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Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-45

Thanks guys for your comments and like this if I will get nice comments then I will surely complete 100 episodes.

The episode starts with Ritik and Shivanya’s eyelock.


Shivanya:Ritik let me go

Ritik let’s her go.

Shivanya goes to hall when in snake format Shesha comes there.Shesha comes in front of Shivanya.She gets shocked.

Shivanya:Who are you?

Shivanya gets the flashback

Shesha:I will kill you Shivanya

She stabs her and her flashback gets over.Shivanya shouts and Shesha with the piece of glass cuts her neck.

Shivanya falls down and wince in pain and Shesha goes from there.

Ritik comes there.He sees her but his fangs comes out.He goes to her and brings his face near her neck to suck her blood.

This all is seen by Shivanya and with pain she says

Shivanya:Leave me please leave me

Ritik says to himself to stop and finally stops.He kisses Shivanya’s neck and her injury gets fade

Shivanya gets fine but she gets scare of Ritik and goes away from him

Ritik:Shivanya don’t get scare from me

Shivanya:You are saying not to get scare from you!You are an vampire and you will kill me.

Shivanya runs away from house and goes to Swara.

She reaches and runs and comes to Swara.

Sanskar:What happen Shivanya?

She explains them everything and both are shocked specially Sanskar

Sanskar:Tell that you are joking

Shivanya:This is the only truth

Sanskar eyes have bloods and he says

Sanskar:If it is like this then now only I will break all relationship with that vampire.

Precap:Sanskar to slap Ritik

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