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Recap:Twinkle is no where to be seen Yuhi try searching for her but all in vain So where is Twinkle? (Read further to get answers for this question)
**************************************************************************************************************** Yuhi reach Taneja Mansion when…
Leela:Maaji How could you do this to Twinkle ?
Dadi:What I did was right she is spoiling my grand daughters life
Leela:Maaji even Twinkle is your grand daughter
Dadi:No (shouts) Never she can never bey grand daughter
Leela:Maaji please don’t say like this
Dadi:Why cant I She is destroying my Mahi’s life
Leela:Maaji she loves and respects Mahi so much
Dadi:Its all fake to get praises from others

Leela:But why would she do it?
Dadi:To get the property from you she wants to be the CEO of Taneja group of Industries
Leela:No maaji you are mistaken Twinkle does not want to do this and I will only make the one who is capable enough of being the CEO I don’t discriminate between my daughter I love both of them equally
Dadi:Apna khoon apna hota hai aur paraya paraya (I dont know how to translate this line but I guess it means that blood relations is very important )
Leela:Maaji kuch rishtey Khoone ke rishto se bade hote hai (Some relations are more strongr than blood relations )Aur era or Twinkle ka Rishta bhi Kuch aesa he hai (And Mine and Twinkle’s relation is an example of it )
Dadi:Leela I have told Twinkle the truth and she should know it that you rent her mother
Leela:(cries)Par Maaji I am her Maasi Ma (I am her maternal Aunt)
Dadi:Masi matlab Ma jaise Ma nahe (Masi (Maternal aunt) means Like your mother and not your mother )
Leela:Par Kishan ji ke bhi tho 2 Ma the Ekh jinohne unhe janam diya aur dusre jinhone unhe pala Meh Twinkle ke Yashoda Ma hu (I hope you guys Know that Lord Krishna had 2 mothers one who gave him birth and the other one how brought him up So Leela says she has Brought Twinkle up just Like Lord Krishna’s Yashoda ma (The one who brought him up )
Dadi:Voh bhagvan the aur yeh Rakshas Mere Mahi ke jeevan ka ghrahan (Lord Krishna was a god but Twinkle is a devil and The eclipse in My Mahi’s life )
Leela:Bass Maaji Twinkle ke khilaf ekh aur shabd nahe Voh mere bete hai aur mere he rahege (Enough maaji Not a word against Twinkle she is my daughter and she will always be )
Dadi:(before Dadi could speak)


UV:ma what happened what did Dadi tell Twinkle ?
Leela:(shocked) UV Voh Maaji told Twinkle that she is not my real daughter (she bursts into tears ) UV don’t know where is Twinkle How would she be Oh Babaji please save my child It all my fault (she continues crying )
UV: Ma stop crying this is all Dadi’s fault you all know how emotional Twinkle is How could she say this to her
Dadi:Uv beta she needs to know the truth
UV:You could have told this to her after we would have got married
Dadi:What difference would it make ?

UV: She would not be lonely she would have been with me I would have been there to support her Dadi she always Told me that she just carves for your love She just wants you to Love her like you Love Mahi
Dadi:I cant love someones illegitimate child
UV:(shouts)Dadi ..
Dadi:What Dadi the truth is truth though it is bitter it cant be changed she is the outcome of her Mothers illegitimate relation her Mother was gonna marry my Son but then she made Leela marry him she just left a letter behind stating that she loves someone else and will marry him only Out of fear of loosing our reputation we made Leela marry my son soon My son started liking Leela and they gave me Mahi my Granddaughter (She creases Mahi’s hair with affection) but then her mother returned She came back with her Daughter My son out of humanity accepted Twinkle and gave her his name but I did not like her after a month her mother committed suicide Then My son and Leela Looked after Twinkle like their own daughter sometimes even more than Mahi

UV:(Teary eyes) Ma You know where Twinkle could possibly be we checked each and every place she goes when she wants to spend sometime alone
Leela:UV I don’t know where Twinkle is (she cries)
UV:Mahi you take care of Ma and I will try finding Twinkle
Mahi:UV I will also come with you
UV:No Mahi you say here with Ma She needs you
UV Leaves and Mahi sends Leela to her room she calls Kunj
Kunj:Mahi why did you call have you given that packet to Twinkle

Mahi:Hold on Kunj Twinkle is not at home
Kunj:What where is she (sounding a bit concerned)
Mahi:Don’t know but why does it matter to you ?
Kunj:Voh…..Voh …Ha If Twinkle is not there then how will our plan be executed
Mahi:Oh that fine UV is gone in search of her I wish She never returns back
Kunj:(rudely) Mahi she is your sister
Mahi:Cousin sister and an illegitimate child

Kunj:Mahi you know what Sometimes I feel you don’t deserve to be Twinkle’s sister
Mahi:(Rudely)Why do you care about her you want to destroy her right ?
Kunj:No I want to destroy…..(thinks Kunj you cant tell Mahi that you want to destroy UV or els she would blackout )
Mahi:What then whom do you want to destroy
Kunj:Nothing you just mind your own business and pray that Twinkle comes back home soon
Mahi:Okay fine bye
Kunj cuts the call without saying bye
I don’t what happens to me when I here that Twinkle is in danger I have never thought of a girl like this before why does her absence affect me No no Kunj you cant Love someone Love is just a Lie it destroys you It kills you (Thinks of some past incidents which had made I’m love his trust on Love)

(Guys do tell me what you think Kunj’s past is )
**************************************************************************************************************** UV is searching for Twinkle every where
UV:Babaji where is Twinkle Please keep her safe I hope she is fine
**************************************************************************************************************** In a crowded space seems like a railway station a girl is seen crying
Station master :Beta this is the last train for the day where do you want to go
Girl:(Her eyes are seen its blood red Seems she is crying for a long time) Uncle Where does the train go
Station Master:Mumbai
Girl:I want to go their Can I get a ticket
Station master:Whats your name beta

Station Master:Twinkle beta I think you are running away from your problems If you wish you can share it with I had a daughter who would be as old as you are if she would have been alive
Twinkle:(Tells him what all happened)So this is what happened
Station Master:Bas itni se baat You should be happy to know that Your masi Loved you like a mother though she wasn’t yours
Twinkle:But ..
Station Master:Beta go back home she must be waiting for you she might be crying now Don’t make her cry it is the only way you can try repaying for all what she has done for you
Twinkle:Thank you Uncle
Station Master: No need beta I am happy that I helped you
PRECAP: An old lady enters Sarna mansion ? (Guess who she is)
And Mahi and Kunj’s plan to separate Twiraj

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I write 2 ff’s(Tashan e is to Sadda Love And My Revenge made me meet my true Love ) and 1 ss(Love me Like I do )
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Sorry If I have hurt someone I am already upset due to personal problems My cousin Sister cum best friend Has hurt me Never have expectations from someone because when they don’t stand up to it you get hurt and not them Me and My cousin have a difference of 2 days She was born on the 11th of September and I was born on the 13th We were always together since childhood the same shoes the same dresses Any toy which was brought for me and exact carbon copy was also brought for her Then me and my parents with m younger sister shifted to KL We stayed there for 4-5 years and then returned back I was so excited to meet her but when I came back I got know My family was divided My father is the youngest of the 3 brothers and her father was the 2nd one He had fought for an unknown reason I tried asking everyone but no one would reply to me I thought I might have imagined a friend (My cousin) But then I saw our photos which made me curious to know what actually happened Then I finally got to know that our family fought Which has separated us I still remember the day she scratched me I tried hiding it from My mom because I did not want her to get punished I Love her and will still do but recently we meet And I got her number I have what sapped her a several times Each time waiting for an reply hiding the fact from my parents But a few days back her father called (My Uncle ) He asked my father to stop me from disturbing his daughter MY father was angry on me for this reason and I found out that My cousin has blocked me Life sometimes plays with your wishes so Its better not to have them I feel like crying but I cant I cant waste my tears for someone who has hurt me If her father had caught her couldn’t she lie that I was her school friend or I was her new college friend She had a choice but she choose to loose me So now I don’t Care That I have lost her or May be I just care about it too much
I had thought of leaving TU My cousin meant a lot to me she was the one who knows all my secretes I Loved her and trusted her too …

Hope you never hurt someone who has expectations from you and yes never keep expectations from someone because when they don’t stand up to it The relation breaks and so do you
Love you all ?

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