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Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-46

Sanskar leaves to go to where Ritik is.Here in house Ritik sits on sofa expressionless.He thinks the moment he spent with Shivqnya when he heard the knock on door.

Ritik opens the door and sees a angry Sanskar.


Sanskar:Who are you?

Ritik:What silly question you are asking,I am your brother.

Sanskar:Don’t tell lie as I know you are not my brother but you are a blood sacking vampire.

Ritik is shocked!

Sanskar:Thank God I came to know that you are a vampire or else I would be no more.

Ritik:You are breaking your limits.

Sanskar slaps Ritik

Sanskar shouts telling

Sanskar:I am crossing my limits or you?You wanted to kill me but it can’t happen.

Sanskar leaves from there.Ritik kneels down and remembers a flashback.

Ritik just became a vampire and is walking on road.He is walking when he hears a sound of a boy crying so he goes to the boy.

He sees a small boy.

Ritik:What is your name?

Boy:My name is Sanskar

Ritik hugs the boy an drakes him at his home.

Flashback end.

Ritik:To whom I adopted and thought him as a brother,he only betrayed me.

Blood tears roll down his cheek.

Shivqnya goes to her room and starts crying and remembers her moments which she speeded with Ritik.

Shivanya:Why you cheated on me Ritik?

Next day Ritik goes to Shivanya’s house.

Shivanya:What are you doing here?

Ritik:I came here to take what is my?

Shivanya:What is your?

Ritik comes near her and says

Ritik:You are mine.

Shivanya:Just go away you vampire.

Ritik catches her both arms

Ritik:How can you betray me?I truly loved you and I could do anything for you.

Shivanya:It’s not a truth

Ritik:It’s the truth Shivanya because we were one at your past life.

Shivanya gets confused.

Ritik:Yeah you listened right.We were one at your past life.Sit on sofa I will explain you.

Precap:Shivanya to remember everything of her past life and to hug Ritik.

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