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Naamkaran 17th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 17th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ashish recalling Hasmukh’s words. Asha runs daal recipe from Tai. Dayaben teaches cooking rotis to Neela and takes pics. Hemant gets the pics and smiles. Avni sits in the cupboard and switches on the lights. She sees Ali’s pic and tears it. Ashish is worried. Asha likes the dish and tells Tai that she will take the dish for Avni. Tai asks is this your box. Asha says I had found out everywhere, I asked Amma four times, and got irritated and asked me to get police and check for it. Tai says I was thinking to whom this belongs, you would have written name Asha. Asha asks does thing get ours by writing name. Tai says naamkaran gives identity, be it to kids, utensils and relations, our society does not acknowledge love which has no name, why your hands shake to write Mrs. Asha


Mehta, you should claim rights to get the name.

Dayaben asks Neela to show her rights on Ashish, this room, house and all of them. Neela says don’t you think, you trust me a lot. Dayaben says Hemant has trusted us, else I would have not been here. Neela asks did Ashish reach Kashmira and call you. Dayaben says he will call if he remembers, I think he started working there. She asks her to keep her and Ashish’s childhood pic. Neela’s dupatta gets stuck in the photo collage, and Dayaben frees it. They do not see Asha and Avni’s pics.

A lady scolds her husband for having an affair with someone else. Ashish looks on. The man says I did not marry you, throw this mangalsutra. The lady argues. The man gets angry and raises hand. Ashish holds his hand and stops her. He asks the lady does she still want to wear this man’s name mangalsutra. The man asks who are you to speak between us. Ashish slaps him repeatedly and lands in lockup.

Avni dumps Ali’s pic and gifts. Asha asks again, how many times will you do this. Avni says last time, now our friendship is over. Asha says someone told me about best friends, who fight and reconcile. Avni says I said that. Asha asks her will she taste daal makhani. Avni refuses and says my mood is bad. She hears harmonium sound and says Nannu has come. Nannu plans harmonium and Avni dances. Asha hugs her mum. A man Tiku comes and greets them. Tiku tells Asha that her mum has argued with Sultan. Asha asks Avni to go out. Avni says I know you don’t want me to hear. Nannu pays some money and sends Tiku. Avni goes out.

Nannu tells Asha that this time it will be a son. Asha says I don’t want any issue this time. Nannu asks what, you like people doing drama and shows Ashish’s pic. She says he is making you dance on his fingers since 11 years. Asha says I won’t hear anything against him. Nannu says I will curse him till he does Nikaah with you. Asha says Ashish said he will talk to his mum and marry me. Nannu says I can guarantee that he won’t marry you, he is Hindu and will not marry Muslim. Asha says I don’t know about religion, I know he will accept me and my relation infront of the society. Nannu blesses her.

Avni and Ali return each other’s gifts. Ali says you promised you will never tear this pic. She says you promised you won’t say bad about my dad. He says sorry, with wrong spell. She asks what will happen of you. He promises he won’t do any mistake again and stops her. Avni sees Tia there. Tia calls her loser. Avni says you were lucky today, I m not loser, I will win in finals. Tia asks if you are confident, shall we keep final race tomorrow, tell me do you accept challenge. Ali asks Avni not to agree. Avni accepts challenge.

Ashish recalls Asha, Neela and Dayaben’s words. He holds his head. Avni wakes up and looks for Asha. Asha offers namaz. She hears Avni and finishes prayers. Avni calls her out and keeps stool to look inside the room. Asha opens the door and asks what happened. Avni asks her what do you do in kitchen by closing door. Asha asks are you my mum. Avni says you are mum, it does not mean you do anything, tell me what do you do daily. Asha says I will tell when time comes, why did you wake up so early. Avni says I will tell when time comes. Asha smiles and does puja.

Malhotra gets Ashish’s bail done. He asks what happened to you, we came here for shooting, not to fight, I had made that man drink scotch at night and convinced him. Ashish says leave me alone for some time. Malhotra asks how, what about my shooting, and think of your mum, how will she react hearing this news. Ashish calms down and thanks Malhotra. Malhotra says leave thanks, you are my friend, be happy. He hugs Ashish. Ashish goes to call Dayaben. Malhotra talks to inspector.

Dayaben asks Ashish why did he not answer her call, she was worried all night. He says I was busy in work. She asks whats the matter, your voice shows there is some problem. He says I got tired. She says this is not your tiredness, this is your loneliness, end work and come back, when are you coming back. He says 8th July. She says great, I will fix your and Neela’s engagement, and then marriage, then your loneliness will end. he asks why so hurry for marriage. She says you have made me wait till now, I gave word to Hemant. He says I understand. He ends call and angrily throws his coat. He hits on the walls. Malhotra takes him out of police station.

Nannu tells Avni that her dad won’t come. Avni slaps Nannu. Nannu calls Ashish and scolds him.

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