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Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-36 (swasan)

Hi guys thanks for your comments and now u have added swasan too for many episode and there romance will be also there and be patience as for sometimes swasan will be not their but after some scenes swasan will be shown.

Ritik is crying when he hears Tanvi calling him.


Ritik:Meera,Arjun and Vani you here?

Tanvi:Not Meera Tanvi and I killed your Shivanya and now you will also go to your Shivanya.

Arjuna takes knife and is about to stab Ritik but Ritik catches his hand.

23 years leap

A boy is seen talking in phone with his girlfriend friend

Boy:Swara I really love you.Your Sanskar can do anything for you.

Yes it’s Sanskar.

Swara:I know Sanskar you can do anything for me that is why I believe in you very much.

Sanskar:I love you Swara

Swara:I love you too Sanskar

Sanskar smiles then he hear someone’s voice so he cuts the call

Boy:Sanskar what are you doing?

Sanskar:I was drinking coffee see

He shows the cup of coffee to him.

Boy:You were drinking coffee or you were talking with your girlfriend Swara?

Sanskar:What bhai what are you talking?

Boy:I am your brother is know everything.

Sanskar:Ritik you are my friend first then my brother.

Yes that boy is our Ritik

Ritik:Yeah we are best friends

Ritik hugs Sanskar

Ritik:Now get ready and I am going to office.

Sanskar:Okay bye


He leaves for office.

Sanskar thinks

Sanskar:How sweet Ritik is.

A girl is seen combing her hair.Swara goes to the girl

Swara:Wow di you are looking very pretty

Girl:Thanks my sweet sister

Swara:Shivanya di any boy can fall for you for sure

Shivanya:Thanks dear but now I have to go for an interview

Swara:All the best di

Shivanya hugs Swara

Shivanya:I will try my best to get this job

Precap:Shivanya to get job in Ritik’s company

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