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My Love, with Spaces in Togetherness (episode 4)

Helloooo my dear friends… So sorry for being late again..My college reopened and hectic schedule started.Moreover my phone is taking his last breath.. needs a treatment soon.

Recap: Some shades of Arjun’s past and then Arjun meets Ayaan’s mother and realizes she is none other than his beloved ,Radhika.
This part includes Radhika’s Pov on Ardhika meeting..i know it was better to include this in third part, but couldn’t help but stop there( please kindly overlook my mistakes?).


She was sitting in a park,wearing an offwhite coloured,knee lengthened frock .A cool breeze was playing with her hair.She was looking all around the park,searching for something of someone. After some minutes a cute little girl approached her with a bunch of freshly plucked white roses.The girl quickly handed over the roses and ran away ,leaving little time for Radhika to question her.Radhika’s gaze fell on the flowers.. White roses… she always loved it…But this roses didnt made her happy,it was the third time she got them..from an anonymous person.She found a letter inside the bouquet.A few words were scribbled on it..She was going to read it,but just then two cold palms covered her eyes.
She needed no time to realize who was that.
“Oh baby…you are so much in love with me that you can recognize me from my very touch also..”
“Nothing like that Saral.You asked me to come here and this palm play is your habit.So I realized its you..Hey Saral,what are you doin..”she couldn’t complete her words as she saw Saral throwing the roses away and they all left scattered on the ground.
“Babe,I already said that I hate these dull and plain roses.If you want to express love,there as so many other ways ,you know,like..he leaned towards her ,but she jerked away.
Saral chuckled,”whenever I come close ,you retreat yourself. And that’s why I like you soo much..”he whispered near her ears making Radhika uncomfortable by his intimacy….

Radhika’s Pov

Suddenly I opened my eyes .It took a few seconds to realize that I was not in the park but Mehra Mansion.But why did I dreamed that incident again?That was not a mere dream.That park,white roses,irritating Saral,all that things were real,but it happened a few years back,maybe a four of five.After all,that was the first incident which proved that Saral and me were not meant to be together.Though I realized this in our very first meeting, I tried my best to work out our relationship .Whenever I tried to accept him,his callous nature pulled me back..My heartbeats never skipped a bit when I looked at him, his presence never made goosebumps on my skin..an unknown smile never played on my lips when I thought about him..These were the feelings I expected when I find my soulmate..my true love.But Iam sure that I didn’t find him till date.And that will never happens also..this journey will end where it started…I know Iam brave enough to reject him.But I had promised to Papa.. and I have to keep my words…
I checked the time..it was 1:12 am..and the sleep had left my eyes..All I wanted was a small walk..and I paved my way to the balcony. Skipping sleep and peeping to balcony became my routine now.I knew that if anybody had seen me there,it will be a big problem.Especially Mr.Arjun.But I was very sure that he was not going to wake up at this time. In the balcony, the midnight sky was waiting for me with the alluring vision of an infinite number of sparkling stars.I felt all that stars blinked on me at a time. They were smiling ,soothing my wounds.. A cool breeze slowly hugged me…it had the delicate fragrance of roses, yes white roses.That is why I loved this place..I think Arjun Mehra has a nice taste in decorating his whole mansion with flowers.Whenever I see white roses,I remember that anonymous person who had sent me those flowers.It happened only three times and the third time there was a letter too.But I missed it ..only because of that stupid Saral.. Maybe that was right..not to know who was that..Maybe someone was playing prank on me.. And I would have believed it..But my don’t know why, still I feel someone is there for me..

My thoughts were broken by the sound of someone’s strong foot steps.Oh,shut,who is that??I had little time to think. So I quickly started to ran, to my room of course.

Oh,god,what was that?And why am I sitting on the floor?No,I fell down.Who is this man?Is he a body builder??I cleared my hairs from face and looked at him.Arjun Mehra! Oh God Arjun Mehra. Radhika you collided with Arjun Mehra??No ,you bumped on him..I know he was waiting for a single chance to throw me out. Now he will surely do it. Ayaan! Mamma is going to miss my baby.I should apologize now..
IWhy is Arjun Mehra giving me such a look?He is not angry ,is he??
And tears in his eyes?Why?
Why am I asking questions as there is no one to answer me?
Be strong Radhika,don’t show you are scared but I know my voice will be nervous.
“Iam sorry Mr.Mehra”, Mr.Mehra? Who am I to call him so?
“sorry ,sir,I know Iam not allowed anywhere except Ayaan’s room.But I..”
He didn’t allowed me to complete..
What does he said?He said me to call him Arjun!!I never expected that and I guess I gave him a surprised look.
” Go to bed Radhika,my Ayaan needs you” ,he said politely.
Thank God, this was what I want to hear.I literally ran to the room and settled in the bed.
What a relief!I I thought that he was going to throw me out.. Thank God..he was so kind.I misunderstood him as a stubborn business man..Anyway ,that was a least expected and less prepared meeting…poor Mehra..no..Ar..Arjun.But I noticed his words..’My Ayaan’ .wasn’t he made it clear that Ayaan is ‘his’only.. Yes..and that was the truth also..
************ ************ ** ************** ** *************** ** *************** *************
“Did I rise from the West today?Because strange things are happening here “The Sun asked himself. He was confused .Because ,it was morning 7.40 and the Arjun Mehra was sleeping .Since he had risen,the Sun was trying his best to woke Arjun up .That was unusual..Usually it was Arjun’s roaring and shouting to servants which wakes up the Sun .But this day was different . The more his rays brightened the more Arjun snuggled to the bed. He was wondering what exactly happened to Arjun.Sleeping calmly and smiling like a baby.” Seems that the old Arjun is back.Let it be,who cares”, Sun winked at Arjun and resumed his journey.
Outside Arjun’s room,servants were murmuring.. they were also wondering that what happened to their sir .It was ,Arjun’s breakfast time ,then sharp eight,to office ,six or six thirty -back home.But today ,he became all lazy??
At last Rani Kaki’ s continuous knocks woke up him.
Arjun himself was amazed that he had had a good sleep.He was still in a dream land.Finally his years of waiting ended..” Radhika Mishra..now it’s your turn to fall in love..I know you are a hard nut to crack, it may be difficult but not an impossible task..

Destiny has it’s own ways to accept or neglect one’s desires.Little did Arjun knew that hard tempests are waiting for both of them.A lot of hurdles were there ,to detach them from each other and they have to cross them to unite.. .
******** *** ******** *** ******* *** *****

The dining table was all set with breakfast.As Arjun was getting fresh, Rani kaki thought to bring breakfast to RadhikaShe filled a plate with something and was going to Radhika’s room..But just then Arjun entered to the dining room..Kaki noticed the wide smile on his face,but soon it vanished,because he saw the food plate in her hands and realised it was for Radhika But his next question left Kaki amused.
“Only this much food!These toasted breads and a little can’t burn a bit of her hunger”.
‘Something had happened to this boy.First of all waking up lately, then. wide smile,and now a sudden concern for the one he dislikes a lot’,kaki thought.
“Why can’t you give her this peanut butter and Chilly Overnight Oats?”Arjun continued.. Least bothered about kaki’s and other servants ‘ amused gaze on him.
Kaki,”She hates oats, son”,
Arjun,”But I love it,so she have to..”
“So what??an authoritative voice interrupted Arjun’s words “If you love it, you just eat Is she your girlfriend or wife to eat what exactly you eat or do what exactly you do”?
Without turning his head Arjun understood who the hell was that.
It was Abhinav,Rani kaki’s grandson.Each and every holidays,Mehra Mansion was under his control only. Though he was only ten years his talks were always far above his age. At present,in the Mehra mansion Abhi was the only one who dared to speak against Arjun.He had claimed himself as Arjun’s boss.And for Arjun,Abhi was both his enemy and friend,his bad yet best friend.
“And even if she is your wife or something else ,give her some space man..Cant you grow up??As far as I know girls,they will like us only when we..”
” Abhi”.Rani kaki warned and gave him a death glare.
“What granny?? We are having some boyish talks,can’t you see?”, Abhinav retorted,with frowning brows.
But Arjun was cursing his fate.He had to remember it was a Saturday.Now the boy was going to kill him with stupid talks.And he will surely make him cancel today’s appointments and ask for an outing.
“Arjun,I want an outing.Now don’t argue with me ,just pull back that heavy suits and wear some casuals.Then get ready for a drive..”
Though Arjun understood that there was no point in arguing, he silently had breakfast.And kaki went to Radhika’s room accompanied by Abhinav..Arjun’s heart was craving to see Radhika one more time ,but this time with Ayaan in her arms.. Just Radhika,Ayaan and vhimself…Then they will make a home,and that home will be surrounded by aromatic white roses only…yes, like the flowers that he had send her five years back…and still he had the same love for her…..

Boring, isn’t it??Don’t ask me what is this white roses chakkar..it just came in my mind and wrote it again and again. And another sorry for dragging the story. Pleeease give your precious comments my dear friends…Iam waiting for that only….

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