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Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-39 and 40

Guys because of your love I studied well just to update this episode and I am happy as all my Hindi portion is completed and guys I can tell you that in one day I have completed more then 15 lessons so let’s start.

The episode starts with Ritik goes to his house getting sad.


Next day Ritik reaches office and goes inside his cabin.He takes his Walet and sees Shivanya’s photo and thinks

Ritik:Shivanya if I would be a human then I would tell you that you have reborn but if I will tell you then I will not be able to keep myself away from you and you too would get broken.

Blood tears rolls down his cheeks but when heard the sound of knock he rubs it and asks to come in.Its Shivanya.

Shivanya:Sir I came here to give this file to you.

Ritik:Keep on that table.

Shivanya goes to keep the file.She keeps the file but her leg slips and she is about to fall but Ritik with lighting speed.

Ritik catches her by waist.They both share an eye lock but Ritik thinks to make her away from him.

Ritik:Can’t you see?Walk properly next time

Ritik goes from there.

Shivanya gets sad and leave his cabin.She thinks

Shivanya:First he saved me from falling then he shouted badly on me.

Shivanya gets a call on her phone.

Shivanya:Hello Swara

Swara:Di Sanskar’s brother has agreed to his marriage

Shivanya:Really!That’s a good news now you and Sanskar’s will get marry soon.

Swara:Yeah di

Ritik gets Sanskar’s call on his phone

Sanskar:Bhai thank you so much for agreeing for my and Swara’s marriage.

Ritik:It’s okay

Ritik cuts the call and does his work.

Shesha is there in the forest and thinks

Shesha:Tomorrow will be the best day of my life.Tomorrow Ritik will be mine.

She smiles evily.

Precap:Shivanya to seduce Ritik.Ritik to get angry and to fold Shivanya’s hand and she to cry in pain.

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