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My soulmate (OS)

Hi guys thought to write this os….I don’t know how it goes but can never match up you all….this os I manly dedicate to gauri di……so please do tell me how it is…. please bear my typos and grammatical errors…?

Friends are very much essential for us…..they make us smile when tears roll down from our eyes….they give us a hug when we are lonely…..the same way radhika too had a same friend…gauri… because of whom she succeeded in her life. Now rads is a big business woman….she also got her love interest arjun….she is a happiest woman in the world….but all because of gauri…

Arjun: radhika are you ready….we need to reach airport by eight..
Radhika: coming my dear hubby….and came outside. There her hubby was keeping their luggage in the car. She locked the door and sat in the car. Arjun could see that his wife was smiling….of course she as to…after all she is going to meet her bff after a long time.
Arjun thought to have some fun with her

Arjun: so what is the reason behind my Sweetie’s smile…
Radhika just gave a look at him….arjun continued” it’s like u r going to see Obama…”..I never saw this much happiness on you…. sometimes I feel jealous on u r friend for being the reason for u r smile

Radhika got angry and said don’t say anything about her. She is like my soulmate.
Seeing her anger arjun said acha sorry baba..sorry….

Radhika just gave him a look and went back to her olden days were she met her friend gauri for first time…

Radhika had a worst day in her life…her boyfriend rahul whom she believed and trusted him cheated her. She was the owner of birdsong ….rahul was unexpected guest in her life…they instantly clicked… radhika started to believe him so much…..she thought he too loved her fiercely like she did…but actually he was never interested on her …..he was there to steal the presentation of the bs on an important ad ….when she came to know about his true color…she was late….her company also faced a major loss….destressed by the cheating and failure she decided to end her life..

She reached near a dam and planned to jump into water….as she was about to jump she heard a girl’s voice asking” planning to suicide”
Radhika suddenly stopped and turned back….there she saw a girl who was in blue jean with white top smiling at her. Radhika was already in anger and with her silly question she became annoyed….

Radhika: yes….will you stop me
Gauri: yes….it’s my duty…if I didn’t stop you then it will became a sin.. and I don’t want to make any sin which will stop me from entering heaven after I die…
Radhika: do whatever you want but u can’t stop me
Gauri: my dear friend nothing is impossible and I have seen many people like you….just a small bad thing…the will decide to give up their life….then by now the world would have ended
Radhika: you don’t no anything….u got a happy life so you can easily give lecture to me but one day when you face same problem then you would be in my place
Gauri: that would never happen…and even though if that happens then I am sure you will be there to give me lecture…
Radhika: you don’t know how it feel to be cheated by some one you trust so much
Gauri: now I understand….u got ditched Na…thank God that boy got saved from you .. otherwise he would get a coward as a life partner….

Radhika who by now forgot about her idea to suicide….turned fully and walked near gauri…. and said” now ur thinking he is lucky ha…..u will never understand my pain…
Gauri: I can’t understand the pain of a girl who got ditched ones but I can surely understand the pain of a girl who got ditched many times in her life…
Radhika stared at her shockingly
Gauri: yes it’s true….I was ditched several times…..and may be u can call me queen in it….
Radhika: you never felt sad…

Gauri: of course I felt bad and heart broken but then I realized if they never meant for me nor in my life then why should I care about them so I threw their memories in dustbin like waste tissue paper….simple.now I feel free like a bird with no commitments in life. I left everything to God ….he will send someone for me who will stand along with me whole life ….and I am waiting for him…
Radhika: but I lost everything
Gauri: no there is a small mistake my dear friend….life is too long…and no one can lose fully….as we lose the double we gain in this journey of life
Radhika: u are unique and full of positivity…..
Gauri: thanks for the compliment….by the way we forgot to introduce…..myself gauri…..
Radhika: radhika…

Gauri: so rads..it’s late already but never late to fight back….here take my card …if you need anything call me or you can visit me….bye….and I hope u will stop me from a sin so that I can enter heaven peacefully…..
Radhika smiled at her and nodded and said….don’t worry no one can stop u from entering the heaven but only after 100 years.. the world need you to stop the decreasing of population
Gauri bid goodbye and left from there.radhika was determined to start again everything a fresh….

With help of gauri she succeeded in her life and her business flourished well. In Mean time arjun radhika’s college mate moved to Mumbai…. he was in love with her and decided to confess it after he achieved his dream. Arjun is a big business man too. When he proposed her. Rads was afraid of rejection so didn’t accept his love. But she too was in love with him. Her heart asked her to accept him but her mind didn’t allow her to do so.

Here gauri helped her….and atlast ardhika got married…they then moved to US. Radhika was very sad to leave her best friend .even gauri was sad too….but was double happy for her…..

After 1 year gauri really got her true love…now Ardhika were going there to attend her engagement…radhika is so happy .

She reached the avenue. there one lady told that gauri is in her room getting ready….she without wasting any minute left to see her…. arjun was left behind with luggage…..he just shook his head in disbelief….and muttered these two….

Radhika was standing outside gauris room she was very happy to see her buddy again after a long time. She slowly opened the door and tiptoed.. gauri was standing near the window. Rads went near her and closed her mouth and pointed knife on her neck.

Give all ur jewellery or otherwise I will kill you…..said radhika changing her voice.
Gauri: that’s interesting OK common kill me common….saying this she started to laugh….and turned to see radhika who had shocked expression on her face….
Radhika: how did you find me
Gauri: my Jaan I know you for a long time….ur like my soul sister…..I can always feel ur presence

Radhika: one mistake not soul sister …. soulmate??
Gauri had tears in her eyes…..both hugged tightly and we’re having happy tears …..this long lasted for a long time….suddenly. A knock disturbed their lovely moment …first they ignored it but it continued

Radhika opened the door and saw her husband there….she gave him a sheepish smile….arjun stared at her angrily…..

But their staring was distracted by gauri who came near the door. Seeing arjun she got happy and shouted jiju and hugged him.
Arjun: com on dont make me old by calling jiju….call me arjun
Gauri: OK baba…so how are arjun
Arjun: I am fine….so who is the lucky guy.
Gauri: that’s a surprise….
Arjun: hmm…get ready …u both got only one hour.

The groom arrived and sat on the couch which was placed in stage. Ardhika brought gauri near the stage. She was looking gorgeous in orange pink combo lehanga. Radhika wore a red saree with black backless blouse….and arjun wore a maroon and black combo sherwani.
The engagement got over. Gauri then introduced ardhika to her life partner
Arjun: hello I am arjun and this is my wife radhika

Person shaking the hand and said I am Neil Malhotra. Gauris soon going to be husband…nice meeting you

The main couple was called for dance….soon ardhika to joined……????

So guys do tell me how it is…with onam celebration my house is in full of chaos….and I was typing it continuously with the disturbed environment….now going to enjoy with my family bye bye….please drop your valuable comment…..love you all and take care… next update after exam….

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