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My Lovely Dreamland By AngelAshu (Part-4) (Last part)


Hello my lovely readers..


Finely I reach Part-5 (last part)..

Am happy with ur comments of Part-4…

I will upload LMLB soon..

And finely this is tha last part of this SS..

Hope u all enjoying my story..

Thanx for supporting

And silent readers

Not fair yaar..

Itna bhi bhaav na khao

At least last epi par to daya karo..loll..

Recap: Swasan Marriage rituals.. Swaras painful past.. Swasan Marriage.. Swaras bidai..

So lets starts Part-5 (last part) of #My_Lovely_Dreamland

After Swaras bidai..

Maheshwari Family grandly welcomed Swara to MM..

After some time..

Finely that moment came for which moment Swasan waiting for long time.. ( actually we too naa)

Its was a romantic night..

Sanskar came to his room with much excitement..

BG plays..

Tere Sang yaaraaa

Kush rang bahaara

Tu raat diwaani

Mai zard sitaara

Sanskar slowly opens his room door

Romantic wind with amazing aroma touches his face which makes his feelings rise..

He felt much special today..

A smile appeared on his face..

BG plays.. (Continue)

Oo karam kudhaya hai..

Tujhe mujhse milaaya hai

Tujh pe marke hi too

Mujhe jeenaa aayaa hai

Oooo Tere Sang yaaraaaKush rang bahaara

Tu raat diwaaniMai zard sitaara

Oooo Tere Sang yaaraaaKush rang bahaara

Mai tera hojau.. jo tu karde ishaaraa..

He start stepping into room..

His room fully decorated with rose petals and white jasmine flowers and lily flowers..

He again smile and turns back and closes door and locks..

He again turns with much excitement..

He watching whole room..

Finely his glace fall on her

She seated on bed in fully bridal attire.. her face covered with veil..

She feeling much nervous..

He smiles to see her..

BG plays.. (continue)

Kahi kisi bhi gali me jau mai..

Tere kushboo se takkrau mai..

Har raat jo aata hai mujhe.. wo quaab tu..

Tera mera milnaa dastoor hai..

Tere hone se mujh me noor hai..

Mai sunaa sae k aasmaan.. mehtaab tu..

He start stepping towards her..

Her heart beat increasing..

He goes to her and sits in front of her..

BG plays.. (continue)

Oo karam kudhayaa hai..

Tujhe maine jo paaya hai..

Tujh pe marke hi to..

Mujhe jeenaa aaya hai..

Oooo Tere Sang yaaraaaKush rang bahaara

Tu raat diwaaniMai zard sitaara

She smiles.. he noticed that..

He places her both palms on her both shoulders.. (still veil)

She taking long breath..

Sanskar: (romantically) Swaraaaaa.

She silent..

Sanskar: r u listening..??

She little nodes as yes..

BG plays.. (continue)

Maine chode hai bhaki saare raaste…

Bas aaya hu tere paas re..

Mare ankhon me tere naam hai.. pehchaan le..

Sab kuch mere liye tere baat hai..

Sou baton ki ek baat hai..

Mai na jaunga kabhi tujhe chodkee.. ye jaan le..

Sanskar: R u ready to became mine forever..?

She didnt reply..

Sanskar: Sswwaarraaa.. ( before he speck up..)

She hugs him

Which makes him shock + happy..

He smiles and hugs back tightly..

Like she only his property..

Like no one makes them separate..

Like they both made for each other..

Like they cant live without each other..

Like they can do anything for each other..

BG plays.. (continue)

Oo karam kudhayaa hai..

Tere pyaar jo payaa hai..

Tujhpe milke hi to mujhe jeenaa aaya hai..

Oooo Tere Sang yaaraaaKush rang bahaara

Tu raat diwaaniMai zard sitaara

Sanskar broke hug and removes her veil..

He surprised to see her beauty..

Sanskar: Swara.. u r most beautiful in this world..

She smiles.. blushes and downs her face..

He slowly ups her face by chin with his hands..

Sanskar: I was telling truth..

She simply starting him..

Sanskar: I got most beautiful wife in my life..

Both staring each other lovingly and lost in each other eyes..

BG plays..

Murali ki taanon se..

Vedon puranon se..

Mohan ki geetha ke jaise tum..

Tumse hi achai.. tum se hi sachaaii..

Tulsi ki sita ke jaise tum

Aa aaa aaa aaa..

Aa aaa aaa aaaa.

Aa aaa aa aaa aaa aaa

He peaks her forehead..

He slowly frees her from her jewellery..

He places her on bed in sleeping position..

He lies on her.. she blushing..

He start kissing her eyes.. nose.. cheeks.. lips..

He start kissing her neck romantically..

She holds him tightly..

After that.. he switch offs lights and covers blanket on them..

Both hugs each other tightly. And slept..

BG plays.. (continue)

Aa aaa..aaa..aaa..

Aaa aaa.. aaaaa..a..aaa..

(guyz dont counfuse.. just listen murali ki tano si from prem rattan dhan payo film.. u can understand my music..)

The night passed..

The next day..

Both love birds sleeping in each other embrace..

Sunrises falls on them.. they disturbed.. and woke up..

Smile to see each other

Sanskar: good morning patniji.. (smiles)

Swara: good morning Patidev.. (blessed smile)

Swara about to leave..

He grips tight..

Swara: what happened..

Sanskar: where are u going..

Swara: areeyy Sanskar.. leave me.. its gonna late.. wanna take shower..

Sanskar: shhhhh.

Swara: sanskaarrr

Sanskar: acha baba I will leave.. but

Swara: what..

Sanskar: where is my good morning kiss.. haan!!

Swara smiles and leaves a sweet kiss on his cheeks..

He peaks her fore head..

After some time Sanskar goes to office..

AP: uttara..

Uttara: haan.. badimaa..

AP: Swara is new here na.. jakar sab mansion dikhao swara ko..

Uttara: okk badimaa..

Uttara: bhabhi.. lets go..

Swara: okk..

Uttara explaining each and every part of mansion to swara..

Swara felt happy..

Uttara and swara crossed one room.. which was already locked..

Swara: uttara.. this room??

Uttara: bhabhi.. this room is.. Sanskar bhayyas Music room..

Swara: Music room.. waooo Sanskar have interest on music much.. chalo.. I wanna go inside of this room..

Uttara: bhabhi.. ur husband not allows anyone in this room..

Swara: why..??

Uttara: donno bhabhi.. but if anyone goes inside of this room.. he got much angry..

Swara: am his wife na.. he will get angry on me??

Uttara: donno bhabhi.. if u wanna go inside.. ask bhayya..okk

Swara: hmm..chalo..

Both went..

After some time..

Swara seated in her room..

Swara: y Sanskar not allows anyone one in music room..

I know he have much interest on music.. but he didnt tell to me.. about music room..

I wanna go there.. I love music.
.She stood and and about to take step..

Swara: no no swara.. if he notice u there and get angry.. then.. no no..

She step back..

Swara: but am his wife na.. I have rite to go there yeah.. I have rite..

Suddenly she listen sanskars voice.. from back..

Sanskar: which rite swara

She turns back shock to see him..

Sanskar: what happened..

Swara: no.. nothing Sanskar..

He goes to her.. he noticed her angry face and she tries to cover..

He places his arms around her neck..

Sanskar: y r u trying to cover swara.. tell na frankly..

Swara: Sanskar.. u r sooooooo bad..

Sanskar: (laughs) achaa but y r u thinking like that suddenly..

Swara: u know na I love music

Sanskar: haan

Swara: then y did u hide about ur music room from me.. (pout face)

Sanskar: awww.. swara

Swara: its not answer Sanskar..

Sanskar: I wanna give surprise u.. but tell me who told u about music room..

Swara: leave that Sanskar..

Sanskar: tell na..

Swara: uttara.. when she explaining about mansion.. I asked her about locked room.. she told me..u dont allows anyone there.. that room is ur music room..

Sanskar: hmm.. u know na.. how much I like music.. so I spent some of special moments in my life there.. (in my music room..) thats y I dont allow anyone there.. if by mistake kuch bhi hue to I cant bear..

Swara: me too na..??

Sanskar: arey swara.. u r my wife na.. u have full rites to go there.. and.. u love music na.. then how can I stop u..

Swara: really..??

Sanskar: any doubt on me..??

Swara: (hugs him with much love) no way..

He hugs back..

Swara: u told na.. u have surprise for me..

Sanskar: hmm.. lets go..

Both went sanskars music room..

He opens lock.. he opens door..

Sanskar: go inside..

She stepped inside with a bright full smile..

She surprised to see music room..

Sanskar closes door..

Swara opens mouth like o..

Room fully decorated with swasan pics..

All music instruments present there..

Guitar.. violin.. cassio.. drums.. tabala.. veena.. bansuri.. etc..

Swara: waaaaoooooooo Sanskar. Its amazing

Sanskar: u like it swara..??

Swara: what like Sanskar.. its amazing.. I love it..

Sanskar: so, u lie na swara..

Sanskar: haan.. u told me.. u love me.. now u telling u love this room..

Swara: sanskaaaarrrrr

Both laughsand share a sweet hug..

Swara: I love u Sanskar..

Sanskar: I love u too swara..

Swara: can I play.. (cute face)

Sanskar: noo

Swara: y (bubbly face)

Sanskar: u dont have permission to play alone.. u have to play with me..

Swara: (hits his chest playfully) sannsskkaaarrr

She seated on stool in front of cassio.. I mean piano..

She places her fingers on cassio keys..

He stood back of her.. he bended and places his fingers on her fingers

(like back hug.. hope u got me)

Her face touching her right shoulder..

She turns to his face.. he too.. both faces looking too close..

Swara: start..??

Sanskar: hmm

Sanskar start singing and playing keys with her fingers..(his fingers on hers na..)


Na jiyaa.. zindagi.. ek pal bhi

Tuj se hoke judaa.. Sun jara


Bin tere.. Mujh se naaraaz thaa dil..

Tu mila hai to hai kehrahaa


Mai to tere rang me.. rang chukaa hu..

Bas tera ban chukaa hu..

Mera mujh me kuch nahi..

Sab teraaaa.. Sab teraaaa

Sab teraaaa.. Sab teraa


Mai to tere dhang me dhang chuki hu..

Bas tere ban chuki hu..

Mera mujh me kuch nahi..

Sab teraaaa.. Sab teraaaa

Sab teraaaa.. Sab teraaa


tere dil ke raaston pe..tere aahat jo hue..

har dadkhan jashn me hai..

ye naayat jo hue..


Mai to tujhe milke..jee uti hu..

Tere dhadkan me chupi hu..

Mera mujh me kuch nahi..

Sab teraaaa.. Sab teraaaa

Sab teraaaa.. Sab teraaa

Swara remembering how Sanskar sends chits to her.

Sanskar remembering their first moment at park


Jis pal tu saath mere.. us pal me zindagi hai..

Tujhe paake paaya sab kuch..

Koi quahishe ab nahi hai..


Mai to bas tujhse hi bara hu..

Tere bin mai bewajaa hu..

Mera mujh me kuch nahi..

Sab teraaaa.. Sab teraaaa

Sab teraaaa.. Sab teraaa

Sanskar slowly ends song..

Swara: my all dreams full fill today Sanskar.. its enough for me..

She hugs him he hugs back..

Sanskar: no swara.. u have to see more..

Swara: what..

Sanskar: someone waiting for u..

Swara: what u mean Sanskar..

Sanskar opens room door..

Pinky and pintoo stood there.. with ragini..

Swara got emotional.. rang and hugs them both..

Swaragini and pinky pintoo share a sweet sibling hug..

They 4 got much emotional..

Swara: Sanskar.. how did u got their address..

Sanskar: leave that all swara.. I just want to see u happy.. I can do anything for ur happiness..

After some time..

At night..(swasan room)

Swara: thank u sooooooo much Sanskar.. u donno how much am happy today.. (heart full smile)

Sanskar: I know swara.. (happy to see her happiness)

Swara: hugs him.. I love u Sanskar

Sanskar: I love u swara.. u r my life..

BG plays..

Tere bin.. tere bin..

Tere bin.. tere bin..

Tere binaa jeenaa nahi..

Marnaa nahi tere bin..

Tere bin.. tere bin

Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa.. ga ma pa..

Sa ni sa ni sa ni..

Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma..

Ma ga re pa ma ga..

The SS ends with their Lovable Hug..

So, friends how was the episode..

How u all like this part..

U know friends.. I love my each and every SS..

I have some connection with my SSs..

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