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Naamkaran 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Asha’s mum Fatima Begum praising her looks. She tells Asha that her dad has run away and left two daughters to her. Asha asks why do you curse Ashish then, when he is doing all his responsibilities of a good husband, he is taking care of me, Avni and even you. She gives some money to her mum. Her mum counts money. Asha cleans the home. A boy comes and tells them about Avni and Tia’s race. Asha and Fatima rush to see. Avni falls and gets hurt. She runs again. Tia’s parents cheer for her. Asha cheers for Avni. Ali rushes to Avni’s house. He comes back and shows Ashish’s pic to Avni to motivate her. Avni runs faster. Ali asks her to run faster. Avni wins the race. Ali lifts Avni and gets glad and Asha, Fatima Nannu hug Avni. Avni says I will win on sports day also. Nannu


says yes, and looks at Asha.

They all come home. Asha asks Fatima not to tell this infront of Avni. Fatima says I can guarantee this, Ashish won’t come and Avni’s heart will break. Avni says my Papa will come. Fatima says he won’t come, try to understand. Avni cries and says the same that Papa will come. Fatima says this is truth, he won’t come. Avni angrily slaps Fatima. Asha asks what did you do Avni. Avni says my Papa will come and goes.

Neela serves the shapeless and party burnt roti and curry to Hemant. He laughs seeing the roti. Neela asks Papa how can you laugh on my roti, I won’t sit here. He says I m not laughing, I was just seeing it. She says no need to eat it now, you don’t like it. He says leave plate, it would have fell on me, I will eat it, who else will eat it. She says right, no one will eat this. He says its not so bad, I will eat it, feed me by your hands. She feeds him.

He says it looks so so, but taste is really good, how did you make this, you added much love in this, so its so tasty, Ashish is very lucky to get a girl like you. She says I m lucky to get him, he is a nice guy. He says I know you love him since childhood. She says its not like that. He says liar, I m your father, I have seen it, your face used to get bright when I took Ashish’s name. She gets shy and goes. He holds his head and feels unwell.

Fatima is drunk and angry. She tells Tiku about how her husband left her, and now she has to beg her daughter for money, now Ashish is doing same with Aisha. She calls Ashish. He asks is Asha and Avni fine. She asks will anything get fine since so many years, I called you for Avni, she has slapped me today. She cries and says my girl Avni slapped her Nanno for you. He says what, I will scold you.

She says don’t scold her, listen why she slapped me, because I told her truth that you won’t come on her sports day, Avni got angry, I will not leave you if Avni’s dreams shatter, I have seen Aisha’s dreams shattering today, I will not bear if you do this with Avni, you maybe big film director, but for your life, not for Avni’s life, if her heart breaks, I will not leave you, don’t know why she trusts you a lot, if her trust breaks, I will enter your house and break your head, I will not leave you if you don’t come on sports day, never see this house again. Tiku stops her. Fatima scolds Ashish a lot. Tiku snatches phone and ends call. Ashish gets sad.

Avni writes 100 times that she won’t beat Nanno, and says if she tells again that Papa won’t come, then….. She asks Asha why did Nanno say this. Asha hugs her and says your Papa will surely come and our family will become normal family. Asha and Avni play and laugh. Asha sings Aa leke chalun tujhko……. and makes Avni sleep. Asha sleeps with Avni.

Its morning, Ashish sees Asha and Avni’s pic. He recalls Fatima, Dayaben, Asha, Neela and Avni’s words. He shuts the laptop. He sits thinking. He opens his laptop and starts writing a mail to Dayaben.

Ashish gets Asha’s eyes pic and asks the man about the girl, its imp for me to meet me. The man tells about Haider’s daughter Aisha. Ashish sees Aisha and smiles.

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