. She says new years eve, dad was not letting me go, you managed it. FB shows Ashish and Hemant singing. Neela says we celebrate new year like this always, I want to go in party. Hemant says no way, I can’t allow you. He asks Ashish. Ashish says you are right. She asks Hemant why is he worrying, I m not going alone, Ashish is coming with me. Hemant asks Ashish. Neela signs Ashish to say yes. Ashish says yes, I forgot, she told me. Hemant asks them to go, but come back soon. Neela leaves with him. FB ends. He says you are stubborn since childhood. She says I had to balance your boring life, I can never forget that day, those moments, I liked you always, but from that day, I started loving you. He gets shocked.

FB shows Neela throwing keys to Ashish and asking him to drive. He says so madam just wants driver. She says of course, you thought I will take you along. He calls her mad. She asks him to close eyes. He asks why. She asks why so many questions, shut your eyes. He closes his eyes and says it better be interesting, shall I open my eyes. She throws the shawl and reveals her trendy look. She smiles and asks how do I look, nice. He says no, not nice, what did you wear, this is not you Neela. She asks what do you mean. He asks her to please go and change.

She asks why, I don’t wear such clothes everyday, people look hot wearing such clothes. He says hot, you will catch cold wearing this. She calls him outdated, boring and old fashioned. He says fine, I won’t take a library out in this clothes. She asks him to drive silently. They reach the party. He asks are you sure this is the venue. She says yes, come, we have come to dance. He says you go, see this song, I won’t dance, my work was to get you here, hurry up and finish dance, Kaka asked us to come home soon. She goes to dance. He drinks and sees her. He laughs seeing her. She gets angry on him. She dances with her friends. He sees Neela gone and worries. He goes to see her. She gets away and signs him. She holds her dress’ backstring.

He asks what happened, did anyone say anything. She says no, my dress. He asks what. She says my dress….. He asks what. She shouts my dress opened at the back. Everyone look at her. Ashish says carry on guys, you guys are dancing good. She says the dress was wrong. He says I told you, what happened. He says how can you see. He says whats left to see. She asks him to fix it. He asks what shall I do and makes her wear his jacket. She smiles seeing him. He holds her. The guy sings Tu mila to pata ye chala……. Ashish asks her to come. She holds his hand and stops him. She dances with him. He cheers her and hugs. She imagines a romantic dance with him. They celebrate happy new year and hug. FB ends. Neela says time stopped for me there, like Cinderella, I have kept your coat with me, I miss you. She says when you said in hospital that there is someone else in your life, I felt very scared, like I lost you forever, my breath stopped, and when you said you are ready for marriage, I was so relieved. He asks when did I say yes. She says you can’t fool me again. He says listen Neela, my unit would be finding me, you would be going for work too, we will talk later. He ends call.

Dayaben worries by Ashish’s mail. Ashish tells Asha that he is coming. Dayaben looks inside Asha’s house. Avni asks who are you, why did you come here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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