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My Lovely Dreamland By AngelAshu (Part-5) Actual last part

Sorry guyzz.. I forget to post here part-4
Last part is 5th one..


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Finely its part 4 I mean second last epi.

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Not fair yaar..

Itna bhi bhaav na khao

Recap: swasan emotional moments.. swara knows sanky is chit boy..

So lets starts Part-4 of #My_Lovely_Dreamland

She cant control herself and.. she hugs him tightly

He hugs back

Tears falling from her eyes..

Swara: I love u… I love u my chit boy

Sanskar: I love u too..

Swara: Sanskar.. u know.. I saw a dream about u.. (still hug)

Sanskar: dream.

Swara: (broke hug and wiping tears) my dreams maximum comes true..

She told sanky about her dreams..

Swara: and u know what.. I saw a dream about u 2 days ago.. but I donno u r my chit boy.. I just know u as that staring guy

She explains her dreams..

Sanky: swaraaa I had accident that day.. someone saves me at correct time.. thats y I didnt send any chit to u that day

Swara: (weeping) I prayed a lot to god to save u they listened my prayers.. r u okk na??

Sanky nodes as yes..

Sanky: (naughtily) soooooooo

Swara: (got him.. blush) whatttt.

Sanky: be ready

Swara: for what..?

Sanky: ur dreamland waiting for u..

Swara: (smiles) I know..

Sanky: (peaks her forehead) no more cry swara.. now we came in eachothers life.. so, only happiness is there for us..

She staring him cutely..

Sanky: what happned..?

Swara: nothing.. lets go..

Both stood

Sanky: hmm.. but..

Swara: what..

Sanky: now we both accept each other na (stepping close to her)

Swara: (understand his intensions.. stepping back) haa

Sanky: (pulls her close to him) so.. (ups eyebrows)

Swara: so..

His face became more close to her..

Her heart beat increases..

Swara: (monologue) am sooooooooooo lucky to got u Sanskar.. I love u never leave me..

Sanskar: (smiles) I love u too swara.. I will never leave u..

Swasan went out..

All askes their opinion..

Swasan said yes..

All family felt happy..

They arrange engagement tomorrow.. by panditji words..

Panditji: tomorrow will be engagement.. and sangeet.. after 2days haldi, next day, mehandi, next day marriage..

All felt happy..

The next day..

Gadodia hall fully decorated..
All busy in preparations..

Hall full filled with guests..

At swaras room..

Ragini and ashu makes swara get ready..

Shomi came there..

She put kala teeka (black dot) to swara..

She felt much happy for her daughter..

Shomi: chalo.. Sanskar waiting for u..

Swara blushed..

Shomi takes swara downstairs..

Swara stepping down..

Sanky staring her nonstop..
She wore beautiful pink coloured lehanga.. with matching jewellery..

Her long straight hairs leaves loose..

He wore.. pink and maroon coloured Shervani..

He looks dashing..

She came and stood in front of him..

Both staring each other disturbed by panditjis words..

Swasan exchanged rings..

Both lost in each other eyes..

BG plays..

Aayi ko meri zindagi me tum bahaar banke..

Aankhno me tum base ho sapne hazar banke..

Mere dil me yoo hi rahna


Mere dil me yoo hi rahna..

Tum pyaar pyaar banke..

After that.. swasan seated on some place where arranged Simhasan chairs..

Like centre of attraction..

Its time to dance all.. (sangeeth)..

Ragini and Ashu start performance..



Oo jiji.. kya kahake unko bulaogi..

Dulha banke jo ayenge

Bolo.. to.. kya kahake unko bulaogi..

Dulha banke jo ayenge


Ye ji.. oo ji.. ham na kahenge…

Ham to ishare me baate karenge..

Sab jaise.. aapne unko bulate hai..

Waise ham na bulayenge oo chotiii

(swasan looking each other and smiles)


Gaane to tum gaa rahe ho

Jee apna behlaa rahi ho..

Nazar toh hai raahon me padii..



Choti tu khoti badi hai

Behnaa ko bass chedte hai..

Mai toh yaha kaamon me lage..


Aane do.. jiji tumhari jee ki dashaa..

Jijjaaa ko batayenge..

Oo jijiiiiii.

They both runs on stage like kids.. (as in film)

All laughs and claps

Sanskar: is it truth swara.. u waited for me..??

Swara: sanskaarr r u mad.. y should i..?

Sanky: (pouted) means.. u didnt wait for me.. u dont loves me na

Swara: are baba nothing like that..

Sanky: then what u mean swara..

Swara: am busy in my dreams na..

Sanky: which..

Swara: my future with u..(smiles)

Sanky: achaa..(smiles)

At that time.. ragini..ashu.. laksh and some friends came there and start teasing..

Ashu: ahheemm.. ahheeemmm

Ragini: ohhnoo.. jiju.. u both are non stop talking na..haayeee

Laksh: yeah.. take some rest bhaie..

All cousins and friends keeps teasing..

Swasan lost in each other eyes..

BG plays..

Ooo ooooo.


Kuch baate ho chuke hai..

Kuch baate abhi hai bhakhi

Powchaar ek padi hai..

Barsaate abhi hai bhaki

Khulke naachne ko bekar man ka mayoora hai

Ooo.. ooo..oo

Khulke naachne ko bekal man ka mayoora hai

Milan abhi adaa adhura hai

Milan abhi adaa adhura hai

They drags swasan on stage..

Swasan start dancing simply..


Mile honge radha krishn.. yahi kisi van me..

(he holds her hands..smiles)


Prem maadhuri unki basi hai pawan me..

(smiles too..)


Aur bhi paas aaye ham iss divvy vatavaran me..

(he pulls her close.. she blush and steps back)


Aur bhi paas aaye ham iss divvy vatavaran me..

Ek man dia hai kitni.. sow baate abhi hai bhaki..

(she went his back and stood oppositely.. like touch his back with her back.. holds hands in that phose.. and moving slowly..)


Powchaar ek padi hai..

Barsaate abhi hai bhaki

Hame milane me sab ka sahi yoog poora hai..

(she goes little far.. he follows her and holds her.. she blushes)

Ooo.. ooo..oo

Hame milane me sab ka sahi yoog poora hai..

Milan abhi adaa adhura hai


Milan abhi adaa adhura hai

Jharnaa.. suhaana..aisa preem geeth gaaye

Aane wale kal ke meethe.. sapne dikhaye..

(she hides her head at his chest)

Ye yehsaas pehli baar.. dil ko ghudh ghudhaye..hoo

(she looking into his eyes)


Ye yehsaas pehli baar.. dil ko ghudh ghudhaye..hoo

(he comes to kiss her.. she pushes him and ran)

Sab dhin abhi hai bhakhi.. sab rate abhi hai bhakhi

Powchaar ek padi hai..

Barsaate abhi hai bhaki


Ched dia purwa ne tan ka taan poora hai..

(he catches her and holds her both hands form her back.. her back touches his chest.. both bend back little.. closes eys..)


Ched dia purwa ne tan ka taan poora hai..


Milan abhi adaa adhura hai


Milan abhi adaa adhura hai

Milan abhi adaa adhura hai

Adaa adhura hai

All claps.. swasan felt embarrassed..

They both goes and seated again..
Laksh goes to stage and start dancing with his friend Siya..

Bole chudiaa.. bole kangana..

Hai my ho gayi tere saajnaa..

Tere bin jiya.. mayoo lagda.. mai to mar gayyaa

Le ja le ja.. chudie.. le ja le ja..

Le ja le ja.. chudie.. le ja le ja..

All clapped..

Next sanskars cousins soni and suku came on stage and start dancing..

Laya baaraat laaya..

Ghunghta utaane aaya..

Apna banana aaya.. oo..

Chanda bhi saath laya..

tare bhi saath laaya..

pagal banana aaya.. oo..

Mera piya ghar aaya o raamji..

Mera piya ghar aaya o raamji..

Swara smiles to see sanskar..

The ritual completed..

All goes to take dinner..

Sanskar noticed swaras sadness behind her smile..

Sanskar: (places his hand on her shoulder) swara r u okk..??

Swara: (fake smile) yeah Sanskar

Sanskar: (understood her sadness.. but donno for what) y r u sad swara..

Swara: (tries to covers) sad.. me.. nothing Sanskar.. am fine..

Sanskar: (strict) tell me swara I know u r sad..

Swara looks Sanskar with teary eyes

She tells her painful past to him..

Swara: Sanskar.. I have a big family.. we all loves each other lot..dadaji, dadima.. dad, mom, me, ragini, chachu, chachi, pinky, pintoo..

Me ragini pinky pintoo soooo much close to each other.. we cant life each other..

Coz of some misunderstandings between dad and chachu.. they both separated.. dadaji did batwara..

Coz of elders ego.. me and ragini separated with pinky and pintoo..

I donno they did good or bad.. I donno.. y misunderstandings passed between them..

But I just know.. we got separated.. swaragini and pinky pintoo whose cant live without each other..

Now not able to see each other.. talk each other

Its very painful for us.. we (swara ragini) remembers them a lot.. I know they (pinky pitoo) too..

U know Sanskar.. we always do masti a lot.. we loves each other..

But destiny plays with us na.. we got separated..

Somehow ragini managing herself.. but.. am not able to manage myself..

I want them back.. I want my sister and brother back.. I want our together moments back (she cries badly)

In each and every moment I remembers them badly..

He consoles her..

Swara: U know Sanskar.. some years back.. one day..

Swara start remembering..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

Girl1: didi.. in ur shadi.. we 4 combine and will do masti lot na..

Girl3: smiles..

Girl3: are bachhu.. didi will sit with jiju na.. then we 3 only do masti on stage..

Boy: yeah didi.. we will to lots of masti in ur maggiage.. (pointing girl2) in urs too didilolllll..

Girl1: ummm.. haann.. I will dance like.. (stood and start singing and dancing) mera piya ghar aaya..oo raamji mera piya ghar aaya oo raamji..

She drags girl2 to her.. start dancing they 2..then boy also joined..

Girl3: oyeee stop it na.. u have to wait more time for my shadi..

Boy: haan haan didid.. we just preparing from now.. winks..

Girl3: achhaa.. bacchuuu.. if u didnt dance properly in my shadi.. I will not give any performance in ur shadi agree..??

Boy: ohhoo didi r u asking this question with me.. loll lets c

All laughs.. and share a hug..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Swara: they are none other.. girl1 is pinky.. girl2 is ragini.. girl3 is Swara biy is my pintoo.. (cries)

Sanskar cant c her in like that state

He hugs her.. rubbing her back.. she crying..

Sanskar: swara.. calm down.. they always with u na.. they never went separate from u.. they always in ur heart.. with u always.. no one can separate u with ur sister and brother..

Swara: am dyeing to see them.. Sanskar.. I love them much.. my blood wants to mee their parts..

Sanskar consoles her..

After some time she relaxed..

Sanskar: they will back one day.. ur love can drag them to u.. u have trust on me na..?

Swara: hmm

Sanskar: then stay with hope.. god will to all things at sharp time..

Both share a sweet hug..

After 2 days..

Swasan haldi and mehandi completed..

The next day.. Swasan marriage day..

BG plays..

Tere dware pea aye baaraat


Tere dware pea aye baaraat

prem ke moti uttade maine swagat me bichade..

oo jara aadar ke saath

Tere dware pea aye baaraat

(Swasan seated at mandap..

Panditji reading holy mantras..

Swasan follows panditjis words..)




(Sanskar: (monologue) from today.. u becoming mine forever swara.. no one can separate us..

Swara: (monologue) its my life changing day sanskar.. am very happy to got u..

Both looking each other and smiles..)

Delhi ka raja aayaa

varne ko madhpur ki raani..

hone ho he aaj poori..

inke adhuri kahani..

(After some time.. they exchange malas (jai mala ritual))

Phool khushion ke khile hai

Badi mushkil se mile hai..

Phool khushion ke khile hai

Badi mushkil se mile hai..

Haayere tarse do haat..

Tere dware pea aye baaraath

(Then Swasan did 7 phere (7 steps).. then Sanskar took mangalsutra and ties around her neck..)

Tere taraf bad rahe hai..

Nahe se padh beete phal ke..

Sukh dukh ke iss sangham ke..

Rehna hai yoo chate chalte..

(Then Sanskar filled Swaras maang with Sindoor.. (he filled her hair line with vermilion)

Panditji: Vivaah Sampann (Marriage Completed)..

Its time for bidai..)

Reet babul ke nibhade..

Apne bitiya ko vidha de..
Reet babul ke nibhade..

Pyari bitiya ko vidha de..

Re aaseesso ke saath leke..

Dulhan ko loute baaraath

Baaraat leke

Dulhan ko loute baaraath

The episode ends with Swaras bidai..

Precap: Swaras surprise.. Swasan romantic moments.. (last part)

So, friends.. how was the epi..

Hope u all like this epi..

Then.. the next part will be last episode..

Hope u all are waiting for last epi..

Thank u sooooooooooo much guys..

Such a awsme response I got u from all..

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