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Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-37

Guys today is a interesting twist be ready.

The episode starts with Shivanya leaves for the interview.


Here Ritik is driving car when his phone falls down.He stops the car and picks up the phone and sees Shivanya’s photo and remembers Shivanya dying in his arms.

He thinks

Ritik:Shivanya if you would not die then today I would be a human.But it was not possible.I am a vampire who cannot die.I want to die but I cannot.

Blood tears roll down his cheeks.He rubs his blood tears and starts driving.He reaches office.Shivanya too reaches and sits on chair as receptionist said her.

Because of air her papers fly and falls on floor.She picks up.Ritik comes and he steps on one of her paper.He takes the paper and reads it is written Shivanya.

Ritik was shocked but was expressionless he thinks

Ritik:Of she would be Shivanya then too I would not be able to love her that much that I use to love her as human.

He throws the paper and goes from there.Shivanya gets that paper and sits on chair.

Here Sanskar is waiting for someone eagerly.He listens the sound of door bell and immediately opens it.He smiles and says


Swara comes inside.

Swara:Did you missed me?

Sanskar:I missed you very much darling.

He hugs her.

In office Ritik goes to his cabin.

Shivanya knocks the door and Ritik asks her to come.She comes inside but Ritik’s one file falls down so he bends to pick it up.

Shivanya stands and Ritik keeps the paper on table and sees Shivanya and is shocked.

Ritik hides his expression and asks

Ritik:What is your name?

Shivanya:My name is Shivanya

Ritik thinks

Ritik:I have to give her a job as her face is like Shivanya and her name is Shivanya then she will be in danger at least I could save her.

Ritik says she is selected.Shivanya gets happy and leave from there.

Forest is shown.A snake comes there and takes human form.She is Shesha.

Shesha:I have came back Ritik for you.

She smiles evily and thinks

Shesha:That Shivanya killed me but now no one can come between me and Ritik

She laughs evily.

Precap:Sanskar to convince Ritik for his and Swara’s marriage with each other.Ritik to sense Shivanya in danger.
Guys hope that you will like this track and I am also adding Shesha as if I would not add then there would be no naagin.pls comment

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